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Internationalisation is an important corporate strategy that assists the energy industry to not only improves its business growth but also extends its market in global business platform to meet ever increasing demand for energy across the world (Wetherly and Otter, 2014). Energy industry is one of the fastest growing industries that has scope of huge market growth due to increasing demand of energy in global market. in this context, internationalisation is highly useful strategy for energy industry to shape its internal environment for improving its productivity, opportunities in global market, production techniques, skills, and exploration as well as production processes (Clegg et al. 2017). In modern business world, the demand for energy sources such as petroleum products, fossil fuels, oil, natural gas, hydrocarbon and solar power are increasing day-by-day in the global market. internationalisation is a useful corporate strategy that can assist the energy industry to cope up with this high demand of energy sources by conducting cross-border trade which not only promotes market growth of this industry but also assists energy companies to understand the current global market trend and competitive rivalries (Collinson, 2015). in this context, internationalisation plays an important role in shaping ability of energy companies to make perfect resource-management by operating cross border trade.


While operating international business, marketers of energy companies are exposed to a wide business platform in which they can choose the market place in which they can get high skilled labours, raw materials (coal, petroleum products, oil and natural gas), suppliers and distributers at lower rate than home market. as mentioned by Ratten et al. (2017), internationalisation not only assists energy sector to shape its management production and operation framework but also improve the professional standard of its workforce. Internationalisation allows the staffs of energy sector to come in contact with diverse management styles, manufacturing techniques, business strategies and leadership culture that are helpful for the entire workforce to implement the best-suited techniques and procedures that will improve the professional standard and productivity of energy firms. In this context Andrews-Speed and Zhang (2019) argued that, sometimes changes in the management styles, market strategies and leadership process in energy companies enhance the risk of inner conflict due to the fact that many old staffs are obstinate to use the old strategies as they are comfortable with them. internationalisation assists energy sector to get cost-advantages by exporting energy to different countries that not only enhance the scope of foreign direct investment into this sector but also assist energy industry to grab a good competitive edge. As stated by Braga et al. (2018), internationalisation provides marketers of energy companies with the opportunities to exchange their decision making, skills, professional knowledge, operation and cost reduction strategy that are important to enhance productivity of the entire workforce as well as entire industry. On the other hand, internationalisation assists energy industry to be exposed to the global market in which marketers can understand what are the current market trend in global energy sector and what are the possible risk associated with this sector that are important to make proper adjustment in internal market environment to maintain the business sustainability in energy industry.

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