Pursuing a Career in Social Work

Question One

Social work has been a desire and a dream to me since I first interacted with social work more than two decades ago. This happened as I worked as care/domestic assistance at Plan Personnel Agency. In my 11 years’ experience with health care agencies within the private and public sectors, my desire and love for social work has tremendously grown to date. Being a social worker requires the provision of valuable services that improve the quality of people, specifically the vulnerable in our society. Additionally, it incorporates working with communities, families, groups, and individuals with a primary objective of enhancing their human rights, and overall, wellbeing. These squarely align with my ultimate life goal of cultivating awareness of social justice through empowering the most vulnerable people in society.


During my career life in health care, I have encountered people who needed help that fell under the description of social worker responsibilities. While I always provided aid to the best of my ability and connected the people to the social work offices, I felt that I needed to do more for the people. Being a social worker will enable me to do more to the people and make a positive difference in the world. I believe that social work is not like any other career, to me it is a lifestyle.

Social workers have several key roles and tasks. Foremost, a social worker is to identify people who need help in society. As social work entails helping the vulnerable in the community, identifying them is the first step towards the realization of the objective. For example, a social worker should identify a family that needs help, a child that is undergoing abuse in his/her home or a case of domestic violence. Assessment of the client is also a critical role in social work. It includes a multidimensional assessment of the identified individual, family, group, or community situations and needs. For example, the assessment can be done by visiting the person's home or setting a meeting with them. Additionally, assessment can be achieved through gathering information within the person organization and societal systems.

A social worker is also tasked with developing and implementing a plan to improve the client overall wellbeing. For example, in an event of family issues, a plan to have a session with family members can be initiated. In some cases, the plan requires further resources from other agencies. It is the task of the social worker to refer their clients to such agencies. For example, vulnerable families lacking food can be referred to a food stamp programs. The social worker should also respond to crises in society such as a case of child abuse.

My skills, abilities, and attitudes equip me with the requirements for the university course. My core values of honesty, diligence, and professionalism give me an upper hand at the university. Notably, I have completed a Business administration course and currently undertaking a master's degree in international business management with HRM. These are evidence of my determination, passion, and resilience while undertaking a university course and towards the attainment of my life goals. Accordingly, given an opportunity to study this course, the same attitudes will sail me to the completion of the course and beginning of social work career.

Question 2

Teamwork is a critical element in social work. Both the inter-agency and inter-professional partnership is evident in social work. These incorporate the working of different agencies and professionals in ensuring the wellbeing of the client. Nevertheless, while these collaborations are important, it is the partnership between the social worker and the client receiving the support and services that are critical to the success of attaining the desired goal. Empathy from social workers to the service users is also important to the practice. Therefore, social workers need to show that they are working in partnership, and with empathy, with the people who receive services.

Communication between the social worker and service users is critical for any success in social work practices. Therefore, a social worker should be well equipped with effective communication skills. For instance, every individual ought to be well equipped with listening skills and nonverbal communication skills. Such skills will ensure a better understanding of the client situation hence a better relationship between the parties. Nonverbal communication is fundamental in showing empathy towards the service user's situation and needs. Open communication with the people in need of support is important as it facilitates a feeling of partnership from the client. Effective communication will also facilitate the personalization of the client situation hence the achievement of better results.

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In pursuant to show partnership and empathy with the service users the social workers should ensure they uphold the values of the practice. I think that the value of integrity can facilitate a positive relationship with the client. As social workers receive private information about their clients, they need to be sure that their information is safe. With such assurance, the service users can be more open about their situation and provide the additional necessary information. Building a mutual relationship through being genuine and caring is an approach that can also be used to show partnership. While the service user is in a vulnerable state, the social worker should ensure that the client feels a sense of equality when making decisions that impact their lives.

As a social worker, I will work in partnership and be empathetic in social work practice. Foremost, I will ensure that a mutually trustworthy relationship is built between the service uses and me. To achieve this, I will ensure my communication skills are effective and that I substantially understand the nonverbal cues from the client. Similarly, I will be mindful of my listening skills and nonverbal communication to ensure they show empathy, understanding, and caring. For example, I will give each person to explain their situation with minimal interruptions. Furthermore, I will ensure that I understand the culture of the person and adjust my communication approach appropriately.

Further, in the creation of a sense of partnership with other parties in social work practice, I will contribute by strictly adhering to the values of the profession. I would ensure that service users feel confident in sharing their information with me and have a belief that I can help them and improve their social and overall wellbeing. This confidence and trust in me could be attained by being genuine, advocating for the clients, and going the extra mile to ensure they find the support and resources needed. For example, when dealing with a child who needs foster care, I will make a follow up to ensure the child is well settled and receives or necessary support. Eventually, a contribution to the show of collaborative will be made by making the service uses feel like equal partners in the partnership. For example, together with the client, we would jointly agree on activities necessary towards the attainment of the desired goal.

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