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The move towards the rapidly growing international economy and the explosion of globalization has created enormous opportunities, which require sophisticated methodologies and tools in the management sector. The methodologies and tools in question are crucial in dealing with various issues which are not only local anymore but cut across the entire world. However, these tools and sophisticated methods themselves are a challenge to acquire, learn about, and use. The reason why seeking further education in the field of entrepreneurship and special on business administration in a global scale is needed. It is important to note that the current challenging business environment has, therefore, challenged me to want to contribute by developing optimal and meaningful solutions to several business administration problems. This is one of the reasons why I want to do a course in business administration, and at a master’s level. Moreover, since childhood, I have always wanted to take a career that will enable me to become useful to others. I came to learn that business administration skills are useful to many people. From this, I consider the Master’s in Business Administration to be the most appropriate course I can pursue to improve my skills, help the organization I am currently working in, promote African businesses, increase general and female entrepreneurship in Africa, and solve social and economic challenges faced in southern African countries. Consequently, this statement shows my motivation as well as the major reasons I want to undertake MBA. Therefore, motivated by my interests, as highlighted in my previous statements, I wish to apply for Masters of Business Administration at your institution.


I understand that MBA is a degree that refines professional knowledge and develops leadership skills relevant to changing the world. Based on my understanding, I am academically and professionally qualified for this field of study. Looking at my academics, I pursued Bachelor of Business Science: Management and Marketing from Monash University which provided me with knowledge in major business discipline areas, technical knowledge, and analytical skills critical for solving business problems and as well improved my interpersonal communication which is important in this field of study. Moreover, I pursued Honours in Business Science (Cum Laude) from Monash University. This course advanced my research skills, developed my knowledge and understanding of the principles of business administration and marketing skills.

Professionally, I have been working as a marketing consultant at MaZulu Water, Johannesburg, Gauteng since 2016. At this position, I am tasked with maintaining communication with current and potential clients as well as developing digital and social media campaigns. This opportunity has greatly developed my communicating and marketing skills which I believe are critical in this field of study. Moreover, I have been working as assistant manager at Apatron Mining, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe where I am tasked with assessing job applications and hiring, Monitoring cash intake and deposit records, enforcing policies to increase team productivity and strength, interview job candidates, and among other roles, facilitating monthly brainstorming and goal forecasting with administrative employees and manager.

It is important to also realize that by taking the MBA course, I will be more equipped with advanced business administration skills, more effective than these highlighted here (that I have acquired in my current and previous jobs), to be able to tackle far more challenging issues in this field. Therefore, through gaining research methods skills, strategic management and decision-making skills, in the business context, and understanding the various perspectives of organizational behaviour, will be helpful for me to utilize the vast resources of Africa to contribute to its entrepreneurial culture and thus economic prosperity. This course is also likely to empower me with the required knowledge to teach others, especially children in Africa, entrepreneurships skills so that they can utilize the continent’s vast resources to do business, and thus be economically empowered.

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The women are not left out as well. The various skills I will acquire will be valuable also in teaching women the ways of business and winning at a global arena, no matter the obstacles. This is because I strongly believe that MBA, and with seriousness in studying it, will make me a business champion globally. This is because, looking at my personality, I am self-motivated individual, enthusiastic and hardworking. I have mastered the art of working as a team as well as independent from my previous studies and work history. Moreover, I am also an aspiring entrepreneur with a proven ability to develop strategic initiatives, re-energize and restructure organizations, and capture emerging business opportunities. Nevertheless, I am a decisive leader and Results-oriented.

Lastly, my choice of this university is based on my research about the institution, ranking, reputation and its graduates' impact on the economy and the society. After my studies, it is my interest to work in projects that develop the Africa economy and empower women. I also have a goal of starting a management consultant company to address the challenges of management in Africa.

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