Quality Management At Vestel

The management at Vestel has to determine a way through which the firm can sustain its competitive advantage. The mobile phone industry in Turkey is a very competitive one. Furthermore, emphasis and recommendation of the President on using domestically manufactured products have given the company a significant competitive advantage in the industry. In order to do this, it can be recommended that the firm should give more attention to its supply chain. It should try to find local suppliers who can provide the raw materials considerably cheaper. This way it can reduce its costs of operations and also focus on improving the quality of its products. Quality could be one of the key factors that can help the company to differentiate itself from the rest of the market. The management should adopt stringent quality management measures and also increase the firm’s reliance on international quality standards.


Apart from this, the company should also hire more local people. The process of manpower planning must be carried out in such a manner that it consists of individuals from the country. Locally manufactured products will give pride to the customers. The company can use this aspect to promote smartphones and also differentiate itself from other firms operating in the industry. By promoting mobile phones as a locally manufactured product, Vestel can induce a feeling of pride among the target customers. This way the firm can position itself as an organisation that emphasizes domestic talent as well as domestically produced raw materials and finished products. In addition to this, it can also be suggested that the management at Vestel should regularly analyse the political environment, so as to identify any political threats and uncertainties in the country. This will give the company enough time to develop appropriate strategies and determine ways to overcome potential problems.

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