Recognition of Prior Practice Reflective Evaluation


Reflective practice provides a scope to share own thoughts and experience in a systematic process which is effective for the individuals to review own performance and develop further action plan for achieving the future success (Purves and Himonides, 2021). Through this reflective practice, it is possible for me to discuss my own skill set and experience in order to analyse my abilities and develop further planning to maximise personal and professional development.

Reflective evaluation

Previous learning

Previous learning and personal skill set are useful for the individuals to perform better and achieve the career objectives. In this regard, reviewing personal skill set and own knowledge will provide a scope to the individual to manage own performance and efficacy in the personal and professional field (Everts, Hitters and Berkers, 2021). I have chosen the course of popular music performance vocal degree to improve my voice and make different music as per my creativity. I have focused on the music degree and attended all the classes, music seminars and workshops, which are beneficial for me to improve my understanding about the music. I have tried my best to review the music and lyrics of the previous musicians. Reviewing the existing music, album and entertainment content as well as the works of the famous musicians and lyricists are helpful to the new comer to develop clear thoughts and creative ideas to write new lyrics and develop good music videos (Bennett and Rowley, 2019). In this context, the personal knowledge about previous music albums and lyrics are helpful for me to improve my innovation and mind set to write new lyrics and utilise latest music instruments to record the videos. I always aim at creating my own music videos with creative lyrics that also developed by me, so that I can make my own identity and achieve reputation in the music and film industry. Mastery of one or more styles of music such as classical, jazz or pop as well as be degree courses help me to improve my knowledge about music and entertainment shows. Self-confidence, music skill, dedication to my own work and determination are also helpful for me to achieve the future success. Self-discipline and good time management as well as creativity in writing the lyrics are also beneficial for me to work with others and create innovative music videos to attract more audiences.


Personal experiences

Sharing personal experience is important to develop reflective assessment by reviewing the individual working activities and performance (Everts, Hitters and Berkers, 2021). In this regard, I try to review my experience and am able to discuss the activities that I have done to achieve my career goal. In the professional field, I try to work hard and attract more audiences with my creativity and innovation of video making activities. I mainly work in joke shop entertaining, which is a creative platform to attract the audiences with innovative videos and music albums. I have researched on the different entertainment shows and develop music videos and albums in order to identify the creativity of other artists. It further provides a scope to the individual to improve own understanding and thoughts about the music industry and the entertainment activities that are useful to attract the audiences and improve the reputation of the artists (Kelman, 2020). I aim at retaining more clients in the market through performing better, where I work in music shows and entrainment programs, which are beneficial to attract the audiences and maximise the reputation of the shows in long run. I try hard to develop my own entertainment program with creativity and innovation. In also design my own outfits for maintaining uniqueness and represent myself in the music and entertain industry uniquely in order to attract the audiences. In the music industry, it is important to develop good lyrics and create innovative videos to attract the individuals across the countries (Griffiths, 2021).

I also create the music videos and other entertaining video albums for the customers across the countries and upload it on social media. In the recent digitalisation era, there is high demand of social media activities to get viral and increase reputation (Everts, Hitters and Berkers, 2021). I always focus on promoting my videos on social media, as it provides me a scope to share my skill set and creativity with the audiences through good music albums and entertainment videos. Creating own videos provide a scope to get viral soon through social media activities as well as increase reputation (Biasutti, Frate and Concina, 2019). Hereby, it gives me the opportunity to increase my activities in the countries and attract more audiences to like and share my videos across the social media platforms to get it viral. I also try to improve my creativity to perform at concerts, festivals and theatres as well as other music venues, in order to improve my confidence level and maximise the ability to attract the audiences through good music videos and entertainment content. I always try to practice regularly and prepare for auditions to the music brands, so that it would be possible for me to increase my performance and develop more creative videos for improving my reputation in the music and film industry. The activities of promoting the act by making demos, using social media, setting up own website, and contacting agents and record companies are the best possible ways to improve experience in the music industry and achieve future success (Abeles, Weiss-Tornatore and Powell, 2021). Cooperation with the agents, musicians as well as record companies will provide me an opportunity to develop more videos and attract the audiences in long run. It further helps me to improve my reputation in the music and film industry to work with other renowned musicians and lyricists. I always seek out to new venues for performance and working experience with the joke shop entertaining company is helpful for me to improve my confidence level as well as my voice to record music videos and albums. Hence, continuous development of the professional skill set is helpful for me to get better opportunity in the music industry.

Personal skill analysis

Through identifying own strengths and weakness, it is possible to analyse the skills set and acknowledge the future opportunity for the individuals (Bolger and Hunt, 2018). My major strengths are self-confidence, dedication to my job, determination of making own music videos, creative mind set to write the song, good voice and the knowledge about different music instruments such as saxophones, sitar, piano, guitar, organ, keyboard and strings. I always try to develop my understanding about different music instruments, so that I can develop the music of the song by utilising different instruments. Additionally, self-confidence to perform in the crowded areas for live performance as well as dedication to make my own videos is also my strength to work efficiently and achieve success in future by being famous in the music industry. The major weaknesses are lack of communication skill and cooperative practice, as well as poor leadership and lack of analytical skill set to work uniquely. In the music industry, it is essential to work with others through communication and cooperation so that it would be possible to engage the musicians, the artists of the music instruments, lyricists and other crew members (Purves and Himonides, 2021). I need to develop communication and cooperative skill set to work with others for making unique music videos with good lyrics, voice by utilising the best music instruments. As per the future opportunity, there is the group music albums release, attending live concerts and creating entertainment content to attract the clients. Additionally the other scopes are increasing the e-commerce activities, creating own website for promotion and getting famous through launching new music albums and entertaining videos, technological advancement, client engagement and communication, rising activities in social media platforms to get viral in online media across the international countries.

Evaluating personal experience for professional and personal development

The personal skill set and educational background are important to develop own understanding and perform better in the professional field (Biasutti, Frate and Concina, 2019). I have chosen the music degree to progress my career in the music industry as a musician. I always tried my level best to gather vast knowledge and information through attending the classes, training and developmental programs, practical programs at the seminars and workshops. It further provides me a scope to review the music videos of other musicians and famous lyricists so that I can improve my mind set and knowledge in future. It is a good practice of developing personal skill set that influence me to work with innovation to make own music albums. In addition to this, the personal skill set self-confidence, motivation and self-learning practice are also beneficial for me to develop my performance and achieve my objectives. Through attending the training program and completing the music degree courses, it tries to improve my innovation in writing the songs as well as creating own music albums with entertaining content and good music. I always aim to gain reputation and want to be famous in the music industry with my own work and music. Self-confidence to perform in the live concerts and creating the music videos by utilising latest instrument are also helpful for me to get better job position with the famous music record companies in near future. Hence, the activities in the university as well as the training program will be helpful for me to develop my future career and achieve career objective.

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Professional experience is also effective to develop own videos and entertainment albums for entertaining the audiences (Biasutti, Frate and Concina, 2019). There is increasing demand for the entertainment videos in the recent years and in this technical era, the social media platform is considered to be an effective way to convey the messages to the audiences and make the videos viral across the digital Medias. Hereby, I have chosen social media to promote my music albums and entertainment videos to attract the audiences and improve my reputation in the music industry. Additionally, this will provide me an opportunity to work with famous music record companies to launch more music in future. Hence, the personal experience that I have gathered through working with the joke shop entertaining will be advantageous for me to ensure personal and professional career development. Through reviewing own skills set and performance in the music and entertainment industry, I feel that, it is necessary to improve my creativity level to develop good lyrics for the songs as well as create innovative entertaining content to attract more audiences in future. Additionally, I also focus on developing cooperative and leadership skill to enhance my communication and work with others by engaging the audiences, musicians, lyricists and record companies to achieve my future career objectives.

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