Risks And Benefits In Vitro Fertilization

Should the Government Subside

In vitro fertilization refers to an assisted reproduction technology commonly known as IVF. The process involves extracting ova and retrieving sperms sample and combining the sperm and the egg in a petri dish/laboratory dish. This produces an embryo which is then transferred to the uterus of the surrogate mother (Gardner & Simón, 2017). Other forms of assisted reproduction technology involve the zygote intrafallopian transfer as well as gamete intrafallopian transfer. This procedure is used as a treatment therapy for infertility following damaged fallopian tubes, sperm associated factors such as low sperm count, mothers with ovulation problems and premature ovarian and individuals with genetic disorders. Regardless of the advantages, there also some limitations of the process such as multiple pregnancies, ectopic pregnancies and the risk of secondary infection.


Based on my view, the risk of IVF ought to weigh the benefits and therefore, the government should subside it. To limit this procedure, the government should assess the method used to choose the embryo which is basically an examination of morphology. Based on the stimulus task, to transfer an embryo, the experts focus on the most likely to succeed. This is done via examination of morphology and this fails to consider chromosomal abnormalities. Birth defect is 2-3% in a general population and this percentage is higher among the infertility patients (Källén et al., 2010). This means more children with abnormalities thus the government should limit this process. Secondly, after the process, most women have a high risk of having multiple pregnancies. As per the study by DR. Stern, there is a higher number of oocytes retrieved from the ovaries and this means an increase in multiple pregnancies (Wen et al., 2012). Women with multiple pregnancies have problems such as placental problems, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, fetal and newly born complications and all these are dangerous to both the mother and child. This means that the government by limiting the number of IVF, can limit these risks and ensure deaths and disorders directly or indirectly related to IVF are reduced.

The success of IVF is different based on age as well as medical condition. Generally, slightly over 25% IVF cycles that are begun give rise to live birth (Lessey et al., 2018). This means the goverment should reduce the number of this procedure and encourage other forms of treatment. The test stimulus quote of a woman- Marie who was 28 years old. He requested three embryones and after going the painful procedure, she became pregnant with triplets in the fourth month, she lost a fetus while at four and a half months, all pregnancy was lost. This strongly suggests that the government by reducing IVF, more women would be relieved of the unsuccessful painful procedure. Lastly, IVF is an expensive procedure. This means it may result to increase in social evils such as prostitution, theft, fraud among other crimes as one tries to look for money for the procedure. (Mann & Mann, 2018). For instance, the test stimulus says that one has to part with $10,000 which might be borrowed, begged or even stolen. This means by subsiding this procedure, these crimes and evil will relatively reduce in society.

To conclude, In vitro fertilization refers to an assisted reproduction technology commonly known as IVF. The process involves extracting ova and retrieving sperms sample and combining the sperm and the egg in a petri dish. This treatment is offered to mothers with ovulation problems, genetic diseases and premature ovarian. This means it is advantageous to mothers with similar problems but on the other hand, it increases crimes in the society, people with abnormalities, disorders such as diabetes and secondary infection which are dangerous to health, and increased pain to mothers with little success. This means the advantages ought weigh the risks involved and therefore the government should limit the IVF.

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