Technologies And Open Learning Processes

Globalization in Education

Basically, globalization is defined as a process that breaks down all the barriers of geography, politics as well as legality in various countries. Moreover, globalization is now a current term which is used in the recent decades. Again, it is through globalization that people have the opportunity to experiences various aspects of life that vary from study to even having great entertainment. Therefore, it is through such kind of influence of globalization that work to ensure it plays a vital role in higher education thus; creating opportunities for people to continue experiencing various measures of their life (Altbach, 2004).

Background Information

Apparently, globalization is attained from the massively increase trade and cultural exchange emanating from the increased interconnection in the world. With that said, globalization has contributed to an increase production of goods and services and many other aspects in the education sector. On the other hand, social change is a term that is used to refer to any significant alterations over time in behavioral patterns as well as many cultural norms and changes (Betrán, Ferri & Pons, 2010). Again, digital technologies is a term that is used to refer to all then electronic tools, system as well as resources that are used in the education sector for the purpose of storing an generating data. Some of the examples that evidence the use of digital technologies after the use of social media, multimedia, mobile phones and online games apart from research and development taking place in the education sector. This is to mean that digital technologies is a process which can happen in all aspects of the learning process. Not forgetting the open learning process which is a term that defines all the practices that work to ensure that they support all the production, use and the reuse of a high quality open educational resources. Under the institutional policies (Betrán, Ferri & Pons, 2010). Again, these policies are used for the sake of promoting pother pedagogical models, respect as well as empowering learners as co-producers on their lifelong learning path.


Organizations that work to contribute to the Globalization of Education

Consequently, there are various organizations, which are geared towards working to ensure that they contribute much to the globalization of education. Some of these organization include; World Bank, OECD, PISA among others. Moreover the transformation of the world to a better place happened recently in a short period of time (Cheng & Yuen, 2017). A good example is the economic liberation of China that began in the 1980’s, the fall of the Soviet Union, the democracy evident in South Korea an even the development of various free trade union in the early 1990’s. It is due to globalization that there has been analyzed another set of changes as evident in the 2001 accession of the China to the World Trade Organization as well as the economic liberation of India that ensured to jump starting of the country’s tremendous growth.

The link between technology and globalization

Apparently, there is a great link between globalization and technology whereby; technology seem much vital force that is taking place in the modern form of the business globalization. Moreover, technology has revolutionized the global economy; hence it has now become a critical competitive strategy in the education sector (Fard, Cheong & Yap, 2014). In addition, technology has worked to ensure that all the countries are globalized a factor that work to ensure that all these countries attain ethical working standards. On te other side, technology is also sweeping the globe and the transition from manual to the electronic delivery of services in both the private and the public sector. Apparently, such kind of advancements are much more evident in the business community throughout the world. Not forgetting how globalization has led to new markets and information technology and making sure that these technologies are fostering to new markets in the increasingly competitive educational world. It is through the use of technology that we have managed to handle many hurdles in the globalization sector. Some of these hurdles include; educational research barriers, lack of common ethical grounds for use in solving education process, transportation cost and even delay in the information exchange in the education sector (Fard, Cheong & Yap, 2014). Further, the technological advancements has helped with the collaborative work relationships among various software experts in the education sector in different parts of the world. Since the multinational corporations can be viewed to be the central actor in the global market, the education sector is getting advanced through the use of the use of the increased technology. Generally, the education sector has now become global at a rapid pace as indicated by several research and development taking place in the education world. Generally, the innovations taking place in the education sector of one country is normally overtaken by MNC that are based in one country as a result of many technological advancements that have advanced to other countries in making sure that educational activities are well facilitated (Hasrati & Tavakoli, 2015). Moreover, such kind of technological advancements contributes to various movements of research and development in the educational sector. However, despite the fact that technology has contributed much in research and development geared towards globalization, more developed countries have benefited a great deal. Likewise, there is need to focus on the friction creating more opportunities for other global networking task to help us understand the limitations that are taking place. Focusing on the friction help us to realize what might be the cause of bringing the system to its knees and work to stop such shortcomings. Therefore, there is need for all the companies that are focused in thriving in this era of globalization to seek as well as mitigate any form of abuses while working to deal with the friction.

Importance of the Topic

Basically, it is much inevitable that globalization will show some effects on higher education based on the rapid developments in economy and technology in various parts of the globe. Therefore, to ensure that the academicians thrive and attain a significant position in the academic field, the higher education recently managed to integrate with the global community for the purpose of adjusting to the international practice. Moreover, the increasing debate on whether this might be positive or negative alerts the international community on what should be done to bring more advancements in the educational world under improved technology (Lehner & Wurzenberger, 2013). On the other hand some people hold on the conducive truth that globalization has contributed largely to the higher education even though there are some who argue that globalization is the cause of various threats in education development. It is through globalization that there are much advancement in the education sector both in the research and developments. Many innovations linked with medical discoveries are evident in the education sector all courtesy to globalization.

Impact of teaching Methods and Theories

It is clear that there is a great interconnection between global education an teaching methods from a worldwide point of view that help in encouraging international development of both the contribution towards the fortifying global industries and various developments taking place in the sustaining the environment (Wittmann, 2014). Moreover, all these educational initiatives work for the purpose of prioritizing all the global access to all school in Kuwait staring from primary all the way to university level. Again, these initiatives help in ensuring that they instigate several learning experiences that prepare students for multinational leadership roles (Martín Rama, 2002). Since education serves as the foundation of global stability, there is evidence that the development of multicultural awareness help in integrating various ideologies. These Ideologies are sourced from different societies and are focused at attaining a well-balanced conclusions linked with the education success under the globe. Therefore, through mutual agreement both education and globalization currently affects each other through having mutual goals that work for the success of young people leading to a nationally interconnected growth.

The Influences caused by Various Types of Knowledge on Education

Basically, there are different forms of knowledge whereby; academic knowledge is an example. With that said, academic knowledge is not only the only type of knowledge that is important in today’s society, but teachers and other educators have to be aware of other forms of type of knowledge that are important for use in bringing more advancements in the education realm. Again, realizing the importance of knowledge to students and making sure that full content of skills required in a digital era is impacted to all these students is a sure way of contributing to advanced education (Teichler, 2003). Moreover, academic knowledge is more useful in the current digital era as compared to other type of knowledge. Therefore, under the increased evidence of connectivism the empirical evidence are used in learning in Kuwait. Again, every teacher starts from some epistemological or even theoretical position even if it proves to be explicit.

Fraser’s Three-sphere Model of Sphere of Social Justice

Basically, Fraser starts his redistribution and recognition work by arguing that the model of social justice was created for the sake of creating a more equal society. On the other side Teichler, (2003) argues that, claims have supplied the paradigm case for most of the theorizing about social justice. Moreover, writers in the Marxist and even the liberal traditions were more focused on ensuing that there was an equal opportunity for everyone to participate well in both material and benefits of the society. Apparently, Kuwait is a good example of a nation that is exploring various consequences of globalization and its possible impacts on globalization (Van-Meerhaeghe & G. 2012). Arguably, under the globalization some of the challenges linked with knowledge, education an even learning in the current era will help to ensure that they provide today learners with the required learning ability that will be used with the abstract of handling uncertain situations. Evidently, both the global economy and information society requires an holistic understanding of various system thinking and business eco-system. Globalization makes use of holistic approach in handling various educational issues. Moreover, the interdisciplinary research approaches are viewed to be more critical in attaining a more complex understanding in link with the reality in education. Again, globalization is of a high benefit as it enhances student ability to manipulate symbols in Kuwait. Likewise, the highly productive employment mostly in today’s economy will require the learner manipulation of symbols and politics for the purpose of attaining legal money. Also, it is the work of globalization to ensure that the student’s ability to acquire knowledge is enhanced. It is through application of globalization that learners can now access, adopt and ensure that they can think independently an exercise an appropriate judgment and collaborate with others to make sound judgment in new situations (Van-Meerhaeghe & G. 2012). It is through globalization that there is production of an increased quantity of scientifically and even technically trained persons.

My Reflection on Globalization in Education

Based on my own observation, it is clear that globalization cerates and help in supporting information technologists, practitioners and even policy makers with the aim of supporting mechanisms that work to support the exchange of ideas and even rethinking education. Again, I tend to think that globalization in the education sector supports mechanism for in implementing new ideas and experiencing the use of educational technologies (Veldman, 2018). Also, I understand that globalization encourages the exploration of frontiers of potential information technologies in enhancing further communication with the aim of enhancing effective learning. Moreover, under global sharing of information it is clear that more skills and intellectual assets are widely shared with the aim of facilitating multiple developments at different levels and different times. Generally, I understand that globalization helps in facilitating communication, interaction and encouraging multi-cultural contributions at different levels.

Essentially, it is clear that as a KG teacher there is need to make use of social media as a way of advancement in technology that will help students grasp the concept being taught in class. Again, there is nee ton ensure that I work to create value that will help all these student understand the use of IPad applications as they can access internets and get valuable learning material as required. I will be required to ensure that I encourage and even facilitate the multi-cultural communications that will be evident at different learning levels geared at bringing positive contribution to social justice practices in classroom.

Contribution of Globalization to the Learning Process

Apparently, globalization has contributed widely to the learning process whereby; there is the use of digital technologies in the classroom unlike before. Students are now able to access both learning and study materials from online resources for the sake of making their study life simpler. For instance, In Kuwait; digital learning technology has taken the world by a storm as learning process has a mega impact on a student life (Lehner & Wurzenberger, 2013). Basically, there is nothing in the modern Kuwait learning life that digital technology has not touched by any chance. Despite the fact that the names of the mobiles and other computer applications are bound to change, there are foundations evident in the Kuwait education sector that have changed forever based on change in technology. A good example is evident where student are having a collaboration with one another as they can now work on their assignments and even hold group discussions without having to meet one another in class. On the other hand, the use of both email and cloud applications in Kuwait help to simplify student collaborations in a remote manner (Lehner & Wurzenberger, 2013). Therefore, the information that each student access can now be save and be used as reference by other students at later stage without even having to wait for each other.

Consequently, it is clear that in the 2012 elections there was a wider spread of technology usage to facilitate the election process. Further, other networking tools are used by various political activists to help tem challenge the credibility of some election candidates in Kuwait. Therefore, advancements in technology are working broadly to bring changes both in the learning and other different arena.

I tend to believe that the use of technology is of greater benefit to the learning process in Kuwait. Such technological advancements are making the teaching process much simpler as student can no work and study from far places and qualify for exams. On the other hand, through collaboration student can help one other through online learning and acquire help where they feel they are stuck with a certain subject (Martín Rama, 2002). I tend to believe that the use of technology in learning simplifies learning process and help students to store data that will be used as a future reference material. Also, I am certain that the use of software’s like MATLAB, SPSS among pothers in particular unit help in making students work much simpler in solving mathematical problems.

The use of Technology in Teaching and Learning Process

The use of technology in laying a greater focus in both the teaching and learning processes helps student to make the use of computers in finding learning solutions.

Apparently, technology will ensure that all teachers are trained on software innovations. Again, these teachers will help these teachers learn how best they should design learning activities in classrooms in a manner that will help in attaining increased student grades (Teichler, 2003).

The Consequences of Globalization for Equity

Basically, there are many consequences for equity emanating from the globalization process in Kuwait. Moreover, globalization is a major contributor of inequality in sense that it contributes to increased specialization and trade. On the other hand, a rise in trade to GDP ratios help in signifying and increase in the volume and value trade that takes place within a given region as evident in Kuwait. It is under such situations whereby; wages tend to get lowered die to downward pressure hence leading to increased inequality. In most case, an increased FDI outflow contributes to an increased unemployment rate that work to worsen the income inequality. Generally, globalization is creating many opportunities for students to conduct online learning in an effective manner in Kuwait (Teichler, 2003). Despite the fact that the gap between the poor and the rich is widening a faster rate, it is possible that the poor have opportunities that they can use to fill the gap. Further, student in Kuwait have many working opportunities upon completion of their learning process due to advancements in technology. Such explanations explains how both the male and female have equal opportunities in the working arena due to globalization.

How to study Culture and Learning in a Global Context

There is a greater influence on student success online based on a current culture research on culture and on distance education. This implies that students who are conducting their studies online are very successful. Moreover, the online courses provide easy dissemination of information that can easily be understood by a student.

Some expert opinions evidence that there are better ways for use in serving high context culture students in low-context online courses mostly in various institutions of higher learning(Teichler, 2003). Despite the fact that the low medium context tend to restrict fluent learning for student emanating from high context cultures; online cultures help fill the gap.

As a Kindergarten teacher, I have realize that these cultural values and thoughts are identified in terms of values and thoughts. Again, these values and thoughts are based on the Kuwait society in relation to all the trends generated by the globalization process (Van Meerhaeghe & 2012). Therefore, student in Kuwait are attaining higher benefits in the learning process as compared to students in other remote places as technology has simplified their online learning process.


Generally, globalization has both negative and positive impacts towards education in Kuwait. Again, globalization must be taken into considerations by all educational policies principals. Further, both teachers and students are benefiting from advancement in technology. Also, they will need to focus more on any upcoming challenges that might interfere with the education progress. Further, a study has to be suggested that will be used to demonstrate the impact of globalization on education curricula and all students attitude. Globalization for equity in Kuwait is a factor that has contributed widely to creation of different learning opportunities for student to conduct their learning process from different parts of the world while balancing their work and school life.

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