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The essay is about the book ‘A Dream Called Home

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  • Published On: 30-11-2023
Reflective Essay


The essay is about the book ‘A Dream Called Home’ by Reyna Grande, published in the year 2018. The book is about personal experience of Reyna, who had faced many challenges since her childhood. My essay is based on one of the important quotes of the book that is “Just because we are ilegales doesn’t mean we cannot dream”. The essay is based on the theme that there is a difference between house and home (Grande, 2018).



Reyna’s personal experiences reflect that she had faced many challenges in her life. From the book, I have understood that the most challenging events faced by her were poverty, rejection, and immigration to US among others. All these events together had contributed in framing Reyna’s dream of having a loving home. The dream home that Reyna wants to build is the symbol of family and love. Her dream also indicates achieving financial success and stability in life so that can have a dream house in America. Reyna not only wants a dream house but she wishes to make it a home (Grande, 2018). I can relate myself completely to Reyna’s character. This is because since childhood I have faced many problems due to financial instability. My parents have always tried to give me the best but financial inability had always restricted them to do more. I had to quit my studies and finally I started earning and continuing my studies of my own. Since my school days I had always wished to build a dream house for my parents where they can live without any problems and that would give them the happiness of a having home, love and family. In my case also my dream house depicts loving home.

In ‘A Dream Called Home’ the differences between having a house and building a home plays the most crucial role. This difference has made Reyna to work very hard so that she can become financially stable so that she can fulfil her dream of having a home. Reyna’s desire of having a loving home is rooted in the past where she did not have a stable home during her childhood days. Majority of her childhood days were spent in a shack and where she was left alone with her abusive grandmother. Reyna has also spent majority of her life without her parents that has significantly impacted her. Reyna’s father had dreamt of building house for her family and so he left his daughter and wife and immigrated to US for earning money. After earning money, Reyna’s father had built two houses which were captured by his closed family members. After this event, Reyna understood that despite his father has built two houses but she cannot get any one of them. The only thing she could do was to build a home for self. Reyna’s pre and post university years at the University of California were also full of struggles. She had faced violence by the white students. Apart from this, she had faced challenge in getting the desired job of writing and failed relationships had result in birth of his son. Despite these challenges, she never stopped of building her dream home (Grande, 2018).

The events of Reyna’s life highlights that her life was a struggle from the beginning of her life. The struggles have helped Reyna to develop her strength. This inner strength is the motivating factor that motivated her to complete her studies and earn of her own so that she can pursue her dream of building a home. Finally, she was able to achieve her life goal and had purchased a house and became a professional writer. From the Reyna’s life I have understood that life may be full of struggles but I should never stop dreaming. To achieve my dream I should always work hard like Reyna. The path may not be simple but I should always try my best to achieve it.

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The title of Reyna’s book itself indicates that Reyna had a wish of building her dream home. In this essay I have focused on the theme that there is difference between house and home. In this regard, Reyna wishes to build a home for herself. She had faced many challenges since her childhood which had continued long. However, despite these challenges she has never stopped dreaming. The struggles were the part of her life’s journey and ultimately she is able to accomplish her dream home. Through this essay I have been able to relate my life with the character of Reyna. I too had faced many challenges in life but this has not stopped me from dreaming and I will always try and hard work to reach my goals.


Grande, R., 2018. A Dream Called Home: A Memoir. Washington Square Press: USA.

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