The Keffiyeh: A Stylish Arab Accessory with Cultural and Historical Significance

The chequered headdress scarf worn by Arabs, otherwise known as keffiyeh, comes in handy in reflection of heat from the sun and for purposes of cooling the body, and the additional cover it gives to the neck and face prevents sunburns. The real names of respondents are not used in this paper, but instead, pseudonyms are used as an assurance of the respondent’s anonymity. Rashid told me that the distinctive headgear is quite important in the Arab world, and is a rather important fashion accessory, just as no respectable American executive would step out for important business meetings without donning a suit and a tie.


“The Keffiyeh is just a style accoutrement, equal to Westerners wearing a vest or inserting a pocket square in their suits. The Keffiyeh is commonly worn in the arab world where most parts are arid, effectively providing protection against the sub, sand, dust, and night chills.”

A different respondent, Mohamed informed that the head gear has no religious significance and would therefore there would be no issue if people drawn from other parts of the country wore it. If it had religious significance, it would mean that it was meant to be strictly worn by those of the Islam faith and any random person wearing it would be considered as inappropriate.

“The keffiyeh has zero religious significance as its origin is quite recent, while the Islamic faith is reported as having begun around the seventh century.”

I discovered that there is only one group, Palestinians, to whom the Keffiyeh is of significant importance. The Keffiyeh was since the Arab revolt and remains to be a symbol of Palestinian nationalism. When the Palestinians revolted against the British in the 1930s, the majority of the Palestinians wore the headgear to hide their identities, and also as a show of support for the resistance (Society, 2017). In the 1960, Yasser Arafat, the leader of Palestin by that time made it even more popular when he began wearing it to all places he went. Arafats supported began wearing the headgear in their masses, as a sign of solidarity (Amjad and Sameer, 2019). However, even to the Palestinians, it would really not be an issue if an outsider put on the Keffiyeh. Therefore, any person visiting any arab country, or from any place in the world should feel free to wear the Keffiyeh and should not be afraid of being criticised by the Muslims.

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Amjad, I.T. and Sameer, M.A., 2019. The Symbolic Attributes of Shemagh and Its Intangible Cultural Aspects in Muslim Society: A Painting Illustration. Asian Research Journal of Arts & Social Sciences, pp.1-7.

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