The Significance Of Philosophy Of Education In Shaping

Task 2: Does understanding the ‘bigger picture’ in regards to philosophies and theories of education help education practitioners to enhance their practice?

Philosophy of education is referred to as the branch of philosophy which addresses the philosophical questions concerned with the nature, problems and aims of education (O'Connor, 2016). It has an important role as it helps education practitioners to develop knowledge of the conceptual field of education. Moreover, the philosophy of education offer ability to the educational practitioners of finding ways of getting out of confusing and contested view in the field that in turn has an influence on the normative structures of particular system of education (Biesta, 2015). It also helps the practitioners to develop understanding regarding the conceptual debates existing regarding the subjects they are going to teach. This understanding is used by the practitioners to develop better teaching ways for the students.


The philosophical and theoretical understanding of the education is going to help the teachers view and analyse the perspectives of the students regarding their actions. Thus, it is going to offer them a deeper insight into the mindset of the students (Noddings, 2018). This information is going to be used by them to understand the particular ways they require to behave to develop better interaction with the students to develop successful learning environment. The theories of education offer the practitioner with the guidance regarding various methods to be used in the classroom for enhancing education (Peters and Tesar, 2015). Therefore, it benefits the teacher to develop a comprehensive understanding regarding way to educate students rather than a fractional one. Thus, a better insight into philosophies and theories of education are required by the education practitioners to develop a methodological and successful way of teaching students in a better learning environment.

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