Understanding mental health


Mental health is mainly the condition with regard to their psychological and emotional wellbeing among the individuals (Danilina et al., 2017). Through this study, it is possible to understand the definition of mental health and the contributing factors of mental wellbeing of the individuals. The assessment also aims to analyse different categories of mental health as well as treatment process to treat the person with mental disorders. Moreover, existing policies and practices are also discussed and evaluated through which it is possible to acknowledge the availability for mental treatment and guidance in regard to policies and practices to treatment the individual with mental illness.


Understanding the meaning of mental health and factors, which contribute to mental well-being

According to the definition of mental health World Health Organisation (WHO), it is a state of wellbeing in which the individual can understand and realise own potential to work, productivity and fruitful utilisation of own skill and abilities, to cope up with the normal stress and depression in life as well as contribute positively in the society. It is a state of emotional and psychological wellbeing with the individual where the person can realise own cognitive and emotional capabilities and function in the society and meet the ordinary needs to lead a normal life every day (Naslund et al., 2016). Mental health can be defined as the level of psychological wellbeing or absence of mental illness where the people can deal their daily activities and utilise their skill and abilities fruitfully to perform better and imporve contribution in the society. It is the state of someone, who is functioning a satisfactory level of behavioural and emotional intelligence where they are able to manage their own motion and lead a normal life.

Factor contributing mental wellbeing

There are important factors which contribute positively in developing mental health of the individuals where feeling safe is one of the factors where the people feel safe and concentrate on ow activities in the society. Supportive environment is another factor that helps to develop mental health of the people where they can get support from the society and family members to improve their capabilities in contributing positively in the society and enhance their living condition for long run (Townsend, and Morgan, 2017). Additionally, resilience and problem-solving skill is another important factor through which the people can improve their state of emotional and psychological condition in which the human being is able to analyse the present situation and develop proper solution after utilising their problem-solving skill. Through this practice, it is possible to resolve the existing problems in their lives and improve mental strength to overcome the issues and enhance their wellbeing (Priebe, Giacco, and El-Nagib, 2016). Meaningful role and activities in the society provides a scope to the people to feel the sense of achievement and it further motivate them to improve their activities and this is also affecting the mental health of the people positively. Access to social network and social inclusion are playing the role of providing support the emotional wellbeing and intelligence among the people (Reisner et al., 2015). On the other hand, feeling of control and hopefulness are also playing important role in developing mental health of the people when they try to control their emption and the activities in their lives to stay with improving standard of living and increase their contribution in the society. Economic sustainability is another factor that contributes positively in developing mental health of the people where they can get positive environment and fulfil their basic needs to live a normal life.

Discussing different forms of mental illness

Mental illness refers to a wide range of disorders in mental health condition of the people and this has serious impacts on the personal behaviour, life leading condition, mood, and daily activities of the person. The mental illness is also considered as psychiatric disorder where it is a behaviour of mental health that causes significant distress or impairment of personal functioning (Narain et al., 2019). It is also the health condition involving changes in the emotion, thinking and behaviour of the person where mental illness is associated with the distress, disorders and problems in functioning the brain properly and it affects the thinking process and activities of the people in their daily lives.

Different categories of mental illness

There are different types of mental illness for which the people are suffering a lot in leading their lives due to lack of control of their emption as well as other serious disorders in their activities. Anxiety disorder is one of the mental illness where people cannot manage their anger in their lives, and it has serious impacts on their daily activities where they cannot communicate with others due to lack of control over their anger. Mood disorders are another one, where mood swing is the problem for which the people are suffering in doing their activities to contribute in the society. Impulse control and disorders as well as hypersensitivity are also the signs of mental illness where the people does not beave normally while communicating with others. They are also not event able to manage their activities and behaviour (Dixon, Holoshitz, and Nossel, 2016). Obsessive compulsive disorder is another serious type of mental illness, where it is a common chronic and long-lasting behavioural disorder in which the person has uncontrollable, recurring thoughts (obsessions) and behavioural changes (compulsion) which he or she feels to repeat over and over. This deteriorates the change of contribution in the society where they fail to conduct daily activities smoothly due to such disorders in their lives. In addition to these, personality disorders and posttraumatic stress disorders are other types of mental illness for which people are suffering to behave normally and manage their daily activities smoothly.

Contemporary treatments used to treat mental disorders

There are several treatments available int he health and social care settings through which the mental illness among the people can be treated well and the professionals can ensure maximisation of wellbeing of the people in near future through proper treatment. The medication process is one of them to treat the people with mental illness in which proper prescribed medicines are suggested by the psychiatrist and other doctors such as anxiolytics, antidepressants, antipsychotics, and stimulants through which the people can overcome their problems of mental illness (McGurk et al., 2015). In addition to these, there is psychosurgery such as cingulotomy for improving the mental health condition of the people through surgery. Moreover, the treatment of counselling is another effective method for treating the people where open conversation, enhancing communication, motivational speech and building strong relationship with the patient will be beneficial to provide suitable environment and develop the mental health of the people successfully. Additionally, psychotherapy for example, cognitive behavioural therapy, interpersonal and social rhythm therapy are also playing crucial role in improving the mental health condition of the people. The cognitive behavioural therapy is effective for improving the behaviour of the patient where they can understand how to treat other and behave with someone. On the other hand, interpersonal and social rhythm therapy are also beneficial through which the people can communicate and improve tehri contribution with the society and overcome their problems of mental illness such as depression, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders and others.

Policy areas in the UK governments 2010-2015 agenda for mental health service reform

Developing proper policies and practice is necessary for mental health service reform and in this regard the UK government is cooperative to develop proper treatment and care so that the patients can access their health and social acre service to overcome their mental illness and improve their wellbeing. In this regard, increasing awareness to mental illness and health promotion campaign across the UK are effective where the government and other public health organisations can improve awareness among the people and encourage them to access the service rather than avoiding it for public shame. Additionally, the increasing access of mental health treatment and proper availability of the clinical staff and efficient doctors and psychiatrists are also effective for mental health service reform in the UK. Increasing access to the therapies and ensuring that the health and social care professionals are trained, and they have gathered proper knowledge and technical skill are also beneficial to treat the people with mental illness (Naslund et al., 2017). Mental Health Act 1987 as well as Mental Health care Act 2017 are also effective to treat all the people fairly where all the individuals can access the service with proper support and care. Increasing the anti-discriminatory rules and the execution of Equality Act 2010 are also beneficial to provide fair treatment and social care and support to the individuals across the societies in the UK who are suffering from mental illness.

Support services for persons with mental illness

Support services are important to treat the people who are suffering from mental disorders in which there are many charity homes as well as social workers who are taking care of the people and cooperating with them for better and positive health outcome. In this regard, the SANE mental health charity is important to cooperate and communicate with the individual with mental disorder and they provide proper treatment, medication and support through counselling so that they can overcome their mental health issues. Additionally, the MIND Info Line ChildLine is another service where the social works are taking care of the children and cooperate with their parents for providing better care so that the mental illness among the children such as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder can be mitigated and they can lead a normal life (Evins, Cather, and Laffer, 2015). Hereby, there are may support group such as PTSD who are supporting the people across the social communities and provide better care and treatment for improving their thinking process and encouraging hem for contributing positively in the society.

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It can be concluded that, the mental illness is one of the crucial issues and it has serious impacts on the living conditions of the people. There are various treatments such as therapy, counselling and medication through which the health care professionals and social workers are trying to provide proper care and support to the individual with mental illness so that they can improve their behaviour and thinking process and enhance their wellbeing to lead a normal life.

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