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Human service occupation is the the profession that is assisted with human welfare by assessing as well as meeting the human needs and by making the proper remediation of any problem. This essay has chosen the social worker as to of the important human service occupation. Social work is the academic discipline that concerns with the families, individuals, communities and groups, with the social effort to the wellbeing of entire society in order to enhance the social function mining. Social workers are associated with dealing with the different types of human issues such as social, psychological, relational, emotional and financial and physical. This study is going to discuss the duties and responsibilities of social workers in terms of meeting human needs. Moreover, it will also make a suitable literature review for analysing the overall discussion of how the social workers emerge in society. This study will discuss the policies and legislation for social workers and how they meet these policies. finally, this essay will discuss the changes over the society as well as in the social work in terms of meeting human needs.


Detailed discussion of the chosen human service occupation:

When it comes to describing the overall responsibilities and duties of the social workers, there are broad ranges of duties for the social workers that need to be explained. One of the major duties of social workers is to make a multidimensional assessment of clients in order to get proper information about their needs, issues and preference. As mentioned by Alley et al. (2016), well-organised assessment of client is important for social workers to get information about the actual physical, mental, emotional, financial and social situation of clients. Another important responsibility of social workers is securing ad allocating the social; resources in proper manner so that these resources can be evenly used by all the persons who need this. As stated by Baldwin (2016), social workers need to provide the governmental support, funding, financial support, skill development opportunities to the service users in order to promote their knowledge, skill and perception development. Social workers have the duty to serve as client advocate in order to monitor their health, give them proper advise and reinforce the positive strength and feeling within them. According to Bradley et al. (2016), one of the major responsibilities of the social workers is to monitor and evaluate the improvement of the client, in order to assure that all the methods and treatment that are used for the service users are useful or the clients.

In order to make a critical discussion on the emergence of social working, it is important to represent the perfect literature review regarding this topic. As mentioned by Baldwin (2016), social working is associated with assessing and meeting human needs in order to promote the overall welfare of the society people. the emergence of social workers can be connected to the ever-changing needs of society people, that is not at all possible by the health workers to deal . On the contrary Connolly et al. (2015), argued that, although the emergence of social working is associated with changing needs of society people, social work is not sufficient to determine, assess and meet the human needs without the assistance of health workers. From the evidence-based report it can be stated that the emergence of social workers is due to the increasing number of critical issues in the society, that can be executed only by the health care professionals. In this aspect, Garg et al. (2015) mention the social workers emerged as the basic pillar of human service, which not only promotes the human welfare but also focuses on the overall financial, societal, cultural and infrastructural development of the overall society. On supporting this viewpoint, recent studies highlight that, when it comes to the emergence of social workers in the society, it is acknowledged that, without social workers, it is quite impossible to deal with the ever-changing as well as increasing issues is the human beings in the society.

In this aspect Connolly et al. (2015) mentioned that, there are different relevant policies and legislation of social work in the UK, such as Health and Social Care Act (2012), Public Health Act (1875), Mental Health Act (1983), UK National Health Service Law, Disability Discrimination Act 1995, Equality Act (2010). Social workers in the UK are obliged to follow these legislations in order to execute and meet the client’s needs (Glasby, 2017). Under the Public Health Act (1875), social workers are obliged to ensure the physical; wellbeing of the service users by providing them proper treatment and therapies. On the contrary Klinga et al. (2016) argued that this act has only focused on duties of social workers towards the physical health, therefore, people with mental and emotional illness cannot be included in this act. In this aspect, social workers need to focus on the guidelines of the Health and Social Care Act (2012), which emphasizes both physical, and mental issues of clients. In this aspect, Lawrence et al. (2016) mentioned that, along with executing the physical, mental, financial and emotional needs of clients, the social workers need to ensure the equal and discrimination-free care process on the society. In this aspect, social workers need to follow the guidelines of Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and Equality Act (2010),m which assist the social workers to provide equal and bias-less care proves for the society people. on the contrary Walshe et al. (2016) argued that, in some cases, equal care is not a treatment process for meeting the needs of clients. For example, the patient with a disability like dementia, depression and mental illness, needs more effective and compassionate care than the other normal individuals. In this aspect, social workers can face severe ethical dilemmas in order to implement the guidelines of the Equality Act. In this aspect, the UK government has taken 2010-2015 Government care Policy, in which social workers would be assisted with proper training and development process in order to understand how to distinguish the needs of different patents. As mentioned by Watkins et al. (2017), this guideline would be highly helpful for all the UK based social workers in order to meet the client’s needs.

Although there are government legislation and policies for assisting social workers to meet client needs, changes need to be implemented in the treatment and care process, in order to deal with changing pattern of social issues. As stated by Klinga et al. (2016), in order to deal with the changing needs of human being, social workers need to be well-skilled and updated. In this aspect, social workers need to use the digital platform in order to asses the needs of clients in an easier way. Moreover, social workers would focus on the implementation of the well-organised treatment planning which would assist them to execute and determent eh actual needs of the patient. On the contrary Watkins et al. (2017) argued that sometimes implementation of well-organised treatment methods does not work due to the poor communication process between social workers and service users. In this aspects, social workers need to use both the verbal and non-verbal; communication process which would assist them to identify the needs and preference of service users. According to Lawrence et al. (2016), with proper resource allocation, social workers can deal with the ever-changing needs of the society people. in this aspect social workers can provide proper financial, educational social and physical support to the service uses in order to promote their health and wellbeing.

Conclusion and recommendations:

From the overall discussion, it can be concluded that social work is one of the important human service occupations that deal with several types of human needs such as physical, relational, psychological, health and financial needs. Their main responsibility is to promote the physical and mental wellbeing of society people by meeting all their needs and elimination of their problems. From the critical analysis of social workers, it can be concluded that different relevant policies and legislation are developed for social working in order to assist both the social workers and service users for improving the overall welfare of society. From the overall discussion, it is also clear that, although there are relevant policies for eth social workers, still there needs to implement some special changes in the working process of social workers such as faster usage of the online process, highly protected data protection process and the well-organised process of assessing the human needs.

Following changes can be recommended to the social workers or the overall improvement of social working process;

Social workers should follow faster assessment process for their service users through using the online method. Through using faster internet connection, social workers can easily assess the softcopy of health reports, mental health reports, financial documents and social standard of the service users. This will save the time of both the service users and social workers.

Create and implement a compact treatment plan is needed for the social workers to assess the needs of critical patients and service users in society. Through proper treatment plan, social workers can easily execute, determine and eliminate the risk factors that are associated with the service user's health.

Social workers should evaluate and monitor the improvement of their clients regularly to check whether the treatment and remediation are useful for the client.

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