Haematology knowledge in the medical field

I am applying for a masters degree in haematology to help enrich my professional outgrowth and knowledge in the medical field. It is my ambition to pursue the postgraduate program to enable me gain more competence relevant to my current work as a clinical researcher at the University of Wolverhampton Laboratory. Working as a clinical researcher has helped me learn a lot in the medical field like using sophisticated computer-aided and automated testing procedures to analyse specimens of blood, tissues, urine and faecal matter for chemical constituents. I have also gained experience in analysing cultures that are grown from samples; I have been involved in the identification of blood groups. Working with the medical staffs has helped me gain experience in interpreting medical results as well as monitoring the effects of treatments and medication administered to various patients. Working in the lab has helped me gain more expertise in maintaining accurate medical records as well as writing proper medical reports.


Upon completion of my A levels in Germany, I moved to UK where I studied an ESOL course after which I applied for BSC Biomedical science at the University of Wolverhampton. In between the ESOL course and BSC Biomedical science, I have worked for several institutions within different disciplines. Starting from marketing jobs, teaching and other jobs due to my multilingual background. For instance, I taught the German language in a primary school. I worked as a marketing assistant for Jadoo TV Media, Neelofer Hag Traders and German Motors Ltd. I have also worked as Sales Assistant at Harrods (Knightsbridge). Working for these different institutions expanded my knowledge in dealing with the various sectors and ensuring customers’ needs are given the highest consideration possible. Such fields have also given me an urge to further my studies in the medical industry since patients require specific services just like any other customer.

Working with the various institutions as a marketing assistant has enabled me to advance my communication and persuasion skills such that listening to a patient’s problems will be my priority. With the communication skills, I will be able to interact with my instructor positively to ensure that I gain the necessary skills required in haematology. After which, the skills will help me handle different patient’s needs.

Currently, I am undertaking my Honor’s project which will involve investigating about advanced glycation end products. Besides this I have gained more experience in my first two years in different techniques like ELISA, PCR, PT and APTT test techniques to investigate various diseases regarding their pathophysiology. Additionally, we examined different bacteria’s, fungi, parasites and other micro bacterial substances. Furthermore, we analysed the importance of blood groups and the related Diseases. The knowledge in various testing mechanisms will be of great importance to my master’s degree since I will only need to further the skills while ensuring I learn some advanced skills of the same.

Concerning extracurricular activities, I have a huge interest in physical activities. I used to teach people at the Gym about nutrition and health (WEIGHT GAIN, muscles; WEIGHT LOSS). This was to help these people and me to maintain good health, physical and mental wellbeing. I also enjoy discussing issues relating to healthcare matters and the problems in the health systems with the aim of trying to get solutions to such problems. Continue your exploration of Haematology with our related content.

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Following the many fields I have successfully fitted in, I am confident that am very flexible and pursuing a masters degree in haematology alongside working as a clinical researcher while doing my Honor’s project will not only equip me well in the medical field but also advance my skills in working in different health projects. Furthermore, with the knowledge of different languages, I will be able to offer my medical services in various regions of the world.

TSuch that, with masters in haematology, I will be in a better position to serve more patients and offer medical pieces of training to other doctors following my experience in tutoring. Pursuing masters in Haematology will empower me to gain further experience and qualifications in the medical field and to contribute more in the field. Consequently, I am determined, enthusiastic, confident and ready to take control of any fears and problems that may arise as I pursue the course. I want to be very devoted, compassionate and skilled in the medical field especially in matters to do with haematology in the future. I would enjoy my precious time undergoing the masters in haematology course and develop my dream career as a haematologist. In the future, as a qualified medical practitioner, I will be in a better position to promote proper health care, wellness as well as prevents illnesses through the education that I have been pursuing and looking forward to further. The master’s degree in haematology will help me view healthcare matters at the global level and contribute positively in the field globally since I will be able to travel from one country to another to carry out researches on issues to do with haematology.

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