A Heartfelt Message of Love and Concern

It is to inform you that, Riya just said, you were not working last week due to not feeling well, but I heard that, you were on holiday. Anyway, I really hope that, you are feeling completely better now. I had recurrent dreams of us, especially you like 5 days in a row, it occurred at the same time too. I didn't know the interpretation of these dreams and it was a little puzzling to me, but now it makes sense as last week has been felt like 100 years to me. Initially, I did not want to respond back to your previous email as your replies sounded forced, besides that, I also don’t wish to cause you distress or troubling in your life. However, in respect of that email; wearing shorts literally below freezing temperature is not wise. Though seriously! I would advise you to keep yourself warm at all times please in such weather, taking to consideration that you have only just recovered. I wish I could look after you every day, so that I wouldn’t worry as much. I really love you and there is nobody other than you who is truly mine, I wish you could end this tiny distance between us by making me yours Islaamically. I do wish for us to grow old together, building our love nest, where I will make freshly cooked meal waiting on the table for you when you get home from work daily, take care of you, make you happy, tease you and comfort you while we live a life full of love and naughty adventures.


I also wish to warm you up whenever you feel cold, but all of this is merely a dream now, as I am truly hurt therefore wish to embrace single life now as it is much more peaceful and it would not hurt me. Our journey may have been momentary yet certainly eternal. Sadly, now you have no intention of aligning a lifelong commitment with me, I was hoping you would take a bold action by now and be firm regarding us. Hence, I brushed off the witness question once before for the reason that you are only playing mind games with me. Also, please stop using families as a way out too when you, yourself already know the truth. I have people including family and friends, who would gladly be our witness, which I have mentioned many times already. You also blocked my number during my lowest and gloomiest time ever arose in my life. I have interest in marriage especially after your “ifs” and “buts” on-going turmoil. I have caused you stress to a great extent at times for that I'm genuinely sorry. I am not going anywhere as well; every part of me belongs to you.

I stated some utter nonsense on the prior message about finding someone, who will love me. I said those things out of disappointment and anger, therefore I am very sorry. I'm sceptical of finding anyone that will love me as much as I love you. And I wish to keep the promises that I made to you. Furthermore, telling my nearest, dearest about you with the belief of you make me yours officially was a major mistake. I truly feel so stupid for believing your words of “yes we will marry, have a healthy baby together and that your parents will eventually come around” until you changed your mind and the story completely as you always do after you get what your heart desires. I have been a strong advocate loving you truly with my heart and soul. However, you will never feel the same way about me. Often times, I wish you didn't treat me like a piece of rusted metal and the poison of your selfishness that shattered my heart are slowly killing me. Even the flicking light is disappearing from my life due to the stress which you have caused me. Nonetheless, my overly caring side for you prays that, you always stay healthy and that your work runs smoothly and you accomplish all the tasks with ease and a smile on your face too. Remember to make nutritious food that is an essential part of your diet, drink plenty of water for hydration and get plenty of rest too. Then voila! You are fully fuelled up for working both efficiently and effectively. You can do it! Sending smiles and good vibes your way! Have a nice, calm remaining three days at work followed by a lovely weekend filled with goodness and bliss.

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A humble request for you to start performing prayer please, don't let the comfort of your soul be greater than the comfort of your bed. We must also ensure that, we start our first and last conversation of the day with god, because we will taste death at some point. God didn’t say we will receive death or we have to go through death. He said, we will taste death since it has a taste now it is up to you and whether we wish to make it sweet or bitter. I pray for you more than you will ever know and I pray we have a good ending as well. This world is so trivial; it's cheap and has no value, so we must strive for our final, eternal home. I love you and always remember that, my love for you is between me and my Lord, so no matter how many times I repeat the three magical words to you, it will never be anywhere near enough. I will always be yours and only yours in both lives. Please take extra good care of yourself and it is okay, don’t stress about replying.

I would be happy, if you utilise the time to rest instead. Stay safe and stay well.

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