Addressing Maternal and Child Health Challenges in Libya


Maternal and Child Health (MCH) is a program which is developed to promote good health and services to pregnant women. This program takes proactive measures to ensure that the health of the child and pregnant women is good. I have determined from the maternal mortality report of Libya that about in the year 2017 the maternal mortality rate per 100000 live births is 72 which is more from the previous years (USAID, 2008). In Libya the maternal and child health professionals need to provide proper information to women about the access regarding sexual reproductive health services. The professional as per my analysis needs to share information about family planning so that the health of the pregnant women and their children are improved. It is further vital that Libya is aware of the increase in the vaccines so that the health can be improved. The issue that is faced by the women in Libya is that they do not use the modern methods for family planning but are use the traditional methods. I have witnessed from my observation that due to the increase in the traditional methods the mortality rate is not decreasing. Lack of proper knowledge and education along with lack of proper healthcare is increasing the mortality rate of pregnant women and children. Another problem is lack of education only educated women in Libya are aware of the modern technique for family planning such as contraception therefore only educated women use it (WHO, 2020). The professionals are to share information and make women realise the advantages it has on their and child health.


It is important to take proper care of the maternal health and improve the quality of delivery care. The delivery care of Libya as per the previous records shoes that about 99% of the women are being assisted during the birth by the skilled providers and about 98% are delivered in the health facility. However, c-section is common among the educated women as compared to others. The intention of the program is to improve the reproductive health by the year 2030 by offering proper strategies which is well integrated with family planning and reproductive health (Grob & Wydra, 2013). I have noted that the maternal death is caused due to the obstetric complications along with diseases that are caused due to the psychological effects of pregnancy. To avoid the death and to maintain the health of women it is vital that they are offered proper nutritional diet. The professionals are expected to create awareness amid the pregnant women and their family so that the issues related to health can be managed. I am of the opinion that Libya needs to focus upon child nutrition as well by stating the importance of breastfeeding for child (WHO, 2019). Breastfeeding is the best way to ensure that the new born infant is given proper nutrition in the form of breast milk. It is also vital to ensure the postnatal care for the health of the child and mother. Providing vaccinations is also one vital factor to ensure greater health in the process of maternal and child health.

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Grob, U. & Wydra, K., 2013. Maternal-Child Health. Universitätsverlag Göttingen.

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