Addressing the Growing Epidemic

Childhood obesity is the serious medical condition which affects the children and adolescence in the society where the children are suffering from obesity and they are above the normal weight for their age and height. It has serious impacts on childhood and physical condition of the children. The childhood obesity is also dangerous for mental health of the children, where the children are suffering from depression, stress and social isolation due to inability to tackle active part in the society. The policies and practice to tackle the childhood obesity are important in the society as the numbers of children suffering from obesity is increasing at a rapid rate in the society due to unhealthy food behaviour and improper lifestyle. The major cause of childhood obesity are increasing the use of video games and computers, lack of exercise and daily activities among the children, unhealthy food intake, hormonal misbalance and improper lifestyle which raise the risks for the children (Elliott, 2019). It is necessary for the health acre professionals to raise concern about childhood obesity so that the society can take active initiative to control obesity among the children. the major risks factors of childhood obesity are high cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, bone problem, skin damage and arthritis, as well as there are mental issues of stress, depression and anxiety among the children, who are suffering from overweight or obesity.


Hereby, the policies and practice to tackle the childhood obesity needs to be promoted through health promotional strategies. In this context, the health promotional activities are laying an important role in promoting efficient information and useful data which are helpful to raise concern among the social communities to tackle the health issues and mental problems. The promotional campaigning through mass media is effective where the television, radio and mass communication system share the adequate information with the social communities (Kenney et al., 2019). The policies and practice to tackle the childhood obesity through in taking hormonal medicines for stabilising the physical system of the body, increasing daily activities, participating in sports and exercise as well as habit of good food intake, calorie measurement are effective for the children to improve physical health condition. In this context, health promotional campaigns are useful to share the above mentioned policies and practice for managing obesity among the children with the social communities across the country and raise concern among the parents so that they can manage good food habits and healthy lifestyle of the children so that the child can take active part in the society and improve their physical health condition successfully (Singer and Lumeng, 2017). The health promotional campaigns are hereby beneficial to tackle the issue of childhood obesity in the society and raise concern through sharing important information with the social communities. It is also effective to promote healthy lifestyle and sport the social communities with adequate information for tackling the issue of childhood obesity so that it would be possible for the health care professionals to maximise wellbeing of the children and provide healthy atmosphere to live long.

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Discuss how the WHO strategic priorities for cardiovascular disease are reflected in the National guidance for preventing cardiovascular disease.

World Health Organisation WHO is the specialised agency of the United Nations, which is concerned with the public health of the world as a whole. In order to support the government of the international nations across the globe, WHO and the United States Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (US CDC) launched the global heart initiative to tackle the issue of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs). CDV is the major cause of global death and it has been estimated that there are approximately 17.9 million people die each year due to CDVs. The policies and practices of WHO are considered as global strategy to control and prevent the issue of CDVs. The WHO is an efficient organisation to maximise the health and wellbeing of the individuals across the world and thus the initiatives and the strategies of WHO is considered to be a global tactic to control CDVs (WHO, 2020a). On the prevention side, the WHO and global heart initiatives take active initiative for intervention through tobacco control, active package for increasing physical activities, shake package for salt reduction and the replace package to eliminate industrially-produced trans fat from the global food supply. These are the major prevention strategy of WHO and also there is management side, where the heart technical package is helpful to strengthen the management of CDVs in the primary health care system. Hereby, WHO is laying a crucial role to manage and prevent the global issue of CDVs (WHO, 2020b).

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The WHO program is beneficial to work on prevention through intervention in the social communities as well as management and monitoring the global issue of CDVs. The strategic planning of WHO aims at reducing the incident of CDVs, mortality and morbidity of CDVs by effectively mitigating CDV risk and their determinants. The WHO also focuses on developing cost effective and equitable health care innovations for managing and controlling CDVs, where it ensures that all the individuals across the social communities around the globe can access equal and fair treatment to tackle the issue of CDVs (WHO, 2020c). In order to manage and control the rate of CDVs among the individuals, the WHO also aims at developing cost effective treatment package and heart management tactic so that the middle and low income classes of the society can also afford and they can manage the risk factors of CDVs. Hereby, the strategic priorities of WHO to monitor and prevent CDVs in the society is considered to be the National guidance for preventing cardiovascular disease, as it develops collaborative practice with government intervention across the international countries and it promotes the prevention strategy and share the strategic priorities so that the health care professionals can treat all the individuals fairly. WHO strategic priorities are also effective to develop inter country, global and interregional collaborative partnership to promote healthy lifestyle and share the strategic initiatives to prevent the issue of CDVs among the individuals across the globe (WHO, 2020d).

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