Analysis of Professional Staff Organization

Question 1:

The PSO member avoided supporting the new matrix design to resolve the alarming issue of turnover of nurses and poor nursing services in the Horizon Hospital because the structure is able to create problem with allocation of two managers at the same time for resolving any issue. This means that the matrix design leads to a situation in which one of the management members of the professional staff organisation (PSO) agrees with a certain solution for a problem may face disagreement from another manager. It is going to create conflict at the management level and within the members of the PSO which would result to make the present situation more intense rather than resolving it. As mentioned by Helms and Oliver (2015), conflict at the management level creates disruption of effective management of employees. This result the employees to face huge hindrances at work as they could not understand which manager to follow for taking orders in executing their tasks. Thus, PSO members and their chief denied the offer of supporting matrix design as it would lead to create chaos at the management of the Horizon Hospital that is going to create total disruption of proper services to the patients by the nursing staffs. Further, the PSO members reacted to avoid supporting the new design because it would make them experience complexity in management of the employees. This is evident as matrix design often causes the organisation to face increased complexity in management (Bogdanova et al. 2016). As a result, the PSO members and their chief would require more hard work to ensure proper management of nursing staff in the hospital which they may not wish to implement. The matrix design within an organisation requires effective and increased degree of cooperation between the project and the functional management (Rushton et al. 2014). The PSO may have doubted that the cooperation required could not be formed by them as a result of which the designed plan would fail to accomplish the purpose for which it is being framed. Thus, they may have avoided supporting the design shown by the president.


Question 2:

Yes, matrix design has some inherent weakness related to them which results the leader of the organisation to face hindrances with its implementation. As asserted by Goś (2015), in matrix organisation project members are seen to play bosses against one another which create conflicting management directives. This would result the Horizon Hospital to face conflict at the management level which would cripple the organisation to provide any nature of effective nursing services making the patients suffer from immense negative health outcome. In the case of matrix design, it is seen that decision-making to resolve any issues at work requires huge amount of time (Brooks and Kakabadse, 2014). This is because to reach a collaborative decision many meetings are to be arranged which takes immense time and resources. It results to cause delay in offering timely services to the patients. In a psychiatric hospital, decisions regarding the services to the patients are to be made quickly so that the mental conditions of the patients are effectively attained to in proper time. This is because delay in offering proper services to the psychiatric patients causes more emotional pain to the service users sometimes making the effect irreversible to improve the health of the patients (Reddy and Ramasamy, 2015). Therefore, matrix design is going to increase the suffering of the patients more and would require more time in controlling the turnover of staffs and improve care services due to which it is not favourable to be used in this case. The matrix design creates issues of lack of accountability of the leaders which makes them face confusion regarding the extent of the effect of their ability to execute things to resolve problem at work (Brooks and Kakabadse, 2014). Thus, it is inappropriate to be used for the Horizon Hospital as the design does not ensure whether or not it would help to resolve the issue of turnover of nurses and improve care services for the patients.

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Question 3:

At the present, the President and the Vice President of the nursing of the Horizon Hospital at the first required to arrange a collaborative meeting where all the existing employees and the members of the PSO would be present. In the meeting, they are required to identify the factors which according to the employees and the PSO members have resulted to create such chaos in the hospital. This is because it may have happened while framing the design the Vice President missed to develop strategies regarding some factors due to which the design is not being supported. Moreover, during the meeting, they are to ask suggestion from both the PSO members and the staffs regarding the changes they require in the matrix design already been developed. Further, the President and Vice President require meeting personally the chief and members of the PSO to understand their views and opinions regarding their opposing against the matrix plan. This is required as it is going to lead the President of the organisation to understand the changes to be made in the existing plan so that it is accepted by the PSO for implementation to resolve the raised chaos. The President and Vice-President also personally require revaluating the matrix design to identify the points that according to them makes it the suitable and strategic design to be implemented for the hospital to get over the current chaos. The points are required to be informed to the chief and members of the PSO while showing them the matrix design to help them understand the importance and advantage of implementing it. The President and the Vice-President also require thinking of using alternative design apart from matrix in framing strategies to resolve the chaos in case even after making changes in the matrix design it is opposed by the PSO members and chief for implementation. This is required in making quick decision in resolving the raised issues as longer course of the chaos would lead to bad name of the organisation hindering their image in the industry.

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