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This assessment is a rationale about the promotion of healthcare in society where the main focuses are on how people should engage themselves in preventing diseases and formulates in a good dietary and healthy behaviours in their life. This rationale will highlight a specific disease which is most relevant nowadays and will provide critical information about how to deal with that removing the common misunderstandings regarding the treatment or precautions of that disease.

The Rationale
1. Why did you pick the particular health issue – and who is your main target audience?

Health promotion and understanding the human psychology regarding the health issues of any particular disease or health issue. And to understand the importance of health promotion and human psychology, the recent pandemic disease Covid-19 or popularly known as corona virus with a scientific name of SARS-CoV-2 is suggested (Alvarez et al. 2021). Corona virus is basically a respiratory disease with the most common symptoms like sore throat, loss of smell & taste, severe breathing issues or chest pain.


The corona virus (Covid-19) has made it harder for specially the kids and the old age people since they are the ones who are weaker from the healthy body and immune system sides. Though in this disease, the overall society is in risk of getting infected but the target audience in corona virus is mainly the old age people and the children (Cleary et al. 2018). Children and old age people are more prone to this disease since their body and their immune system is comparatively weaker for the middle aged and adults. They have their best and strong body type and health condition. So this health care promotion poster is designed especially for making people specially the children and old people making them aware of what they should do, how they can prevent from getting infected by this disease, how they can take care of themselves and their family too (Depaoli et al. 2017).

There are certain habits that, if, adapted can minimise or lessen the spread of this disease and will prevent transmission of germs from one to other. The corona virus disease is transmitted very quickly via any type of infected secretion like respiratory secretions, saliva, respiratory droplets or from coughs, talking, singing, touching or sneezing and enters through eyes, nose or mouth surfaces (Everett et al. 2020). This disease of Covid-19 is selected for promoting health consciousness because that is the recent disease which is spreading so quick and so fast that the whole society came under that infectious in the past year to till now also people couldn’t overcome it. Gurung (2018) suggested that there are some of the symptoms of corona virus which may be mild but are enough to diagnose such as fever, cough & cold, sore throat, nausea, loss of taste & smell, diarrhoea & muscle pain.

2. What particular theories about health and models of health informed the way you designed your poster?

Health promotion and reading the psychology of people relating to healthcare is a very common topic to design a poster but the deep down details and understanding each of the corners in these topics, specific models and particular theories are needed to understand and have a better knowledge of the promotion and psychology of health care.

There are several types of models that help people in understanding the process of health promotion and understanding health psychology. Some of the models are the Health Belief Model, where the model helps in analysing the beliefs of people which works for the psychological conception formation in people about the health care and its related matters (Jennings et al. 2017).

The second model is the Stages of Change Model (Trans-theoretical Model), where the TTM posits the individuals and moves them towards the six different stages including precontemplation at the initial stage then contemplation, preparation followed by action, maintenance, and finally the termination.

There are some theories also that help and encourages in getting knowledge about the psychological facts that works in shaping the perception regarding healthcare and its promotion of awareness in society. The psychology itself is a good model for knowing that how the peoples’ perceptions gets impacted and affected for being aware of their and their families’ health care and its biological facts, social facts and the insecurities and injustice happens to people. According to Keshavarz Mohammadi (2019), it helps by using a biopsychosocial model for the treatment of people which means that the social, biological and psychological factors that impacts well-being which is considered right. The biopsychosocial health psychology theory is specifically relevant with the present day society and also covers the major cause that reasons illness and death which changed over time. The health psychology theory initially examine and analyses that how the factors relevant with healthcare influences an impacts the health care system and illnesses. Lyons and Chamberlain (2017) advised that this theory particularly uses the science of promotion of good health by preventing the diseases and illnesses and also takes care about improving the quality of care systems of the society.

3. What do you think works about your poster and why? What do you think might be a potential problem with your poster and why?

This poster working on the health care promotion about the recent disease or illness Covid-19 or corona and another topic that this topic highlights is the understanding of the psychology of people relevant with the corona virus protection and prevention with thee awareness spreading among the society for its avoidance. The focuses of this project is to create awareness of this particular disease in people so that they can feel the sensitivity and keep them and their families safe and secure. There is a short description on what this disease is and what it can cause to people. Its symptoms, transmission ways and methods and also the habits due to which this disease can spread in people is described through this poster work. After that there is a list of practices which must be adapted by people and the habits that will empower the strength of the immune system so that everybody can fight with the disease.

Later the factor that will make this poster successful is the details on how to deal with this corona since here are a lot of misconceptions that are spreading here and there which are distracting people from the original facts and this will be the attraction for people to get interested in this promotion poster. Adding to this the exact and correct antibiotics and vaccine information is also present in the poster for informing people. Moreover the myths and misconceptions are also detailed in the poster. All these facts altogether will make this an effective poster work in the best possible ways.

The most impactful potential of this poster will be the image descriptions since images works best as compared with writings and other word facts. The images and pictures used will make people easier to understand that what the poster is trying to tell them. The things which the poster wants to convey will get more attention when all those will be turned into pictures and images conveying the same information and knowledge. It will be good for making people aware of what to accept and what to reject, what to eat and do and what not to, what to believe and what not to and all the important things regarding this corona virus since these things are very important to follow.

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This rationale is a detailed brief about the poster prepared for making people aware of the details of the corona virus and how to take care them own self and their families from getting infected by this disease. Also it can be concluded that this rationale have a deep down knowledge on the corona virus or Covid-199, what are good and bad and how the poster will work if so then why.


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