Evaluating the Impact of the Keep Antibiotics Working Campaign

"Keep antibiotics work" Campaign

Having been launched as a national campaign in October 2017 Keep Antibiotics Working campaign was entirely supported by the English government to moderate unsuitable antibiotics prescriptions by creating awareness of the antimicrobial resistance issue. (Huttner B, Saam M, Moja L, et al 2019.)

The resistance brought by antibiotics is a very intense problem to the general antibiotic users. Most of the public misuse and overuse of antibiotics creates antibiotic bacteria strain (Kanokporn Wibunjak et al., 2018). The campaign is to make the antibiotic that can kill the strain. If we fail to achieve the campaign's policy objective, we may face a future where antibiotics will be useless and won't work effectively. The effect may result in a situation where individuals with compromised immune systems may be endangered by common infectious diseases such as infected wounds, malaria, and pneumonia. Thus, the only way to save the world from future problems is to conduct a campaign that will see the world appropriately using antibiotics to counterattack the antimicrobial resistance. (Christie Rizk, GenomeWeb et al. 2019)


The "Keep Antibiotics Working" campaign aims to sensitize the general public who have little understanding of the antibiotic concept. According to research, many patients ask for drugs with no proper knowledge of how the drugs work, and some don't follow the medical officer's health prescriptions. Many patients also take antibiotics by getting to the health care to be given the drugs with medications. The campaign was to increase the sensitization of the public about the concept of antibiotics. Thus, reducing patient demand for antibiotics by lowering the general public's expectations for antibiotics by increasing the understanding between the patients about the reasons why there might be no drugs at their request and support the professionals from the health care in boosting other alternatives from prescriptions.

The main message for the national campaign for the "Keep antibiotic working" was to tell the general public the importance of following the doctors' prescriptions and the understanding of not taking the antibiotics when an individual does not need them because it's likely not to be helpful in one's body.

The campaign aimed at all antibiotics users focusing on women aged 20 – 45 who have the essential role in the family healthcare and older men of age 50 plus who have recurrent conditions health-wise.

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