Exploring Personal Team Roles Through the Lens

Using Belbin (or any other team-role model) what team role do you usually or naturally play? What are the defining features of this role? How close do you feel these features are to your personality in a team environment and also in general based on your undergraduate experience so far?

The team role that is naturally played by me is the shaper. The defining features of the role of a shaper are that the individual provides the required information and drive to make the team keeps on moving in forward direction and does not lack momentum or focus at work. The contribution made by shaper within a team is that it helps team members to overcome obstacles (Drury, 2018). I feel I am really close to the role of the shaper as I have effective ability to face challenging situation and develop strategies regarding the way to overcome them. Moreover, I am dynamic in nature which helps me to create continuous changes required to ensure obstacles faced at work are resolved. In addition, I have the ability to thrive under pressure at work which also makes me able to ensure proper momentum at work is established.

Drury, C.G., 2018, August. Belbin on Inspection: A 50-Year Retrospective. In Congress of the International Ergonomics Association (pp. 879-887). Springer, Cham.

In this project, what role did you play? What are the defining features of this role if it is different from the role you would naturally play? Did you adopt other roles and if so why? Give examples to support your answer.


In the project, I played the role of a co-ordinator. The defining feature of co-ordinator is that they are matured, confident and acts as good chairperson. In addition, co-ordinator has clarified knowledge regarding work goals and they focus on the objectives of the team to make decisions so that work is delegated among the team members in such a way that it leads to their success (Omar et al. 2016). I tried to adopt the role of being a specialist because it helps a person to develop wide amount of information making the individual become knowledgeable and develop skills to resolve issues and problem at work on own.


Omar, M., Hasan, B., Ahmad, M., Yasin, A., Baharom, F., Mohd, H. and Muhd Darus, N., 2016. Applying fuzzy technique in software team formation based on Belbin team role. Journal of Telecommunication, Electronic and Computer Engineering, 8(8), pp.109-113.

What project management skills did you use and why?

The project management skills used in this session is negotiation. This is because negotiation allows avoiding conflicts between workers and promotes relation between employees making them ensure smooth flow of work to be maintained.

What were the reactions of attendees? What issues were raised? You should summarise and comment on the results collected from your evaluation forms.

The reaction of attendees was mainly positive as they were seen to be pleased with the information provided regarding health eating and way to avoid extra expenditure on fast foods which bring negative impact on their health. The issue raised during the session was that some of the attendees were too much concerned on discussion points among themselves regarding what they know about healthy eating behaviour. This was creating noise which resulted few other attendees to be distracted as they were facing hindrance with concentrating on what we were mentioning them about healthy eating. However, when we asked the attendees to pay attention to us and avoid discussion they were seen to be cooperative and avoid further interruptions. The summarization of the points collected from the evaluation form was that most of the attendees mentioned they preferred to eat fast food as they are tastier and easy to be availed. However, they currently understand that eating vegetables and fruits are effective for health as well as are far cheaper than fast foods. This means that the aim of the session was able to be effectively established as the attendees can be understood that healthy eating is better for their health and adopting the habit would also help them save extra money to ensure them better saving to be made for future.

Did you achieve the intended outcomes for yourself, the team and your visitors?

Yes, the intended outcome for me was established because I was able to drive the team to fulfil the aim of the session by providing them information regarding the way the obstacles they faced in the pathway to be resolved. The intended outcome for the team was also resolved as they were made to work collaboratively to reach the objectives set for the session. The intended outcome for the visitors was also able to be accomplished as each of them were able to provide knowledge regarding the way they can adopt healthy eating behaviour and at the same time save money to increase their savings.

This questionnaire is adapted from a de Montfort University document. It is useful for critical self-awareness of performance and may be deployed in contexts where the practitioner is curious about his/her performance, a new topic has been taught or activity has been felt to be good or bad.

This questionnaire is adapted from a de Montfort University document

List the three most difficult points that occurred during event. Speculate on the reasons and how/if you can address them in future.

One of the difficulty raised during the event was that communication barrier was faced while informing data regarding the activity to two of the learning disability attendees. This issue has been raised because the team members lacked knowledge regarding sign languages and way non-verbal communication is to be established with learning disability individuals to inform them facts regarding any topic. In future, the issue is to be resolved by ensuring that at least one member of the team is knowledgeable regarding the way to communicate through non-verbal communication and sign languages with people having learning disability.

The second difficulty faced is that team roles were provided to individuals without assessing their existing skills and quality due to which I along with few of the team members faced hardship in performing their role at work. In future, this is to be avoided by initially assessing the skills and knowledge of each of the team members and the allocating them roles based on the facts received through analysis.

The third issue face was that there was hindrance in making proper time management. This may have occurred because there was lack of proper allocation of time for each activity during planning. In future, this is to be avoided by taking a more realistic approach of allocating time for each activity in the event through discussion with team members.

List the three things you would consider doing differently next time you did something similar. Write down your reasons why.

The three things I am going to do differently next time are as follows:

-I am going to play the role of a shaper next time because I think I have effective knowledge regarding the way the role is to be successfully played to ensure quality execute of work

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-I am going to develop understanding regarding the way through non-verbal communication and sign language I can interact with people having learning disability. This is because in current even issue regarding communicating the information with learning disability was faced and therefore to avoid such consequences the step is to be taken.

-I am going to improve my time management ways as it is going to help me more effectively meet deadlines at work.

List the three most successful elements in the session. Write down what you consider to be the reason(s) for their success.

-There was effective establishment of communication between team members in the session. This is because all the team members before initiation of the session was properly introduced to one another and an open platform was created for interaction to be established.

-There was proper collaboration between team members in the session. This is because all the team members were very negotiative.

-There was proper critical thinking among the team members which led to avoid obstacles to create hindrance in meeting the objectives. The success was seen because the team members have proper ability to reason, adapt, brainstorm and optimise ideas.

What marks out of 10 would you give yourself for your contribution to the team and why? What mark out of 10 would you give others in your group and why?

I would give myself 7 marks for contribution because in certain aspects I was unable to participate properly which led to create hindrance in the completion of the session. I would provide others in the team 9 marks as most of them were every collaborative and shared proper ideas as well as helped others in overcoming problems to ensure the session is ended successfully.

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