Exploring the Impact of Caffeine Intake during Pregnancy on Fetal Development

Around the world, it is estimated that around 15.5% of the infants are with relatively low birth weight. A times, they weighing less than 2.5kg. Surprisingly is that is that such cases have never been linked with either ill or premature birth of infants. New research show that pregnant women who consume caffeine have smaller babies compared to those who abstain from using the stimulant during pregnancy. Caffeine, natural found in tea and caffeine beverages, is a stimulant drug stimulating nervous system, increases energy levels and making heart to beat faster than normal. During pregnancy, caffeine, once consumed, it crosses the placental barrier and therefore affecting the development of the fetus.


Research headed by Souza to establish the effects of the taking caffeine intake during pregnancy on development of nervous system by noting its side effects on reflex. Experimenting on pregnant rats, Souza analyzed the gene expression determination and assessment of AchE activity. Research essentially held that caffeine affects the nervous systems by blocking adenosine receptor, which can easily enhance the triggered release of the neuron firing hormones such as high quantities of adrenaline.

Studies has also shown that caffeine has a tendency of increasing the significant response from the neuron linked to causing increase in blood pressure, as a result of the negative interaction between the receptors and adenosine. What about development of nervous system? Does it have any impact and what kind of an impact can it be? First, the findings argue the washout caffeine and the caffeine groups are likely to boost the reflex that enables one to correct body orientation when take out of normal position. Question remain whether exposure of caffeine to infant during pregnancy affects its ability to light head while on the tummy.

Contrarily, caffeine has also been linked to moving abnormally, such as against gravity. Prenatal exposure to caffeine would touch on the response to moving freely and normally. Additional more research indicate reducing caffeine concentration in blood would changes the body performance, which may not be the same for expectant mothers.

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Based on academic articles by:

Souza, A.C., Souza, A., Medeiros, L.F., De Oliveira, C., Scarabelot, V.L., Da Silva, R.S., Bogo, M.R., Capiotti, K.M., Kist, L.W., Bonan, C.D. and Caumo, W., 2015. Maternal caffeine exposure alters neuromotor development and hippocampus acetylcholinesterase activity in rat offspring. Brain research, 1595, pp.10-18.

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