Exploring the Pros and Cons of Robotic Doctors in Medical Practice


Robotic doctors are being focused on in this paper so that their utilization in medical purposes can be understood properly. A focus is made on the advantages and disadvantages of these robotic doctors in the field of medications. It can be seen that regular checkups, recommendations and various other treatments can be made easily by these robotic doctors. These robotic tools are good in those fields where humans fail to proceed with work. They are generally important for the adults and old patients that cannot work on themselves. Many of the disadvantages related to these robotic doctors are seen in this paper also that is the cost, installation and reconstruction problems and various others. It can be a big issue if due to any issue these robots start working in a reverse manner. Thus a conflict in favor and against of these robotic treatments are made in this paper.


Advantages of Robots as doctors

Robots checkups and messages are found to be a useful one for the audience available. Robots had more compliance with human treatment. A good quality of life is being attained by these robotic doctors here. Various medications, surgeries, dispensing and other medical treatments can proceed with the help of robots only. There are a lot of benefits of employing robotic doctors and these are to be seen for future use (Dementyev, 2018). The doctors work pressure and workings are reduced by the help of these robots present.

There are following benefits of those robotic doctors:

Heavy workloads: A heavy workload of patients and doctors are being managed by these robots easily. The work of caregivers and helpers can also proceed easily with the help of these robots. Mainly work of too many people is being managed by a few robots here and even the medications are being prepared by them also.

A good communication tool: Many times it happens that elders or children are unaware of the method to use the robots and thus they can directly communicate with the robots so that their instruction can be followed easily by the robots.

Remainders: It is also beneficial is reminding the timing of the medications or treatments that are required for the patients. Exercising, eating and other medications are being seen in this scenario to be reminded by them. People make a list and those lists are being followed by the robots here.

Monitoring: The patients and others are being monitored properly by the robots available here. A sudden occurrence of heart failure or any kind of pressure can be seen in the patients and thus can be monitored before easily by these robots. Moreover the present health condition of patients can be easily determined by the help of those (Image-src.bcg, 2016).

Endless help: An endless help is being provided by the robots that cannot be provided by the human treatments here. Some of the diseases are persistent in which the patient asks the same questions several times and human doctors get offended by it, whereas the robot doctors are not fed of those questions and provide endless help to patients.

The benefits are vulnerable in the medication of the patients treated here. Distribution task can be seen to be a renewal of the old task by the robots here. A benefit that can be seen of robots is that they never sleep, rather they don't need any kind of food to survive. They need a small look after regarding their working and in return they are able to work for the patients available. The same task can be initiated thousands of times by the robots. The washing of the hospital floor and also bringing the medication to the tenth floor is seen to be easily processed by the robotic practitioner here. Surgical precision is being processed by these robotic doctors easily. Surgical robotic sales are having a great demand in this era and are going to double in the upcoming years (Researchgate.net, 2017).

A famous surgical robot is the da Vinci surgical system that helped in getting a 3D and good vision for the treatments. More precise and controlled operations can be seen to be proceeded by the robotic system here. A multitask can be proceeded here with the help of these robots available. A time-consuming home visit is being reduced or avoided totally by this method here. Costs of care are being reduced and customer satisfaction is availed by the help of these robots. Accessibility and requirements in the medical field is being proceeded to be fit by these robots instead of human doctors. It can be said that the robot doctors are generally a beneficial one instead of humans (Airtract.com, 2020).

Disadvantages of Robot as doctors

Having robots as doctors require a high cost of installation and implementation in the medical field. A cost of around $139000 dollars and around an additional cost for the $1500 for each procedure. Training and practicing these robots are required to be done so that they can precede their treatment work easily. The surgeons are needed to learn this training for the surgery part. The surgery is generally an expensive one and surgical tools maintenance is highly to be looked over here properly. Moreover the training to these robots is also an expensive one that is required to be maintained for the treatment. Using Da Vinci technology can be a helpful one for this treatment requires more than the traditional one. Even complications were there in the usage of these Da Vinci codes for the treatments. Latency is the problem that generally persists in robots, that is the time that it takes to continue the commands of trainers (Shi, 2018). It is sometimes hard for these robotic surgeons to answer to certain scenarios. Mostly the complex moves are not possible with the robots to be taught.

There are following disadvantages regarding the robotic doctors:

Forming human-machine interaction is highly required and is required to be maintained properly for the machines to act properly.

The prohibitive costs are being found to be invested here in this case easily. From purchase to the maintenance and final result the product cost is highly seen in this case. Many of the patients cannot afford the cost regarding these kinds of treatments.

Bulky sizes of the robots are generally hard for the running and set up in the hospitals and thus the treatment is seen to be hard in many scenarios (Iavazzo et al. 2019). Moving those big and huge robots is themself a hard task and thus poses a barrier for the treatments.

As those are machines operated and thus the breakdown of the system or any kind of issue in the machine can be seen easily. A single market is being focused over here in this part easily.

An inconvenience in the programming can be a risk related to the treatment here. Thus an advanced expert is required in this scenario for the training and teaching of those robots.

These technologies are to be replaced by other technologies and thus it is said to be an obsolete one for the medical field. Human error is also an effective one for the inconvenience to be occured for this robotic checkup.

It can be seen that these robotic systems require high maintenance and cost for the installations. These robotic surgeries take more time than others (Mettler et al. 2017). Various injuries can happen due to those surgeries by robotic doctors as they are made of hard and tough materials. Space that is generally required to build and set up a robot is not an easy aspect and cannot be applied easily to any healthcare center. These robotic practitioners have replaced the manpower from the working sectors and reduced the job employment for the people. Most of these robotic sectors do not require human interventions and involvement after their installations and thus human employment has been reduced for a few years. Moreover, it can be seen that after installations if any problem persists then the charge for repair and reconstruction of those robots are high and many times it is not easy to be paid by normal healthcare. People are socially hesitant to use this one as these robots can make mistakes regarding the medication and treatments. Due to any erroneous work it can happen that these robots will work in a reverse way and the treatments can be done negatively against the required one (Lorecentral.org, 2020).

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Thus it can be understood that these robotic doctors or practitioners are advantageous as well as negative for the treatment purpose. It can be seen that robots are persistent in every field and its existence in medication and treatments are also seen from this era. It can be said that due to the above advantages these robots will take over the medications and treatment sector totally. The time to time medications and recommendations are being prepared by these robots easily. For any emergency cases these robots can be a helpful one. But still for installation and working these robots are being helped by the human only. As the cost is high for the installation and monitoring of these robots, thus it can be said that they are not suitable to be installed in every healthcare industry. Thus it should be understood that these robotic doctors are both helpful as well as having lots of issues for the patients.

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