Government campaign COVID 19 Vaccinations


It is the responsibility of the social communities to get the vaccination done immediately for fighting against such life threatening virus, so that the health care workers are also able to protect the human being and provide proper guidelines to avoid spreading virus among the social communities. There are the numbers of people in the UK, who are not willing to take vaccine even if such critical phase (Dhama et al., 2021). The vaccination is totally safe and approved by the World Health organisation. Without taking vaccine, the people further raise the chance of increasing the numbers of affected persons in the society (Bagcchi, 2021).

Barrier of getting vaccine

Cultural barriers raise difficulties in influencing the people to get vaccines to stop spreading such virus. There are minority communities in the UK, where language barrier is serious problem. The people feel uncomfortable to go and communicate with the representative at the vaccination centres (Mills and Salisbury, 2021). The existing issues due to cultural diversity are such as misunderstanding, non-cooperation and lack of communication. Most of the health care workers and doctors are communicating in English where some of the diverse cultured people fail to speak and understand English.


The people think that the vaccinations centres are far away from their home, and there is lack of access of the vaccines. As per their opinion, it is inconvenient to get vaccine within time and thus the major physical issues are related to people are unsure how to book a vaccine and the think test centres are very far away to get it (Gupta et al., 2021).

Emotional barriers raise difficulties to retain the people getting vaccinated where the People are scared and do not trust in the vaccine as tit is newly launched and relatively untested. They also avoid vaccination centre to stop getting touch with other people and also have fear of getting sick after vaccination (Tewarson, Greene and Fraser, 2021).

Information barriers also exist where the people do not access adequate information about the COVID 19 virus and the vaccination activities across the social communities. Lack of information further raises confusion where the people are not concerned about getting vaccinated immediately (Tewarson, Greene and Fraser, 2021).

Attitudinal barrier is related to the fact that some people are resistant to change and feel it is riskier to take the vaccine as they do not think they have a high chance of getting COVID (Rinott, Youngster and Lewis, 2021).

Strategies to promote vaccine

Fruitful information are here to develop trust and improve understanding of the social communities as a whole and the information are true under supervision of UK government, NHS where the government, NHS and other NGOs are working collaboratively to provide vaccinations to wide social communities (Rinott, Youngster and Lewis, 2021). The strategies for sharing information are,

Telephonic conversation, email and Facebook post as well as availability of the information on the Government website and NHS official website are effective to raise awareness among the people to get their vaccination immediately.

The health care professionals are there to clear any doubts and provide 24*7 support to book your vaccine at the nearby centre and there is strong health care team to support culturally diverse people to ensure 100% vaccination in the UK.

The COVID-19 vaccination is only available through the NHS and it is free and approved by World Health Organisation for better immunisation.

The people are safe in the vaccination centre under government guidelines of using PPT kit, maintaining distance, wearing mask and using sanitizer

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It is very easy to book the vaccines and all the personal information are protected securely

There are no such critical health issues after taking vaccination and the vaccination is totally safe to protect against the life threating virus

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