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How professionals can impact on the health and wellbeing of the society

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  • Published On: 19-12-2023

Health care professionals have played a key role in shaping the societal health and enhancing their wellbeing. This paper will focus on how health care professionals especially mental health nurses have impacted the society and societal well-being. In an effort to derive the relationship between an individual and the disease, one needs to identify the risk factors that have enhanced disease spread within the society. The health belief model has widely been used to guide and enhance health promotion and pathological control programs.

Based on the primary care approach, health professionals have played a critical role in improving access to quality patient care in the society through provision of essential healthcare services that have prevented further spread of diseases (Melnyk et al., 2014). In a struggle to achieve the millennium development goals, mechanisms for optimization of strengths and skills of these medical practitioners have been applied.


In as much as mental health nurses have enhanced quality service provision in the society, there are a number of factors have affected their provision of health care one of them being substance abuse which has manifested itself through drug and alcohol abuse (Melnyk et al., 2014). This has posed as a challenge to these nurses in an effort to administer health care and enhance the societal well-being.

Another factor is physiology which is also affecting health care and these nurses are yet to find a solution for. Smoking for example has been pointed out in individuals with mental health issues. It has been estimated that individuals that have mental disorders are more likely to smoke as compared to individuals without mental disorders. People with mental disorders are also likely to suffer from diseases like diabetes (Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professions Policy Unit 2016).

Social factors such as gender, social class and race have also been considered to be affecting the mental health care (Sadoughi, Nasiri & Ahmadi, H. 2018). Social standing varies from one person to another , a good example will be an individual’s social class whereby it has been estimated that individuals that live in well-established and stable homes have less mental problem issues and those living in poor household facilities have higher chances of developing mental issues be it adults or children.

Attempts to solve issues that nurses and doctors are faced with in day to day while promoting health care and mental well-being (Melnyk et al., 2014). Social networking and social participation has been enhanced, which have presented themselves as the main factors that have protected cognitive decline and mental wellbeing in the society we live in. in individuals suffering from long term mental issues social integration has worked out for them effectively by enhancing holistic care which has united mental patients and ensured that they are treated as a whole, mind and body.

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However, many interventions by different scholars have been able to prove that respect and social inclusion in older people has been enhanced, evidence on their impacts on health care provision and societal well-being has not been clearly brought out (Starkweather et al, 2018). Research shows that there is little to support this empirical statement as there is complexity which may arise from various interactions between health care professionals and health care bodies such as WHO. A good example stems from the fact that intervention of WHO in improving healthcare in adults may improve societal wellbeing and quality of life but at the same time, the same intervention may consist of more complex actions driven by policy which can make the assessment and synthesis of these interventions difficult.


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