Journey Mapping Tool on Lidtka Model

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  • Published On: 22-11-2023
How there were mapping of journey starting from switching devices till using the platform

Based on the understanding of the brainstorming activities and layout of the session discussed by the individuals for creating devices of communication for care home people, it has been recognized that the group members of Stay in Touch who conducted the activity with the theme of COVID-19 has mapped out the journey in the following way:

A journey Mapping Tool by Liedtka

According to the professor, it is a mapping tool for journey for the managers working in workplace sectors to utilize for the purpose of design thinking and systematic process social sector promotion (Liedtka et al. 2019). In respect of the learned brainstorming session conducted for the attendees of Foyle Hospice, it could be noticed here that Liedtka’s approach was a strategic process starting from mapping and then mind mapping and brainstorming towards the concept of developing and rapid prototyping here.


On the other hand, it was an approach for making communication work strongly through this journey mapping for socializing the care home users for understanding about sanitizing and knows about napkin, as these are main products that was planned to provide the end users get acknowledged during the COVID, there were not family visits (Hill, 2020). These are effective in terms of having some knowledge enhancement within those care users.

Difficulties faced by the end users in Care Home have been facing for not being able to contact

During the ethnographic study, it was observed that participants (end users) in Care home faced number of problems while there were formal questionnaires and interview sessions. It was mainly the issues of confusion, overexertion as well as mostly feeling annoyance and skipping steps (Thompson, 2016).

Design thinking Process of difficulties faced by users

From this mapping of experience, it has been acknowledged the idea of ethnographic lens on the (users) care home residents. In fact, it was understood about different types of participants were here, which consisted of passive, moderate, active and non-participatory users as well (Blewitt et al. 2020). This gave an idea that how to integrate effective emotional development and motivate through understanding perspectives using this study of ethnographic lens.

Use of the Journey Mapping Tool and its Critical analysis

The journey was mapped using this tool in a simpler way through napkin pitch in terms of proposing for staying in touch (Lee, 2020). There were making use of digital platforms like video conferencing and other volunteer call and then there was added value through an anchoring session with the end users in the care home about founder’s experience in the form of video presentation. At the same time, there was newly drawn creative thinking of promoting other theme-based products.

Journey Mapping developed further

However, it has been critiqued by Blewitt et al. (2020), that the mapping could have been designed in a simplest way for the benefit of the users and understanding and being part of it actively. Hence, gave at least the concept of using the mapping of journey for social sector promotion during this COVID for the care home residents to get interacted and engaged into things creative skills and learning.

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