Leveraging Teamwork Skills for Delivering Exceptional Healthcare Services

Working Together

Having been brought up in a social environment, my studies, and past job experience, I have developed excellent teamwork skills. From the Five Dysfunctions of a Team Summary, I have learned commitment, conflict management, trust, accountability, etc. moreover, I have learned communication skills, diversity, appreciation, confidence, and creativity. All these are essential to a team role. These skills have enabled me to assume the role of a team member in delivering excellent healthcare services to society in general. Application of my teamwork skills and cooperation with other health care professionals will enable me to offer the best medical health care globally and help change the lives of many people.


Improving Lives

Since childhood, I always wanted to pursue a career that enables me to protect and assist patients in and around the society. I dreamt of a profession that allows me to change and improve people's lives. Therefore, to achieve my goals, I pursued a course in health care. From my fascination to enhance people's lives, I have developed emotional intelligence, communication skills, creative thinking, problem solving, self-control, and empathy, and research skills. From my experiences in providing health care to the public, l have taken care of numerous customers/clients hence making their lives better. Therefore, from my nature, where the patient is the heart of everything, I can apply my skills to save lives and improve health hence touching life.

Commitment to Quality of Care

Being a proactive, positive thinker, and an individual who works to achieve the best and maintain an excellent reputation, I have learned to work in a fast-paced environment while meeting deadlines and maintaining quality. From my fascination to always provide quality care, I have developed confidence, leadership skills, excellent communication and technical skills, good numerical skills, and an understanding of statistics, planning, and organization skills as well as team working skills. Therefore, I have been able to provide the highest standards of excellence and professionalism. Also, I dream of furthering the professionalism I have exhibited in the past. It is my dream to change the world.


Being compassionate is a skills I have learned from my parents. I am an individual with high sensitivity to the problems and feelings of others. From my experience in the health care sector, I have been very understanding, have extreme kindness and forgiveness to everyone. With knowledge of the importance of the value, I have developed empathy, compassion to others, and myself and mindfulness. Moreover, my emotional intelligence has been natured over time. Besides, I don't forget to express my gratitude. My compassion has been able to provide the best value for everyone's money. Therefore, I am working hard and researching to improve my compassion and related skills.

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Everyone Counts

My experience as a healthcare worker has given me the ability to function as a member of a team and work with compassion while being accountable in everything. From my previous experience, I have worked with the highest accountability to account for the poor, rich, and the sick, male, female, etc. from my fascination to be accountable for everyone; I have become driven for results and honesty. Also, I have developed high integrity, trust, excellent communication skills, and problem solving skills. I have also developed professionalism and known how to work with clear vision and direction, collaboration to resolving conflict. From my employment history, I have been accountable to everyone daily to improve the experience of customers. Therefore, it is also my dream to continue with the same phase.

Respect and Dignity

Being a flexible person with critical skills required to thrive in the modern medical field, I have learned to make a sound judgment. Moreover, I have polite behavior, which has been achieved through working following ethics and codes of the health care sector. Having learned the importance of respect and dignity, I have developed a high-level ability to make a choice and control myself, compassion, empathy, excellent communication skills, and emotional management. Also, I have learned to respect personal privacy as well as social inclusion. These skills have enabled me to works across organizational boundaries and appreciate everyone's privacy. Therefore, I would apply these skills in the future to ensure better services and client appreciation and satisfaction.

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