Management of Mental health patient and Discharge planning


In the nursing management, the SWOB analysis includes all the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and barriers that might come in the way while analyzing the management of the mental health and the discharge planning. This SWOB analysis is important since this analysis model will brings out all the aspects of the mental healthcare management and discharge planning which will support framing the literature in this context. This assessment will focus on highlighting the risks involved during communicating with the mental health patient and planning their discharge. The weaknesses faced during the mental health discharge planning criteria are discussed with barriers in this context.


In order to manage the mental health patients in context with the nursing management, it is very important that the nurse or the nursing student must acquire a proper communication skill for planning the appropriate discharge plan also. The communication skills enable a positive nurse and patient relationship developing the effectiveness of the outcomes for the patients and their family too. A good established communication between the nursing student and the patient is associated with various types of positive results like high satisfaction level of the patient and their family too while planning their discharge. A proper communication always ensures better mental patient adherence while giving nursing facilities and in context with planning the discharge too along with the resolution of the symptoms too (Foster et al. 2018). In nursing management, the nursing students have to face with many types of mental patients like anxiety, dementia, depression and other serious mental disorders too, in order to understand the patients symptoms and health issues, the establishment of a good and open communication is must between the nurse and the patients. In mental health patient cases the patients are already very reserved in sharing their problems, so the nursing students must attain the ability to know their inner feelings and problems via communication. Although the communication result can also become negative from both the sides if not generated properly, there can be major misunderstandings in between the nurses and the patients which could result in either wrong treatment or bad discharge planning.



One major weakness in the mental health nursing management is that when the nursing student is new to the environment often lose their confidence while managing the patients because handling the metal health patients is a huge responsibility for a nurse. In order to perform well, the nursing student must attain some qualities like, calm and composed nature, patients, confidence in themselves, proper communication and quick decision making in emergencies. A major weakness which has often been seen during the mental health care nursing is that the nursing student makes mistakes in documentations while planning the discharge plans of the patients (Heidari et al. 2019). In some cases, it has been seen that the nurses are often not fully aware of their responsibilities and duties while handling the mental health patients and this becomes one of the great weakness. There can also be lack of confidence while managing the discharge plans of the mental health patients if there is lack of proper and full information about the patients and their treatment flows starting from the initial stages to till the discharge of them.


As being opportunities there are various types of things which the nurses will get to explored. While being a nursing student, they will get chances to visit every wards of the healthcare center. The nursing students will have the opportunity to read about numerous types of subjects which are related with the mental healthcare nursing and other aspects of the nursing management. The nursing students will learn about documentation and discharge planning criteria and how to form the tasks in a deeper way. McIntosh and Gournay (2017) suggested that the nurses will learn more skills for being proactive in every situation because in case of mental health management, any time any type of emergency or critical condition can rise so the nursing students have to be quick while making any type of decisions regarding the patients. While getting training or internship, the nursing students will get the opportunity to take part in various types of patient projects where they will get the chance to share their opinions and give suggestions which will help in shaping their nursing knowledge and will also improve their skills and capabilities.


The most significant barrier in the nursing activates are time management, confidentiality and confidence. While talking to the patients and knowing about their problems and symptoms, the nursing students must have patients, confidence and calm nature since mental health patients are very critical and delicate to handle (Way et al. 2018). So in this regards, all these three skills are must and if these are not acquired by the student them it will come out as a major barrier in their performance. While planning the discharge and managing the process, knowledge about the mental health condition of the patents is must to be aware of and in this process if there is lack of appropriate knowledge, this could be a huge barrier in the discharge planning process. All these barriers can be overcome with necessary measures and appropriate knowledge. Time management is another barrier since in nursing tasks there are numerous types of activates and making equal time fr every activity is essential because if equal time is not given to each task then there could be lack of good quality care in the nursing services. So managing the time is also a big challenge in this process.

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In conclusion, it can be said that the students who are in the nursing profession needs to be well aware of all the skills and qualities so that there should not be any chance of mistakes or misconception regarding the patients. The nurses and nursing students must maintain their empathy and deal all the matters regarding the patients properly and with full concern. This SWOB analysis helped a lot in bringing out all the necessary aspects of the mental healthcare nursing management. The strengths and opportunities were revealed in this assessment and the barriers and weaknesses can be handled with the efficiently.


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