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Topic: Mental Health and Contemporary society

Contemporary society is full of opportunities, benefits and innovations that affect the physical as well as mental health of people. In sociology, contemporary society is referred as modern society with improved perception, rituals, understanding and exchange among people. On the other hand, psychology is another discipline that discuss the mental health and the psychological status of people that are effected the contemporary issues and situation in the society. This essay will establish eth conceptual framework of contemporary social issues and its effect on eth mental health.

According to Tambs (2015), Psychodynamic Theory focuses on eth fact that, contemporary social perception, rituals, events, understanding and decisions affect mental health. In these aspects, it can be stated that, although digitalisation brings about huge improvement in the social process, it destroys the sensitive thought, creativity and decision making ability of people. On the contrary, Richardson (2018) argued that, although contemporary social issues are associated with psychological distress, but contemporary society is important for development of improved decision-making ability, intelligence, problem solving skill and perception of people. There are different contemporary social issues in the community such as abortion, criminal offence, discrimination, poverty, income inequalities, human rights, sibling rivalry, over population and drug legalisation. These issues lead to development of depression, anxiety, dementia, memory loss and poor understanding skill.


Behaviourism Theory emphasizes on the relationship between the psychological ability and behavioural expression of people. In this aspect, de Sant’Anna et al. (2018) commented that, if people are not able to perform the normal mental functions such as creative activity, fulfilling relationship with others and the ability to adapt the changes, they could not make proper behavioural expression. Contemporary society is characterised by socio-economic, demographic, political, economic issues (Silove, Ventevogel & Rees, 2017). Modern society is full of discrimination, inequalities and legal issues, which poses negative impact on eth mentality of people. People who belong to the lower socio-economic level, have to face income inequalities, health inequalities, discrimination, unemployment, lack of legal rights and lack of social support. These people are the victim of poor mental health with dementia, depression, anxiety and poor self-confidence.

From the above discussion, it can be concluded that there is potential association between the contemporary society and mental health. Contemporary social issues such as unemployment, inequalities and health issues, political and legal issues affect the normal psychological activities of people. Contemporary society if full of opportunities and drawbacks that affect eth activity of both eth body and mind.

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