Module Reflections


In my personal development plan two I will cover firstly what I learnt so far during the study of the module throughout the year and all the problems I faced because it was the first time to be in the module. Moreover will demonstrate what I gain in the module and what kind of research I always used such as quantitative or qualitative. Lastly what I did in the module to overcome the challenges and what I did to have good knowledge as a research professional and I would discuss about all of the methods which I utilised to help me in my future career as a student in health and social care



In nursing, evidence-based practise (EBP) is referred to the integration of quality research evidence in the clinical practice to ensure valued and quality care to the patients with less error to ensure improved patient outcome (Celik Aysegul et al., 2020). The EBP is important in nursing because it allows the nurses to remain updated regarding the advanced medical protocols to be followed in patient care to offer them quality care. The EBP is also important in nursing as it helps the nurses to understand effectiveness and risk of any intervention or diagnosis to be used for the patient (Li et al., 2018). The impact of communication training and technology required by nurses to interact and support patients with Dementia is chosen as the theme because communication difficulties are seen to create barriers to form interaction with Dementia patients and discussion regarding the impact of technology would lead to understand how they are able to resolve the barrier (Naughton et al., 2018). The topic is relevant to nursing practise as it would help the nurses to decide whether truly communication training and technology can act as benefit for nurses to be used in forming meaningful conversation with dementia patients.


I learnt many things in all academic year precisely in research and professional practices and I will elaborate certain of these. Firstly, I learnt how to navigate the web learn when I want to read the module on line and checks if there is a new subject to read. I was unsure about how to effectively develop presentation skills mostly in front of the general public and I have learnt how to make presentation successfully by preparing it before also you have to know who is your audience and you are required to perform rehearsals and further do things such as avoid stress, be positive,well known your subject and so on. Success coaches helped me with various advices in module especially in assessments and how to do references in Harvard style.

I have learnt about discrimination and anti-oppressive practices because discrimination and oppression of healthcare subscribers exist on the basis of the differences of gender, religion, skin colour and so on . For instance, Condoleezza went to a segregated school when she was young and experienced discrimination and oppression. Even Jewish people still experience discrimination and oppression, for example, in 2004 the window of South Tottenham synagogue in London was smashed and books were destroyed. Also in the past, Jewish doctors and nurses were killed as they were Jews during the holocaust despite the fact that their role was to care for the people. The oppressive practices are needed to be stopped and challenges in this direction are to be overcome with the utilisation of legislative tools such as the Equality Act. As the lecture pertinently conveyed the necessary information during the classes I also acquired greater knowledge and information regarding this subject which could be assisting me in future during my career enhancement. (Nzira,v and Williams,2008).

In the second semester I did some research based on communication skills to improve the same by reading the book, “Effective communication skills for health professionals” because I want to be an effective listener and also an effective communicator . Healthcare professionals need to know all three types of listening of listening based communications. These are the verbal and non-verbal modes of communication and other communication modes do exist such as by touch, use of gestures, eye contact and so on as well as Paralinguistic methods such as timing, volume and linguistic aspects such as metaphors, words and so on. Altogether these three aspects are to be maintained to nurture good relations and good understanding with service user and try to catch attention for what was saying know what client feeling. Other point is the use of S.O.L.E.R. (Philip Burnard).

In addition to cover my needs about effective communication I learnt from the mode the four different types of communication: aggressive, passive, passive aggressive and assertive. The most important is assertive communication because it helps to stand up you and avoid confusion, use active listening reflect what the person feel and so on. I need to invest more effort to be assertive in my communication. I used several websites and books about breastfeeding article to cover my needs in semester two and most of answer came some response. According to UNICEF breastfeeding has benefit both baby and mother. For babies protect from, ear infections, Chest infections, gastrointestinal infections, Urine infections and Obesity. And for mother protect from ovarian cancer, Breast cancer.


I did learn the process of through the module and I know what quantitative and qualitative researches and mixed method methods are how these can be primary or secondary. Firstly research is defined as the method of assembling, examining and understanding facts to respond to the enquiries. However to be called as a definite research, the procedure must have certain features and is required to be controlled, rigorous, systematic, valid and verifiable, empirical and critical. (Ranjit Kumar, research methodology. Step by step guider for the beginners).

I was very interested to do more research on childhood obesity issues in Islington Borough and how these affect the patients and and also, how these issues could be addressed in health and social care sector and publics. However the most extensive research method which I used was theh quantitative research method since this method is capable to measure data from social surveys, interviews and so on. (Adams,2007) . I was able to find more information online in journals such as how many children have been diagnosed to be obese at Islington Borough for example in 2018 local authority health profile are identified 25, 7 %( 409) in year 6 are obese in Islington borough is the worse than average of England is 20.0%. (Public health England, 2018) that information based on number or capable to be analyse numerically with evidence and it was secondary research the data already exists.

But qualitative research is very advantageous to be used in health care because this is inductive rather than deductive and has to observe first the problem after and then find a hypothesis. (Adams Barnard).the aim is to discover the problem in depth and the data collected is not number always get through the interviews and getting any things saying by participants. However both approaches for collecting research information are important and these might consider different aspects of the same issue and diverse research methods are drew in order to use either qualitative method to address a question or qualitative methods are more suitable and so on. In future mixed method is good to use research. (Aveyard,H and Sharp, P,2013).

As a student in health and social care I prefer to use first qualitative as it is fast, good and cost effective as has been mentioned in the lecture slide. methodological method in qualitative research I may use in future first identify the issues by observing besides using depth interviews using open ended questions to get more information furthermore, focus groups, grounded theory also phenomenology when you want to discovery about persons experiences of sickness or social condition, ethnography study human culture try to understand more how this particularly groups behave in any problem according their culture. (Aveyard,H and Sharp, P,2013).


What I find challenging about this module was all the principles and values in health and social care setting. I was aware of the significance of the values and principles of health and social care due to the centrality of significance of the patients within the healthcare systems. For instance, Confidentiality, which is defined as the principle of value based codes of practice. (Moss,B,2012).However, I was surprised that some of the envisaged solutions became very difficult in terms of proper utilisation of confidentiality. For instance, a woman who had been diagnosed with HIV had refused disclosing this information to their partner. This is contrary to the existing values of the health and social care based solution application.

Now I know that though e privacy is more essential in health and social care there are exceptions where this can be subverted. Also to make sure both patients are helped. The other skill is to hold counselling sessions to make the patients understand how they could notify their partners regarding the presence of HIV in them. I was happy enough to acquire the necessary information and knowledge regarding this subject for the purpose of future research and I could utilise some of the acquired ideas to perform future research in HIV.

I didn’t know how digital footprint can impact our future in terms of employment as employers can search for information related to us and the study shows 48 percent employers are doing so before taking you into a position. I was unaware how things doing online can damage someone about work. What I feel bad is how many things have been posted online such as photos, comment and so on. I feel good because the module gives us a clear picture how to use social media and to help as to be safe in future.


I have so far outlined the acquired knowledge during the study session with the module and the research process which I have found to be most interesting throughout the entire academic year. I have also stated the different challenges which I had encountered during the study module based learning and the methods which I utilised to overcome these challenges during the participation in the module. I became aware of the process such as the quantitative and qualitative research processes as well as the primary and secondary research methods and now I feel greater confidence in application of these research methods in future.This module helps to develop academic skills such as writing, communication, speaking, also to know some principles values and policies in health and social care. It helps to know how to access in the learning materials and to get all information at university.

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