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MSc in Clinical Pharmacy

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  • Published On: 21-11-2023
MP925 Class Assessment

You will be given a dataset that comprises a selection of variables taken from the “Behavioural Risk Factor Surveillance System” (BRFSS), a telephone survey conducted by the Centres for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States every year. The data in your dataset stems from the year 2015.

The dataset is stored in .csv format. You can import and open the data in SPSS as follows:
  • • Click File > Open > Data. In the Open Data window, change Files of type to "CSV (*.csv)". Locate your file and click on it to select it, then click OK. This will start the Text Import Wizard process.
  • • Choose the options variables arranged: “delimited”; variables names included “yes”; decimal symbol “period”; first case begins with line number “2”.

A description of the variables and their codes are described in the table below. If needed, you can generate new variables based on the existing variables in the dataset to answer a particular question.

variables and their codes variables and their codes variables and their codes

Please answer the questions in up to 1000-1500 words or less excluding tables (i.e., max word count is 1500 words)

1. Inspect your dataset. (20%) a) What variables are included, and what type of variables are they?

b) How should these variables be summarised?

c) How many participants are represented?

d) Have a closer look at the distribution of the variables income, physical activity, and vegetable consumption. Does this look representative? What could be the reason for this not being an accurate representation of the underlying population, and why would this matter?

2. Describe the characteristics of the study population according to the different variables. Present your results in a Table but also summarise the findings in written text. (20%)

3. Investigate whether high blood pressure, vegetable consumption, and BMI>=25 are risk factors for diabetes mellitus. Present your numerical findings in the same format as those for “high blood pressure” below and also summarise your answer as written text. (30%)

variables and their codes

4. Conduct appropriate hypothesis tests to assess:

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a) whether BMI is affected by physical activity (i.e., whether there is a difference in BMI between those who were physically active and those who were not) and

b) whether diabetes mellitus is affected by physical activity (i.e., whether there is a difference in diabetes mellitus prevalence between those who were physically active and those who were not).

In your answer, explain the test you have chosen and what it shows. Interpret the results appropriately. (30%)

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