Optimizing Staff Management in Dental Practice


The management of staff in the dental practice is required so that effective communication between them can be established as well as each of them are informed regarding the roles to be performed by them. Moreover, proper management leads the staffs to feel motivated to work effectively and involve in successful teamwork (Morsiani et al. 2017). In this assignment, the requirement of staff rota is to be explained to determine the way through its staff can be managed in dental practice. Moreover, the way staff meeting is to be arranged and policies to be followed for staff recruitment is to be discussed. The way and reason for monitoring staff performance dental practice is also to be discussed.


Task 1 Explaining the reason for requirement of staff rota in dental practice and developing plan to staff a surgery of six dentists for the practice to run smoothly

The staff rota is referred to the document developed by the HR department or manager in dental practice for scheduling and organising which staffs are to work where and on what days in the practice (Duane et al. 2019). The presence of staff rota is essential in dental practice as it allows the manager to determine the strength of staffs and dentists who are working in the practice. The helps the manager understands how effectively a specific work can be done and who are able to be involved from the practice currently (Johnston and Cleland, 2018). Thus, staff rota in dental practice is important as it helps the manager to accomplish any specific work effectively. The staff rota allows the manager to create order and balance in the practice by informing which staffs are to work when and where in the workplace. This, in turn, makes the staffs and dentists develop better focus on their work to accomplish them with efficiency (Duane et al. 2019).

The staff rota is essential in dental practice as it helps the manager schedule working of the staff according to their preference to enhance quality of care being delivered (Duane et al. 2019). This means that a certain dentist may be able to work effectively with a certain nurse is caring for patients as the nurse has better knowledge compared to others. In this situation, the manager by developing staff rota is able to schedule the specific nurse to work on same days as the doctor to ensure they collaboratively provide quality care to the service users. The staff rota is essential in dental practice as it helps allows proper scheduling of staffs to create empowerment at work as well as avoid waste of time due to confusion among the staffs regarding their word schedule and rules (Duane et al. 2019).

In order to plan a surgery of six dentists, it is to be ensured that atleast three different receptionists are present in the reception desk. The receptionists are important in dental practice as they are the individuals who are first contacted by the patient to get contacted with the doctors or requirement of assistance after the surgery (Foster, 2019). This indicates each receptionist are to act for two doctors to help patients contact with them for surgery and additional assistance required after the surgery. The six dentists to be involved to perform surgery are to be staffed each with atleast one nurse by asking their preference. This is because often dentists are found to show preference to work with specific nurses due to their ability to work collaboratively without conflict or actions to be done by the dentists in the surgery are well-known to the specific nurse (Keboa et al. 2019).

The six dentists are to be asked to inform if they require more nurses for helping them in executing the surgery so that accordingly staff rota can be maintained. This is because in surgery it is seen that due to lack of knowledge one nurse may not be helpful to assist dentists in performing the surgery in smooth manner. The six dentists are to be allocated different times in the day when they can perform the surgery so that none of them experiences interference in each other's work. An dental hygienist is to be recommended for each of the dentists performing the surgery. This is because dental hygienists have the role to administer local anaesthesia during surgery as well as assist in working with the dentists during surgery to ensure proper care of the patient (Daley et al. 2018).

Task 2 Discussing the way a staff meeting is to be arranged

The staff meetings are essential in dental practice to collaborate all staffs and management in making future plan along with taking decision to resolve current problems and issues prevailing in the projects and workplace (Durham et al. 2017). In order to arrange the meeting for announcing new arrival of a dental hygienist, initially, a convenient time is to be chosen. The time is to be mentioned in advance to the staffs so that they are able to present at the time by properly managing their work to attend the meeting. The staff rota is to be used in arranging proper staff meetings as it helps the practice manager to determine which staffs are to be present and which staffs are to be offered information regarding the meeting to make them remain present in the discussion. Moreover, it allows determining which staffs are to be sent minutes of meeting or provide reminders to make them present at the meeting (Radford and Hellyer, 2016).

A notice of the meeting is to be sent to all the staff members and management required to be present in the meeting.


The agenda in the meeting is the list of activities and things which are required to be mentioned in the meeting (Grose et al. 2018). Thus, agenda of the meeting is to be arranged for announcing new arrival of a dental hygienist so that the things required in the meeting are properly put into place. This is because it would set a proper structure for the meeting allowing the work to be executed effectively and avoiding staffs to remain confused or wander away from participating in the meeting.

After the execution of the meeting, minutes of meetings are to be prepared. The minutes of meeting are referred to the written record of the activities which happened during the meeting and it is to be signed by the person organising and managing the meeting (Thornley and Quinn, 2017).

Task 3 Explaining the policies to be considered for recruitment of dental staff

After recruiting two new dental staffs, the important document to be required is their personal details and details regarding previous job experience. According to Data Protection Policy, the practice manager in the organisation required to safely register the personal information of employees, govern effective protection of the sensitive information regarding employees and allows the employees to view their personal data on request (gov.uk, 2018). The eight principles mentioned in the Data Protection Policy include fair and lawful use of data, limited sharing, data use in an adequate manner, maintain accuracy, data handling as per data protection rights of people, safe and secure storage of data and avoiding transfer of data outside EU (gov.uk, 2018). Thus, the principles and policies of Data Protection are to be followed for storing the personal details and documents of the new recruited dental staff. This is because sharing of personal data of employees with others without their permission results them to become vulnerable to abuse and harm in the society (Zope et al. 2019).

The Employee Contract policy in the UK mentions that terms and conditions in the jobs are to be mentioned in the contract in proper manner and no secret agendas are to kept undercover from the employees (gov.uk, 2018). In recruiting the two new dental staff, the policy of Employee Contract by the UK government is to be followed for developing the job contract which is to be duly signed by the employees on recruitment. This is to ensure they show acceptance to follow the rules and regulation of the organisation mentioned in the contract as well as are to perform responsibilities and mentioned in the terms. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 place duty on the employers to assure safety, health and well-being of the employees while working in the organisation (legislation.gov.uk, 1974). Thus, as a practice manager at the dental organisation during recruitment of the two new dental staffs a Health and Safety policy document is to be provided to them. This is to ensure the two new dental staffs understand the actions to be performed and way work is to be managed to avoid accidents, in turn, ensuring better health and safety while working.

The Equality Act 2010 informs that no individuals at work are not to be discriminated under any grounds such as race, caste, creed, sexual orientation and others as well as they are to be offered equality opportunity (legislation.gov.uk, 2010). In recruitment of the two new dental staffs, it is to be ensured that they are offered roles and responsibility along with work environment where equal treatment of them is assured. This means the new staffs as per the Act are to be ensured they do not face any discrimination at work and they are offered salary and promotion as per rules implemented for other employees at work.

Task 4 Explaining the way and reason for staff performance reviewing in dentistry

The performance review of the dental staffs is to be performed on monthly basis. The performance review of the staffs is done initially by asking them to reflect on their work and rate their skills and knowledge on their own (Dogruel et al. 2019). This is because it allows the employer to understand the thoughts and perception regarding their skills and knowledge at work and according t them what further needs are to be fulfilled by the practice manager for development of increased efficiency at work. Therefore, at the initial stage of performance review of the dental staff the individuals are to be provided feedback form where they are to report and rate regarding existing skills and knowledge performance at work from their own perception. The practise manager at work is to provide review regarding the performance of the employees by highlighting their strength and areas of improved through analysis of their everyday work (Conrad et al. 2018). This is because it leads to effective performance review of employers where areas of improvement in their skills are informed by the employers to assist them t improve the specific skills for showing greater productivity at work.

The performance review of employees is essential as it helps the manager understand which employees are progressing effectively and have the ability to get promoted for assisting other employees in performing in a better way (Mafla et al. 2019). This is because performance review helps the employers to analyse the work efficiency of individuals. The performance review is essential as it allows the employers or managers to determine which employees are working more effectively and are required to be compensated for valuing their effort (Haresaku et al. 2020). Thus, it indicates that effective performance review of the dental staffs would help the dental practice manager to determine which of them are acting more effectively to show greater effort, in turn, helping the manager to decide which of the staffs are to be remunerated through compensation to ensure they work further with increased zeal. The performance review is important as it leads to promote the career development of employees (Jeong et al. 2017). This is because based on the reviewed information the managers arranges training for the staffs to ensure they have improved and additional skills and knowledge to work in a better way at the present and in future. Thus, the performance review of the dental staffs is important as it would improve their existing skills and ensure learning of new skills to have better career opportunities.

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The above discussion informs that staff rota for dental staffs is required to ensure proper scheduling of their work. The Health and Safety at work 1947, Employee Contract, Data Protection and Equality Act 2010 are the policies and legislations to be followed for allowing effective working of dental staffs. The performance review of dental staffs is to be performed by taking feedback from them and feedback to be provided by employers. The review is essential to be performed as it allows proper career development, promotion and others for the employees.


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