Partnership Working Practice in Health and Social Care


Partnership working practice is important in the health and social care in order to provide the best quality care to all the service users. The doctors and the health care professionals try to follow the ethical rules in health care sector and develop team working practice in order to serve the individuals with diverse needs (Newham et al., 2019). The study aims at discussing the partnership working practice in health care which is considered as a joined up response to support the service users. In this discussion, mainly the older people are considered who need continuous care and support from the health and social care services. critical analyse on partnership working practice will be helpful for understanding the working practice of the health and social care service providers to treat the older people in the society.


Case study analysis

The percentage of older people is increasing across the UK and it is important to raise concern about old age people care, so that they can access the health care services when required. More than one in five are already over 60, and the number of people over 60 is expected to increase from 14.9 million in 2014 to 18.5 million in 2025. 75% of 75 year olds in the UK have more than one long term condition, rising to 82% of 85 year olds. There is urgent requirement for immediate health care and emergency services to protect the old people across the UK (Edmonstone, 2017). It is expected that, by 2041 there will be over 3 million people aged 85 or over in the UK. The health and social care service provider’s aim at providing the best quality treatment and care to the older generations cooperatively as there are several complications that the individuals above 60 years are suffering from (Curreri, 2019). The individuals need diverse health care services such as diabetic care, dietary chart for maintaining healthy life style, exercise, surgery, continuous care, medication help and other additional support in case of any impairment. The old people are suffering from different disease such as diabetes, high pressure, cholesterol, kidney and heart issues as well as mental disabilities including eating disorders, depression, anxiety and stress. The care providers in this case try to provide cooperative care and treatment to treat the older people for meeting their diverse need and personal preferences.

Partnership working practice to help the service user group

The key principles of partnership working are, openness in the care home, trust and honesty among the individuals, agreed shared goals and values as well as regular communication between the partners. It is beneficial for the health care workers to work as a partnership working practice, where they can work by sharing their views and ideas with each other, developing trust and providing freedom to share their opinion to provide individual care (Agyenim-Boateng, Stafford and Stapleton, 2020). Partnership working is at the heart of the agenda for improving the health outcomes and making local services cost effective. All the members in the health care team must be treated with dignity and respect, and they can share their personal opinion in front of others to develop collaborative health care plan of the patient. Genuineness and commitment are also other principles of partnership working, where the health care workers try to meet their commitment and job roles in the workplace by serving the best quality are to the patients (Pfaff and Markaki, 2017). All the stakeholders in the health and social care service focus on team working activities, so that experts can communicate and share ideas to develop the best care plan after successful patient diagnosis.

It mainly helps to reduce service gaps as well as makes the systems easier for the social community to understand and access the best treatment. Joint planning, tasking coordination and collaborative workplace are effective to develop partnership in the workplace (Agyenim-Boateng, Stafford and Stapleton, 2020). Developing good corporate governance must be ensured, where all the service providers can be empowered and contribute positively in developing care plan (Pfaff and Markaki, 2017). Maintaining fairness and being accountable are suitable for partnership working practice, where the health care team can work jointly to treat the patients (Holding et al., 2020). The expertise of all the health care service providers is the major success factors to support the old age generations in the social communities. Shared vision, continuous care, seeking support from other nursing staff and doctors as well as internal bonding and trust are helpful to ensure partnership working in the healthcare setting to treat the patients carefully.

Critical evaluation

The major stakeholders engaged with the old age people care and treatment are such as the social workers, doctors, general physicians, councillor, therapist, dietician, nursing professionals and the staff members in the hospital and nursing homes. all the stakeholders are trying hard to meet the requirements of the older people. The doctors try to diagnose the individual needs and preferences through different tests and predictions (Alves, Moreira and Santos, 2021). The prescribed medicine must be provided time to time and there need strong support and continuous care of the old people in the care home and it is the responsibility of the nurses to take care of the people, so that they can overcome their difficulties(Holding et al., 2020). In addition to this, the social workers are playing a crucial role in providing help to the old age people, who seek immediate health care services. The social workers try to work cooperatively to identify the vulnerable people in the society and support them to live in the care home for better treatment and care (Alves, Moreira and Santos, 2021). Through continuous care and support, the social workers can provide the best quality care and treatment to all the individuals in the society. Moreover, the surgeon is important in the care home, in case of any surgical necessities, injury and others. The old age people must be diagnosed well to identify the disease and provide the best treatment and surgery as per their health condition (Holding et al., 2020). The nursing professionals and the doctors are hereby providing care to the older people collaboratively, where they work as partnership working practice in order to ensure joined up response to the people.

In addition to this, apart from the doctors and nursing professionals to the nursing home, the counsellors, hospital authority, dietician, therapist are also working collaboratively to treat the individuals (Lowe et al., 2021). In order to provide good dietary chart, the dietician is playing an important role, where the dietician try to diagnose the patients, understand their preferences, review the past treatment and medical history to provide advice or their food habits. Additionally, the mental illness among the old people is increasing rapidly over the period of time, and the counsellors are playing an important role in the workplace where they try to provide moral support and continuously take care of the individuals (Alves, Moreira and Santos, 2021). The counsellors try to communicate with the people and acknowledge their personal needs and preferences so that they can feel staff and express their feelings. Continuous cooperation and communication among the counsellors, doctors, patient s and the family members are helpful to develop a strong team work in the nursing home to support the old people and help them to overcome their difficulties (Holding et al., 2020). Hence, it has been seen that, all the health care professionals have clear roles and responsibilities as per their job position and they try to cooperate with each other to treat the patients with the best quality treatment (Lowe et al., 2021). Without partnership working practice, it is not possible of the health care service providers to provide the best quality are to the individuals all of them are playing an essential role to provide safe environment and continuous support to the old generations.

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Conclusion and recommendations

The old care is a complex phenomenon, where all the health care professionals aim at collaborating with each other for meeting diverse needs and preferences of the individuals in the care home. It is necessary for the individuals to cooperate and develop partnership working practice, so that the doctors, counsellors, hospital authority, nurses, social workers, surgeon and therapist are working collaboratively to treat the patients carefully. Continuous monitoring and internal communication further maximise the quality of treatment where contribution of all the health are service providers is mandatory. Hence, the partnership working practice is considered as a joined up respond to the old age generations for ensuring the best quality treatment and care to me their health needs and personal preferences. All the health care professionals in this regard must cooperate and arrange general meeting to develop an effective care plan for treating the old people in the society and meet their diverse needs. Partnership working practice must be developed where all the care workers need to work by sharing knowledge, discussing the health condition of the individuals, developing collaborative care plan and providing continuous support as a strong team.

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