Perfusion-Weighted MRI in Early Detection and Management of Ischemic Stroke

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  • Published On: 20-12-2023



Stroke is considered as serious neurological condition that can occur in older adults and young people across the world. Clinical intervention suggests that stroke is he neuroglial disorder that interferes with the activity of central nervous system, especially with the activities of brain. People suffer from several health complications in the post-stroke condition such as disability, complex health condition, chronic health condition and mortality. In modern healthcare world, there is wide application of perfusion-weighted MRI(PW-MRI) in conducting early diagnosis and treatment of ischemic stroke. By using perfusion-weighted MRI(PW-MRI), health professionals can detect the diffusion-perfusion deficits that can assist them to make early recognition and response to the post ischemic stroke condition thereby preventing the risk of infarction in patients.



This literature review aims to make a comparative analysis on the useful of perfusion-weighted MRI(PW-MRI) in early as well as effective diagnosis and treatment of stroke. For conducting this literature search, researcher has used different online database such as MEDLINE, Cochrane library and EMBASE for retrieving relevant articles. 15 years times frame had been set by the researcher to collect relevant research papers.

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In this literature, a review of total 10 research papers had been conducted out of which 9 were retrospective and one was prospective. In this resercah study researcher used relevant research method to minimise the research bias thereby ensuring the trustworthiness and validity of the literature review. This literature review compares the superior diagnostic capabilities of PW-MRI as compared to the other MRI element in sequences in terms of diagnosing and treating stroke. The review of the selected literature has shown that PW-MRI is strongly associated with estimating the degree of ischemia and oligemia in the neuronal tissues. From the literature review it is also known that ischemia is not necessarily associated with developing infarction rather there are many adverse health implications of stroke on patients such as poor lung functions, damaged, poor capacity of blood brain barriers (BBB) and poor functioning of circulatory system

Finding shows that, PW-MRI can be used as the better option for conducting an effective routines cross sectional imaging of the brain tissue in diagnosing the ischemic stroke and other stoke condition while compared with the other MRI devices.

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