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The rationale for chosen topic and explanation on a public health issue

The diet has largely affected the health and wellbeing of young adults, parents, and children in the UK. Several health issues are being encountered over the past few years in the UK as both parents and children are becoming non-caring in their lifestyles. Parents need to mold a child's lifestyle by showing them importance in benefitting and prolonging the life of children. The topic is chosen to highlight specific health controls that are needed for a healthy lifestyle and human correspondence to maintain a healthy weight (Alman et al. 2021). The research has highlighted that to maintain a healthy weight; a person requires eating 5 portions of fruits and vegetables each day. Drinking plenty of water along with eating fresh beans, pulses, and fish, and meat is associated with a regular form of diet. The meals are purely going to help in the consumption of 2000 calories in a day. Public health issues are outlined in terms of gaining weight and prevalence and cost analysis. There is a significant impact indulged within local and national health management as if person caught diabetes due to an overweight issue then it becomes quite an impactful threat. Consumption of fiber is equally important as it benefits all children across different regions and international evaluation of health concepts is required to be analyzed.

Highlight on the target group and the reason behind choosing it

The target group is associated with older adults. In this case, it can be identified that older adults are coming up with a high risk of becoming obetic patients. Specific roles can be chosen within the mother of small children with improper diet and unhealthy lifestyle is prone to this weight management issue. A specific region is associated with diabetes around a certain region of children such as South Asian ones. Social integrity is associated with not having a proper place to stay or share their stories of not being cared for. Obesity and unhealthy lifestyles give higher chances of catching diabetes along with attracting the death risk of millions. Weekly planning of budget is associated with healthy food consumption as well (Bruce et al. 2017). A rising threat of consuming more than 2000 calories a day is something that indulges in becoming fat. The target age group and gender is something that is accustomed to a weekly plan of motivating each important person and self-esteem is increased. The women of a particular zone that leads towards the systematic analysis of what should be consumed by a person to avoid food that is high in fat do not always create a healthy shopping list. "The Center for Cardiometabolic Risk Reduction in South Asia (CARRS) [10], indicates that among urban children aged 20–44 years, the age-standardized diabetes incidence". Moreover, young adults and children are associated with the risk of becoming overweight from the age of 3 to 12 years. . South Asians are prone to diabetes as they are having genetic risk factors of being affected by diabetes. "Reductions in physical activity increase the risk of diabetes in all ethnic groups”. Moreover, there is an unhealthy food chain observed for men and women in India, South Asia, and Europe (Wolfenden et al. 2020). Healthy cell functionality development along with tobacco use and persistent organic pollutants are risking the high level of contamination in health optimization. People above the age of 40 years are another high-risk category.

Key messages and evidence information

Key messages are evident in the form of delivering sustainable food choices and aligning the variety of secure health indulgence. Budgeting can be done with a secure choice of food products and the most healthier options. There are weekly plans made to organize effective brand shopping and purchasing product that are safely packed. Eating leftover food is also not an ideal option and it requires a complete association of managing the details. There is cheap brand power indulged to keep nutrient-dense vegetables fresh and boost up energy levels. Diet plays a significant role in many children's lives. Individuals are associated with a comprehensive analysis of saving money and investing in healthy food. There are difficulties associated with the cognitive management of health charts. Many children are not aware of the facts associate with leftover food disbenefit. The biggest diet chain is indulged within the development of self-esteem and bulk management of nutrients (Kenney et al. 2020). A key message is to identify a health chart that allows total monitoring of processes that are optimized at a lightning phase. Any person that is not interested in health development should be analyzed in the first place. A range of activities is associated with podcast promotion and determination of comments to handle the significant selling of energy sources and vegetables. Healthy eating behavior is associated with the policies of BMI indicators and dietary management along with disease control.

Considerations underpinned

There are several considerations underpinned as a part of appropriate action are findings. The message is identified across as the performance derivative of childhood obesity control and mental health management. Public health issues are intertwined with a certain association of managing the key components of social justice and preventing bullying. Overweight children also have the right to engage in the enjoyment of all life goals. This podcast contains appropriate reasoning of peer learning sessions for management of childhood health issues and gaining healthy lifestyles. There is an increasing prevalence of overweight and obese children adolescent seen that poses a major concern worldwide. Energy and nutrient intake is associated with substantial consumption of fruit and vegetables and dairy products (Moxley et al. 2019). There are dietary interventions associated with the consumption of higher dairy products and following up with adolescents' diets. Multidisciplinary interventions are associated with following a complete diet chart and possess a systematic encounter of family-oriented and social comprehension.

Crosscutting issues

Improved dialogue of health management and harmonization of a human rights-based approach is associated with being healthy and becoming healthy by certain analyses of overweight. The total weight management in women and children of a certain age group is associated with the health and wealth management of persons (VanWormer et al. 2020). Some laws that are going to protect the environment are also essential as children are associated with good health in terms of good management of the environment. Preserving good health is associated with various nutrient-rich foods and with 40 different nutrients for good health in an association of moderate eating habits. Certain assumptions are going to help in maintaining healthy lifestyles is

Not skipping meals

Eliminating certain foods

Avoiding too much caffeine

Eating in portion control

Being active

Preventing sickness can be done through eating habit management. Exercising along with complete management of a diet plan is associated with bodyweight management and keeping oneself healthy. All plates should be containing a certain amount of vegetables and they should be well cooked to preserved nutrient density. Physical inactivity is reduced sometimes for ethnic groups and that should be managed in the first place. The recent estimation includes a complete T2DM risk indulged in more than 900 individuals (O’Connor et al. 2020). Physical lifestyle competency is associated with the development of a protective shield against glucose-based disease. In a highly susceptible population, it is important to globally manage the cost-effectiveness and create an indulgence of protein deficiency in younger adults.

Promotion of podcast

The promotional arrangement of this podcast is engaged within media interventions. Smaller campaigns can be done online for focusing on children's overall development and growth of lifestyle choices. The campaigns are associated with UK-based obese people to raise awareness and provide rates of discrimination faced by the children and children. One of the latest questions that can be raised in terms of managing covid 19 impacted lifestyle and diet is associated with ordering food online and binge eating and munching on fast food. Children were mostly spending time with their family at home without much going out. This caused a tremendous weight gain and they need motivation for peer learning to help in managing the weight largely. The mental health issue can be solved through online seminar building and helping them understand why it is important to stray fit (Schapiro et al. 2019). Creating youtube videos is a method of socially engaging children on this topic. The handling of comments will be done via social accounts and responding to each individual. Messages will be replied via messenger of social media accounts.

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Reflection on podcast

The work that I have done is quite balanced, however, there is still a lack of realistic data. For the next podcast, I am going to use more real-life data. I am also in search of adding real-time graphs. This work is currently filled with theoretical data and requires an in-depth analysis of components. I am also going to use national government sources of healthy diets and there is significant analysis provided on data linked with healthy lifestyle development in children.

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