Public And Private Healthcare

1.0 Introduction

The health insurance assures the health needs and safety for the people of a particular country. This healthcare insurance can be distinguished into two parts as public and private. Private health insurance is owned by an individual while the public is governed by the government. The advantages and disadvantages of the two are being analyzed in this paper. Two countries Sweden and Uk are selected for the proper analysis of these health insurance. Moreover, the health insurance of Saudi Arabia is also discussed and being compared with the UK and Sweden for proper understanding. .

2.0 Public health insurance:

Public health care insurance is defined as the health insurance that is given a bed and run by the governmental organization. Subsidizes are present here for the premium exchanges in the case of this public health insurance. US health insurance for veterans is a big example for the same here. This public health insurance is further divided into two types Medicaid and medicare. Medicare is generally for people with some disabilities and are unable to function their bodies after a certain age. Medicaid is for people suffering from disabilities and have a low income (Mossialos, 2016). Various health insurance programs are also initiated in this public health insurance for the proper working.


2.1 Advantages of public health insurance

A reduced medical expense can be observed in this case easily. New treatment options are generally introduced by them and thus helps the patients to get well and return to their proper condition as soon as possible. It creates a good option for the locals to become employees. A demand for local specialists, goods and services and others are created so that the local market can gain a good profit for such conditions. A proper way for improving efficiency, effectiveness and others can be easily seen in the organization. A primary system of a nation can be observed here easily and can be initiated to manage properly so that it can get a good name in the country (Duggan, 2018). Settlement claims, benefits for the restoring purpose and others can be easily seen in the case. Additional benefits and tax could be easily imposed on these healthcare industries. .

3.0 Private health insurance

This health insurance is not provided by any state province rather it is provided by an individual. All the medical facilities are provided by the individual himself. A state market plan, an employer offering health insurance or health insurance offered by the people having a license can be seen to be an important part of this private health insurance. A sum of money can be claimed here easily. Health refund and money for the life cover is being provided by these private ones. Two types of health insurance are available here and those are hospital and extras insurance (, 2020). A little or no cost is available for the tax applied.

3.1 Advantages of Private health insurance:

The time is being decreased here for various of the issues that can be seen. Private rooms are provided to each individual in the private hospitals and extra support or care can be provided to the patients. It is generally composed of new tools and technologies and these generally help in the proper treatment of those patients without much more time taking. Moreover the patients are allowed to select the doctors of their own choice. The waiting times are decreased here and the queues also become short in this case. The best advantage is that a life cover plan can be made by saving a lot of money (Cabral et al. 2018). Facilities are generally improved than the older one here. Direct communication is there with the health professionals not with any brokers in the middle. .

3.2 Disadvantages of Private health insurance:

These private health insurance are generally costlier and can be a bit high for normal people. Thus health checkups can be a hard scenario for them from private health insurance. Moreover the VAT and other tariffs increase the prices to more than the payable amount. These kinds of issues can be a big disadvantage for the people and the patients living. It may be said that a sense of inequality is being formed in this scenario in the healthcare environment. In the case of medical covers the high rated policies are generally forced to be picked here and are generally of high cost (Meyer et al. 2018). Finally if in case of any discrepancy it is not easy to get back money after the bills are paid. . .

4.0 Comparison of public and private health insurance370

Both private and public health insurance is an important part of the country and required for the health purposes of the people. In the case of keeping family secure and case for future, these insurance are required. Both these insurance are beneficial as well as disadvantageous in certain cases. A top healthcare organization is generally formed by the help of any of the two healthcare insurance available.

Coverage: In the case of government families are not paid an extra cost. Rather in case of private one each and every member of the family gets separated insurance and they need to pay these policies.

Medical allowances: A variety of policies are generally available in private healthcare insurance. A reference is generally required in the case of government insurance and thus alternative for the treatment is not possible for various cases.

Bills: Each and every utilized material are included in the bills in private healthcare. In government one the bills are prepared and money deducted from the policy that is present.

Additional payments: Each and every penny is being calculated in private. Each and every emergency needs are being seen and evaluated easily and perfectly in the case of private (Fourquet et al. 2019). In government cases the less costly expenses are being evaluated here and rest are required to be paid by the expenses involved.

Time required: In the case of claiming the policies, it can be easily evaluated and received in the case of a private one. But in the case of governmental one, a long queue may be there and can make anyone to wait for long to get their turn

Enrolling for admit: These insurance are generally taken at a fixed time. Suppose at a time of the birth of a child or any marriage. While the governmental one has no fixed time to be taken and also has no parameters to be filled.

facilities: In private health insurance a lot of facilities are available that people can enjoy while in governmental insurance a limited insurance is generally present and people cannot enjoy new policies. Thus from these concepts it can be understood that private health insurance is much more beneficial than the government. This private health insurance provides a lot of facilities and lifetime enjoyment options to people in comparison to the public healthcare insurance (Digitalcommons.usm, 2020).

5.0 Healthcare insurance in different countries

Health insurance is different in different countries. But it is highest in some of the countries such as Sweden, Germany, Uk, Australia, and various other countries. Thus Uk and Sweden are chosen here for highlighting the best healthcare insurance options that are present.

5.1 Healthcare insurance in Sweden

Sweden has a public health insurance system. Central governments here generate the policies while the municipal ones provide these services. Taxes are available to run the system and the whole infrastructure of these health insurance in Sweden. People from outside Sweden are required to show the private health insurance card that is provided from home until a Sweden Id number is not provided. Medical bills are generally costly and expensive one in this case in Sweden. Private insurance is not a common one to be used in Sweden. A supplementary health coverage is available for adults to provide them better health insurance in the future (Andersson, 2019). The premium and treatments are generally seen in Sweden to be an expensive one for the people here. A long wait is not to be processed by the people there. Many citizens' medical needs are met with the help of the government here. The health insurance here requires a cost of 4000 Kr per year. A selection of private and public health practitioners can be done over here.

5.2 Healthcare insurance in UK

A publicly-funded organization is named NHS which is a known health organization. In many of the residents this NHS works free of cost. Due to free services various private health sectors are present that are facing downfall in the market. Here in case of the public health insurance system the doctor's approval for the surgery here and dental as well as eye care treatment is also free one. The primary care is free which the secondary one re needs to overlook here properly (Krasnoff, 2018). A fixed price is to be given for the medication and treatment in Uk. various pharmacies and supermarkets are a good option s for the medications in the UK. Generally family. Individuals and business insurance are available in this case of health insurance.

6.0 Healthcare insurance in Saudi Arabia

Government agencies are present to provide a proper healthcare system in Saudi Arabia. Private sectors are equally participating in this case for the healthcare services in this case. A high-quality healthcare system is being provided in Saudi Arabia. A curative measure is provided by the province here and the healthcare society is composed of practitioner level to the high-level doctors. All healthcare sectors in Saudi Arabia are being initiated and looked after by the government agencies and are involved in planning, structuring and others in Saudi Arabia. Three of the sectors such as ministry, aviation and national guards of Saudi Arabia also composed of health insurance. Various other agencies are also available for the responsibility that is to be observed during the delivery and financing part of those healthcare insurance. Primary healthcare insurance is being provided to the students also. The ministry of social affairs and workers are involved in the healthcare for the ill and the orphans in Saudi Arabia.

6.1 Comparison of Saudi Arabia health insurance with the UK and Sweden

Health insurance in Saudi Arabia is fully different as compared to that of Sweden and the UK. The inpatient and outpatient treatments in Saudi are present which is much better than the two countries. Medical insurance is generally present in Saudi Arabia. Travel insurance is provided by the government and is one of the beneficial ones among the two countries. Cost and salaries of healthcare insurance. The tax and tariff implementation were highly in the case of Saudi Arabia. The public sector is highly providing the healthcare system. Urban suburban other facilities are available in the case of Saudi Arabia healthcare system. Primary, secondary and tertiary are free provisions that are present in Saudi Arabia. Unavailability of authorities is available in this case and not in the UK and Sweden (www.internationalstudentinsurance, 2020).


Thus it can be concluded that healthcare insurance is highly required in the different countries. The public and private health insurance are introduced in this paper for the better understanding of the healthcare insurance here. The comparison between private and public insurance is also discussed in this paper. Sweden and the UK are described here for private and public healthcare insurance. Saudi Arabia healthcare insurance is being discussed here in this case of health insurance.

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