Ramsey Health Care Uk

Q1 Please give a brief over view of your management / leadership experience to date

The health and social care institution named Ramsey Health Care UK focuses on establishing strategic partnership with local, national and international stakeholders to expand their services across different social communicates worldwide to deliver excellent, affordable care to all the patients with their excellent team work. The leadership and management system in the organisation aim at developing effective partnership working practice for managing safety and security of the patients. The leaders and the managers try to deliver quality care to all the patients cooperatively by communicating with all the staff members, doctors and the nurses so that it is possible for the health and social care institution Ramsey Health Care to work collaboratively and maximise their vision of serving the people with better heathy care service, proper treatment and quality care. I have experienced internal conflicts between two members where two of the members in the office team are involved into a fight which needs to be resolved for managing the people in the organisation so that the above-mentioned vision of the organisation can be fulfilled well. In this regard, I try to separate both of them and sit together for discussing about the issue for which they have frightened. Through communication and proper discussion, I try to understand their issues and resolve their differences and misunderstanding as I could not let them carry on the internal conflict as it affects the performnace of the Ramsey health care and deteriorate the service that hey provide to the patients. As a leader, I try to communicate with my team members and motivate them continuously to contribute in organisational success. For an example, the Ramsey Health care faces difficulties in maintaining reconciliation on daily basis and I try to spend reconciliation report on a weekly basis with proper engagement with the staff members with proper promotion of the tag line to do it for the hospital directors and this strategy is helpful for me to achieve the reconciliation target at the hospital. In addition to these, once the officer in charge in the business office asked me to marge two business office together for improving performance but it is difficult for the staff members to handle both the offices and mange timing and their responsibilities. There raise internal conflicts and most of the staff prefer to leave the office due to over pressure of work and lack of time management. At that time, I handled the situation by interacting all the staff members personally one by one to understand their issues as well as convince them to work through time management and strategic planning so that we as a team can handle the situation and conduct our responsibilities by sharing our duties with each other. Convincing them and motivating them to work as a team for controlling the situation is beneficial for me where I handle the situation of the business with proper communication building trust among the staff and encouraging them for future success.


Q2. Please explain your reasons for applying to the Programme and undertaking a management qualification

It is important for me to improve my performnace through gaining more knowledge and understanding as well as improving technical skill so that it is possible to manage the workplace and enhance the organisational performnace of the Ramsey health care UK as a whole. The program is also helpful for me where I can share my experience and knowledge with others and gather more feedback from other colleagues and health care professionals who are technical skilled and clinical experts. Moreover, the program provides an opportunity to me to imporve my understanding in the field of health and social acre where I can increase my managerial skill and abilities to maintain the workplace and serve the patients in a better ad unique way. In addition to these, the program is also beneficial for me where I can improve my knowledge in utilising the organisational resources and enhancing my capabilities with proper technical skill. This will be advantageous for me to handle the workplace and manage the people in the Ramsey Health Care UK where I can manage the workforce and plead them onwards achieving success where it is possible to meet the prespecified vision of the organisation as well as enhance their performance. Hereby, through the program, I can contribute more in the company which is effective for enhancing the performance of the organisation where the mangers and the health care professionals can maintain the quality of care and maximise patient’s safety and security by creating values for them. Through this program it is possible for me to gain skill in numerous financial and accounting fields as well as prepare annual budgets, monitor key accounts and credit control and finance and Business Office functions.

Q3. What would you bring to the programme? What would you see as the benefit to Health Care of you becoming part of the programme?

In the program, it is required to include proper statistical tools and calculations so that the team members can improve their knowledge and skill in forecasting budget and portability for Ramsey Health care UK and apart from that, the program needs proper functioning about the data analysis and forecast on budget so that it is easy for the team members to work properly with their efficiency. Accounting, budget control, strategic planning development, financial analysis and forecast on future profitability and debt management are necessary as a finance manager where y responsibility is to lead the team members towards achieving success by improving their performance on the finance management field of the organisation Ramsey Health Care. Becoming a part of the program is beneficial for me to improve my skill and abilities in the financial data analysis field through which I would eb able to perform better and forecast the future financial assets and profitability of the organisation Ramsey Health Care. 9 years if health care experience in finance and account management team as well as 3 years of leadership experience in the company are useful for me to contribute more in archiving the organisational success. In this regard, attending the program would be beneficial for me to improve my skill in near future for enhancing my performnace int he company which influence me to contribute more in achieving the organisational mission.

Q4. How might the company aim to be different in five years’ time?

The company aims to serve the population across the country differently to achieve high rate of success and secure future sustainable growth through serving the people with quality acre and effective treatment. The company needs to be different in providing quality health and social care service and appropriate treatment to the service users so that it is possible for the organisation Ramsey Health care UK to serve the solci8la communities in a better and unique way for maximisation of the wellbeing of the individual living in the society. It has been estimated that, the number of populations waiting for proper health and social care service is increasing rapidly where the public health care service providers fail to achieve their target and meet the requirements of the population due to huge number of populations waiting for getting better service and quality care. It is the aim of the company to provide quality care and efficient health care service to the social communities so that the people waiting for the service can access proper treatment and quality care for improving their wellbeing and standard of living and overcoming their health issues. It has also been seen that, the NHS funding is also increasing year to year which influences the Ramsey Health care UK to improve their efficiency for providing better care and treatment to the people according to their health needs and personal preferences. In this regard, the organisation Ramsey Health Care UK also focuses at achieving more funding and improving their infrastructure so that they can provide efficient treatment and quality care to a huge number of people across the country. Through financial management, data analysis and debt management services, the company also aims at improving their performnace and achieve success with high profitability.

Q5. What role would you aspire to in your future vision of company, and why?

I would aspire the position of hospital director and system manager where I can develop an effective team under my supervision and lead them towards achieving organisational vision of ™he Ramsey health Care UK. As a hospital director, I can reallocate the organisational resources and implement updated technology in the hospital so that it is posisbel to serve the people in a better and unique way where they can access the best posisbel treatment and quality care from the service providers in the Ramsey Health Care. On the other hand, I would aspire to become financial controller as I already have experience finance management in the company and it would be helpful for me to become financial controller and conduct my duties and responsibilities in the Ramsey Health care by managing budget, accounting details, preparing annual budget, financial data analysis for future forecast, monitoring ley accounts of the organisation and manage credit control devise so that I can handle all the finance related activities in the Ramsey health care and control the financial system of the organisation for achieving future success.

Q6. The Programme will make many demands on your time. Explain how you propose to manage your workload?

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The program is difficult to perform, and it needs proper time which makes it successful. Hereby, I need to manage time in my daily schedule to attend the program so that I would gain more knowledge and understanding on the finance field. Managing workload is a skill through which I try to work as per the importance of the activities and maintain proper time to complete all the tasks on the daily basis. In order to manage time, I try to do list the tasks on a particular date and include proper timing to conduct my duties and responsibilities. Secondly, I try to project my activities and focus on work so that I can complete each of the tasks within proper time. Promise the task on the basis of urgency of the task is necessary, where I try to do list on the basis of priorities of the job which also provides me a scope to manage my time and attend the program so that I could perform better in near future for contributing in the organisational success.

Q7. The Programme may require the need to work at different locations. Please state any factors that Ramsay needs to be aware of to support your mobility.

The main motivational factor on supporting my mobility are flexible working environment and reward which influences me to accept mobility as the program requires proper timing and different location to work so that the vision of the company in providing better health and social care service can be achieved properly. In this regard, the organisation Ramsey Health care needs to provide me better and suitable environment to work with proper safety and security where I can feel safe and secured to work with others. Flexible working time and own responsibilities can influence me to work with others and enhance my contribution in the organisation. Moreover, financial rewards are also helpful for me through which Ramsey health care can support my mobility where my basic requirements can be fulfilled and apart from that the organisation also can create values for me during mobility to work at different locations. Hereby, Ramsey can influence me through providing rewards and benefits, flexible working environment and training which would be helpful for my professional career growth in the company.

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