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Health promotion is an important process of enabling the people in the society to increase awareness among the people as well as improve the health condition of the individuals in the society (Eldredge et al., 2016). Through the health promotional technique, it is easy for the policy makers to raise concern among the people who can get appropriate information about improving their health. This study aims at discussing the importance of health promotion and how it addresses the social determinants of health. Through this paper, it is also possible to understand the impacts of health promotion on the families where the individuals can improve their health condition successfully. Hereby, it is easy to understand how health promotions address the social determinants of health where there are also significant impacts of health promotions on the families living in the society (Berkman, Kawachi and Glymour, 2014)


Addressing social determinants of health through health promotions

Health promotion provides an opportunity to the individuals to improve people’s health and increase quality of life of the people by addressing and preventing the cause of ill health, not just focusing treatment and cure (Salazar, Crosby, and DiClemente, 2015). The health promotional campaign is beneficial to improve awareness among the individuals in the society where the people can understand the root cause of ill health and they can manage their health by acknowledging the primary treatment of ill health. The health promotional activities are also advantageous for the society where the people can access the available information regarding treatment and care available in the society. Through health promotion, the health trainers provide proper guidelines and suitable information about the human body to the individuals through which the people can understand the ways to improve the quality of life. Moreover, health promotion provides information related to physical activities in daily lives through which the individuals can stay feet and fine and avoid ill health. Physical activities are important parts of life where all the people should concentrate on doing physical exercise for keeping their body feet (Berkman, Kawachi and Glymour, 2014). For example, through health promotions, the health trainers provide proper information about daily physical activities which helps the patients who are suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. These types of patients need proper diagnosis as well as proper food and daily exercise through which they can overcome their health issues. In addition to these, the person who is suffering from obesity, they must involve in the physical activities where they can reduce their body weight and live a normal life like others by improving their quality of living.

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On the other hand, health promotion is also effective for improving literacy rate of the country by increasing the numbers of healthy school where people can learn. Education is also another important social determinant of health and health promotion is effective in this context to encourage the people living in the society to be educated by enrolling themselves in the schools. Health promotion is also related to government intervention where through healthpromotion, the government take the initiative for free education and increasing interest of the community regarding education. In addition to these, the government also grants money for developing the educational infrastructure where through education, people can learn more about their lives and gather more knowledge how to stay safe and secure so that the problem of ill health can be avoided (Edelman, Mandle, and Kudzma, 2017). Education in this regard plays a crucial role in the social determinants of health where people make their own choices to live safe. Healthy schools, hygienic place and effective education provide standard living style to the people and in this regard, people can learn more for improving their welfare (Flood et al., 2015). For example, if people can get effective education in the society, they can understand how to live safe and secure and they can lead their lives normally like others. Hereby, high
literacy rate is good for social development and through health promotion it is posisbel to improve education and teach the people how to stay safe and secured in the society. Education is beneficial for improving family support where the family members can be educated and empowered which in turn helps to earn more in near future which further provides a scope to improve standard of living of the individuals. Social community development is also possible through health promotion where the social development health campaigns are effective for the overall social communities (Edelman, Mandle, and Kudzma, 2017). For example, the health and social service providers try to arrange free eye check up or provide free medicines to the individuals through which, they can overcome their current health issues and get effective medicine and support to stay healthy and live longer (Baum, 2016). Additionally, there are some organisations who arrange blood donation camp for helping others who need blood to survive and this is also another effective ways to promote health in the society and improve cooperation among the individuals for helping each other by donating blood. These are the few examples through which health promotion can be possible and where promoting health is suitable for addressing the social determinants of health by ensuring social community development.

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Moreover, the health promotion is also effective for raising awareness among the individuals living in the society such as the campaign of stop smoking as well as advertisement like smoking cause cancer are beneficial for the society as a whole where the people in the society can get the information about the negative consequences of smoking and drinking. This is also another effective example where the health campaigns can promote health and influence the individuals not to smoke or drink so that they can stay better and live longer (World Health Organization, 2014). Apart from that, there are many health campaigns and health and social care activities held in the society where the doctors, nurses or health care professionals provide advice to the individuals for eating healthy so that they can stay safe and secured. Health eating in the recent years is important where all the people need to eat healthy food so that they digestive system or other organs of human body can be protected. In this regard, the health promotion campaigns are effective where the individuals can get appropriate information regarding the eating habit and timings of eating the fresh food which is good for health. In the recent years, health campaigns are successful in raising awareness among the individuals to eat healthy food so that they can be under healthy diet (Braveman and Gottlieb, 2014). This is also another social determinant of health where the eating habit is a crucial factor of avoiding the issue of ill health and in this context the health promotion is successful in addressing the social determinants of health. This further helps to address the issue of inequality in distributing food where there are some people who cannot access food and in this situation, the health and social care organisations and charity homes take the initiatives to distribute food to the individuals who cannot afford to fulfill their basic needs. Hereby, the health promotional activities are beneficial for addressing the social determinants of health as well as it provides an opportunity to support the family members to access food and get the habit of eating healthy and fresh foods for their health (Edelman, Mandle, and Kudzma, 2017).

Health promotion is therefore effective for addressing the social determinants of health as well as it is beneficial for the families living in the society as it provides a scope to address the issues and promote health among the individuals. In this context, education is one of the important social determinants and the health promotional program such as literacy development, language improvement; early childhood education, higher education and vocational training are beneficial for the individuals in the society where the educated people can manage their health by healthy eating habit and accessing possible medication and treatment. Hereby, the health promoting trainers as well as the policy maker make it available for the social communities to access education in the society so that the family members can get better life and improve their living standard further. Through educational program, the children as well as adults become conscious about their health and try to eat healthy as well as involve into physical activities that would help the individuals to stay healthy and safe (Stoddart, and Evans, 2017). As stated above, food is also another social determinant of health and through health promotion. It can be easier to address food which is the basic needs of the individuals living in the society. Hunger management program as well as accessing healthy foods is some of the initiatives taken by the health care professionals through which, it is possible to address the social determinants of health and raise awareness among the individuals about healthy eating habits through which they can stay safe and secured and live longer.

Community and social context is another essential determinant of health where the health promotional activities such as social integration program, community engagement program, non discriminatory actions and reducing stress are some of the examples through which it is possible to resolve the issues of stress among the individuals, discrimination and social exclusion. Health promotional program is effective to maintain the record in the society of such incidents of discrimination and social exclusion in the social communities. For example, there are social integration and community engagement program where the individuals can get information and knowledge about cooperating with each other to stay as a family and this initiative is also beneficial for the family to stay together and live better lives. Additionally, the incident of HIV, Aids and other chronic diseases are considered as dangerous and the individuals having these chronic diseases are excluded from the society which is a major issue in the social determinants of health. This further raises the issue of discrimination and stress among the individuals in the society which needs to be addressed and mitigated in the society. In this context, the educational programs related to HIV and AIDS are effective in the society through which it is possible to raise awareness regarding these diseases and support the people who are suffering from these issues (Berkman, Kawachi and Glymour, 2014). It is important for the social communities to support and care the individuals who are suffering from HIV or AIDS, rather than excluding them from the society. Through health promotional campaigns, it is easy t raise concern among the individuals as well as mitigates the issue of social exclusion by treating them fairly and maintaining transparency. Hereby, it can be stated that, health promotional activities are beneficial as it helps to address the social determinates of health and improve the quality of living standard of the individuals by raising awareness about health among the individuals living in the society.

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It can be concluded that, health promotional activities are advantageous for addressing the social determinants of health and it is also effective for supporting the family members by improving their education, living standard, employment status and gathering knowledge for staying safe and secured through healthy eating habit. The above argument and examples are useful in this study where the initiatives by the health care professionals are beneficial for the family where the family members can improve the quality of life and live a normal life. The health promotional activities provide an opportunity to raise awareness among the social communities and contribute in social development as a whole. Hereby, there are social determinants of health such as food, employment, health care system, education and social and community context which can be addressed by the health promotion where the health care professionals help the individuals to gather knowledge about accessing the right medication and treatment, improving education, getting healthy food habit and stay safe and secured.

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