Strategic Challenges in Health Care Management

The issue the article brings to light is self- regulation and market competition. It is clear that as development in health management occurs, the influence of governments in the health care sector diminishes in favor of self- regulation and self- coordination (Dubois et al., 2006). As a result, managers in health care face strategic challenges and questions that can only be answered through the introduction of strategic methods and tools.


The article has focused on the use of the SWOT- analysis as a suitable strategic planning method, the reason behind focusing on this method being its popular and effective nature. The article has also looked at a number of publications on its possible use in the public sector (Swayne et al., 2006).

The SWOT-analysis being a method that confronts the strengths and weaknesses with the threats and opportunities and enables the formulation of strategic options based on the results, it presents a viable and workable strategic method (Mandour et al., 2005). The content on the applicability and use of the SWOT- analysis is based on four studies. In spite of the differences in the areas of operation of the health care settings, the similarity of the findings is striking. As a result, the article depicts three patterns; a managed SWOT, stakeholder involvement and no regulated SWOT. In addition to the quality of the article, the content also constitutes an analysis of the criticisms on the SWOT- analysis

On the strengths, the article has extensively looked at the SWOT analysis in relation to its suitability in the health care sector. The article has first looked at the identification of the SWOT analysis premises, taking into account the methods that can be used in its performance. However, despite the popularity of the method adopted in the article; the SWOT analysis; the writers were not able to narrow down the actual use of the method in a scientific publication.

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