Study of HIV in UK

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  • Published On: 18-11-2023

Comparison and Contrast between UK and South Africa’s in addressing Issues of HIV in respect of Race and Gender and Sexual Orientation

Study of HIV in UK

Living with HIV in UK has been considered as either late diagnosed or having extreme level of infections that is found to be more evident among people. Jaspal and Nerlich (2017), opined that the implementation of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis was an inventory method that is new for controlling the growing number of HIV. There have been approximately, 93% of people are affected in HIV positive cases in UK from where 96142 were under care ( 2020).

  • In terms Race:


    From this statistics, it highlights that the Black Africans are mostly heterosexuals those are diagnosed by the year 2018 and from them male are 39% and women 61% ( 2020).

  • Gender ratio of HIV

    Emlet et al. (2019) ,argued and commented on the serious concerns that how a disease is being treated and accepted from behalf of a country’s population and Health care association and the major contribution in recovering it from last stage.


    From this chart, as it seems that females are lower rate of positive cases than men having 69% compared to 31%. This indicates that men are more being affected for not having safer precautions in terms of health hygiene and care.

  • In case of Sexual orientation (MSM)


    From this overview, it had reflected that the percentage of men have grown approximate 43% positive diagnosed case among MSM in UK by the year 2018 ( 2020). In this concern, it can be associated with the Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis that can be applicable for such categories for recovery.

  • Study of the growing issues of HIV in South Africa

  • In terms of Gender and Sex

    South Africa had this disease and treated under antiretroviral treatment (ART) programme. In fact, it has been a greater contrast than the progress in UK ( 2020).


    Considering this ratio in South Africa here, it shows that 75% of total populations are living well with HIV positive. It means the count is closely 20.7 million people of the country. Among them men are at 20% having with heterosexual partners. At the same time, other men/ transgender the rate of HIV among them are at 28.4% ( 2020).

    On the other hand, among the total number of affected, the affected positive HIV women are 55% that is more than men here that is quite dissimilar with UK (Mahlangu et al. 2018). Besides, among young women the ratio goes up to 1.6 million in comparison with men only 660,000 (Young)

  • In terms of Race in South Africa:


    From this statistics, it is visible that the races of Black African-Americans are in highest percentage having affected by HIV positive. It is nearly 9,499 as the new case in hand, where, MSM is maximum, and then White Men to Men as well as it also includes, Blacks Afro-Americans (men) with heterosexual women workers as well ( 2020). Based on this data, it is also observed that in South Africa, the percentages in Blacks are 13.6% and in Whites, it is 0.3% that is quite applicable at this moment. Among them, there are 64% men have knowledge of HIV and 32% of women in the same thing.

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