The Downfall of Gang Leader

Gang members turned against their leader, Wild, until all his operations were known. His final trial was held on 15th May at Old Bailey and was indicted for robbing Catherine Statham of 46 m lace. He was exonerated of the first charge but was convicted for the second one following evidence from the plaintiff. Thus, he was sentenced to death. He asked for leniency but was denied. He unsuccessfully attempted suicide and his eventual hanging drew great crowds. Tickets were actually sold to those who fancied best view (Cox & Pearson, 2006).


The Jury was read the mood of the people. It is reported that the public mood had changed and their disdain towards authority grew daily. Trial of the Thieftaker General’ happened around the same period as that of the 1st Earl of Macclesfield (Lord Thomas Parker) who was tried for taking bribe. This changed in the favor he and other authorities had before prompting many of his followers to come forward with overwhelming evidence that surpassed defined threshold. Not even the police he bribed could save him from this unfolding. The Jury was swayed into finding him guilty and the Judge had a duty to the people to uphold this decision (Howard, 2015).

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Wild’s story is that of a humble beginning. He born in Wolvehampton to poor parents. His first visit to London ended by his dismissal by his master. His second visit is the helped him to discover and advance his persona when he was imprisoned and learnt the art of crime. His growth in crime was hastened by a prostitute Mary Milliner. The final step was inception into her gang. Up to this point, it can be argued that Wild’s introduction to crime was his in part out of his control. This is because his arrest in 1710 was due to his debt. It is possible that he could have not gotten into crime had not been introduced to the corruption in Wood Street Counter Prison in London. After an Act of parliament guaranteed his release from prison, Wild and Mary showed a brazen disregard for contracts and commitment when they chose to stay together as man and wife despite both being legally married to their partners (Klingestein et al., 2014).

The experience they had on criminal underworld made Wild start bribing for release of convicted thieves from prison. No one could stop Wilder after he gained traction in his quest, not even Milliner. He actually abandoned her and chopped off her ear to brand her as a prostitute. He later served as a deputy to his future thief-taking rival Charles Hitchen , a position he continued using to amass wealth even after parting ways with the City’s Under Marshall. Wild is painted as a conniving thief who collaborated with gangs to rob properties and help in the ‘recovery’ to get reward. He did not hesitate to help with hunting of partners who had disputed his acquiring of larger portions of proceed of crime. In fact, Charles Hitchen he had served as a deputy referred to him as the mathematician. This is the making of a

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