The Significance of Practical Research in Mental Health Nursing


It is essential to do practical research in the healthcare industry for providing high-quality services to all patients. Mental health is associated with the physical part of the body, and it both have a huge impact on each other. Mental health-related studies help to enhance the productivity, creativity and learning behaviour of people. Social relationships can be developed by conducting proper research on mental health nursing. Detailed information about mental health conditions and its impact on the physical part of the body is included here. Several runners will be taken here to elaborate on the details found by the other researcher.



evidence-based research of mental health helps to analyse the psychological and emotional condition of a patient. In addition to this, it also helps to analyse the process of thinking and feeling. In addition to this, it is useful to identify how people can act in any situation and how they handle stress. It is essential to analyse the stages of life and the impact of emotions on all the activities of human beings (Barker, 2017). The energy level mental ability concentration optimism and dependability of awesome can be identified by conducting mental health studies. If a person is mentally healthy, then the person can do any kind of critical activities without getting stressed or depressed. Nowadays, the percentage of mentally ill people is increasing because of work stress, family issues, relationship problems and many others. People are shy to share their problems with each other because they think that it is unusual to have mental issues (Foster et al. 2019). If a person feels good and has the capability to learn from others, then it can be stated that the person is mentally stable. In addition to this, people can express themselves and manage different kinds of emotions if the person is mentally stable. Sometimes past experience can affect the mental health condition of a person, and it can impact on the physical conditions as well (Cowan et al. 2018). If a person experiencing pain or any kind of trauma in the past, then it can become the reason for depression and anxiety to the person.

Moreover, health care nurses need to understand the mental state of a person for providing quality care and delivering high-quality services to them (Slemon et al. 2017). Is essential to choose the correct clinical decisions in healthcare industries, which will help to influence the services to the patients. Moreover, evidence-based research helps to analyse the critical condition of health, and it's sincerity (Holmberg et al. 2018). The intensity of any disease can be identified by reviewing past research data. Hence, treatment and medication improved by doing evidence-based research, and it helps to provide quality services and improve the treatment plans. In addition to this, proper awareness can be created to all the non-clinical and clinical staff of the health care unit for enhancing the services of the healthcare industry (Edward et al. 2017). Show the professional versus need to develop their knowledge related to oo medications and treatment plants for solving different kinds of complex and critical illness.

Annotated bibliography


“Wortans, J., Happell, B. and Johnstone, H., 2016. The role of the nurse practitioner in psychiatric/mental health nursing: Exploring consumer satisfaction. Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, 13(1), pp.78-84.”

This article helps to analyse the responsibilities of any nursing practitioner for curing mental or psychiatric health of the patients. In this journal, the author describes the duties of health care practitioners for caring for any kind of mental issues. The researcher had done several is used for collecting valuable information regarding the concerned topic. Researchers have done qualitative research where they collected interviews of 7 customers, and the research was done by following exploratory study. In this research, there were two major themes: the role of nurses and the provided services (Wortans et al. 2016). The study is done in Australia, and the psychiatric nursing-related factors were critically analysed by the authors. The study concluded that there are some limitations regarding the provided service in the healthcare industry. However, the customers are not satisfied with the provided service, and they need more modification to the delivered services. The main issue found here was the lack of communication between the patients and the health care practitioners. So, the customers think that it is essential to communicate with all the patients and their family members in a proper way of understanding their issues. It helps to avoid developing quality services for them, and proper medications can be followed by communicating with them properly. Though there are several limitations of the study, it includes valuable information related to customer satisfaction in the healthcare industry. The researcher properly analyses the policies of the Nursing industries "department of human services" to help provide enough details to the studies. It can be stated that valuable information is provided in this journal which helps to deliver sufficient information about mental health nursing.


“Barker, P., 2017. Psychiatric and mental health nursing: The craft of caring. CRC Press.”

English standard the author clearly delivered the issues of nursing in mental health. Clinical training related to psychiatric health needs to be developed by the hierarchies of the healthcare industry. It will help to improve the professional skills of all nurses, and sufficient information will be gained by them for enhancing their quality of services. The main aim of the study was to analyse the innovation in paediatric training sites for different kinds of psychiatric medications. However, the study was done on many PMHNP students are the details recorded for evaluating the data (Barker, 2017). Collaboration is essential to understanding the responsibilities of nurses for curing different kinds of mental illness. People are suffering from excitement because of their academic pressure, work pressure and many other issues. The students are lacking their concentration towards their study, which is affecting their professional life. The author concluded that a connection is essential to share thoughts between the parents and the child for achieving academic skills. In addition to this, proper support from the parents and teachers are essential to reduce worries, stress and anxiety. English study the researcher has applied different styles of rupees theories to analyse the issues which can affect the studies related to "mental health nursing". In addition to this, the interprofessional education system has been elaborated by the author, which helps to understand the impact of healthcare professionals to develop the skills of the nurses. The process of recruitment in any healthcare industry has been elaborated in this study which is essential to understand how difficult it is to get a placement in the healthcare industry as a nurse.


According to the description of this journal, the others stated that there are many factors which can affect "mental health nursing". The authors examined the impact of occupational licensing in the nursing profession. Mental health issues can create different kinds of challenges which can force the patient to commit suicide at any time. People feel down and depressed because of their worries. Excessive thinking and fear can cause different kinds of critical challenges in their regular life (, (2020). The eating habits have changed. Sometimes the patients suffer from excessive anger, and they withdraw from activities and their families. It is not easy to understand the critical issues of a mental health patient, and sometimes support is not given to them. This critical condition is essential to get clinical treatment where nurses can understand the pain of the mental health patient and can provide proper and required services to them. In this journal, the author also described the duties of nurse practitioners and the importance of medications for curing mental health issues. It is essential to follow proper medications on time Tu to solve mental health issues. Many statistical data were collected by the author, which helps to analyse the suicide rate and mental health associated deaths in a specific country. Moreover, the author concluded that people belonging to most of the people from age 18 to 34 suffer from different kinds of mental disorders. Descriptions about health resources are also provided in this journal which helps to analyse the financial and statistical record of the nursing field. Psychotherapy, along with psychotropic treatment, is essential to cure different kinds of mental issues. People need to follow a healthy lifestyle and communicate with others to share their thoughts. It helps to get relief from unnecessary thoughts and worries.

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According to the evaluation mentioned in the above section, which can be concluded that if a person is feeling down or always worries about everything, then the person needs clinical support. Extreme changes in mood is another sign of mental health issues. It can affect the normal lifestyle of a person, and the physical condition of the body can also be affected. Moreover, for prevention, the patient needs to take care of health, and the family members need to support the person. Healthy eating and sufficient sleep, along with regular physical exercise, are important to maintain good health. Routine check-up needs to be done for curing mental illness.

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