The Tragic Story of Rachel


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It has been more than a year since my first patient I was assigned to during the time of Covid-19, collapsed in front of us on a winter night. My colleague, Mare and I, worked as a nurse in the hospital five blocks away my apartment downtown and we both were assigned to one young lady of 28 years in the Covid ward, named Rachel. She came into the hospital with minor symptoms of Covid in the early week of March and being newly employed nurses, we were assigned to Rachel.


Rachel had very minimal fever and little cold and no signs of critical symptoms when she was first admitted to the hospital. Later, I got to know as she had a special kind of heart condition, she was rushed to the hospital as soon as she was found positive with Covid-19 virus. However, Mare and I worked extra shifts to keep up the critical patients and almost forgot about Rachel for the first two days.

One night, when Mare and I were completely exhausted with our shifts, we decided to take a peek at Rachel and her stats before the nurses from next shift take over. It was 2 o’clock in the night and we found Rachel wide awake. We tried to keep up some friendly banter but soon she started talking about her family and how she missed her family. It soon became a very private conversation and we all three started talking about situations before the Covid-19 and how we wish it to go back to normal. Just in the span of an hour, Rachel became a friend of us.

I was on leave for the next 4 days. When I got back to my night shift on the fifth day, I thought to saying ‘hello’ to Rachel first and start my shift afterwards. But to my utter shock, I found her in a critical condition. She waved a weak ‘hello’ towards me and what I deciphered from her weak mumbling that she started developing severe Covid-19 symptoms over these past few days. The mumbling even seemed so heavy for her and she fainted even before completing her sentence. I rushed to the Resident-in-charge immediately and she was admitted to ICU that night.

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Over the next few days, we only heard reports from other nurses that Rachel’s conditions had worsened and she had contracted pneumonia. Even between our shifts, Mare and I were constantly thinking about her and how cheerful of a girl she was. After taking care of the Covid patients assigned to us, we paid a visit to Rachel’s room every day. But to our dismay, Rachel never got back to senses since the first day she collapsed in my arms. Her conditions only got worse over time until on one night shift we heard the demise of the 28 years old young girl. We immediately knew it was Rachel and found her parents crying in the reception area of the hospital. A very young and bubbly soul in the hands of death seemed too cruel to be the truth.

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