Transcript for the Power Point presentation


The patient that we cared for was suffering from muscular dystrophy

This lead to deterioration of his health

He thus needed coordinated care that addressed his physical, emotional, social, and mental needs

Patients with complex healthcare needs are always in need of medical as well as social services. Also, patients with complex do need to be support by a variety of healthcare practitioners and caregivers. These together with a healthcare setting that are patient-centred, a promising model is provided and it offers comprehensiveness, coordinated care, in a holistic approach.

Aim and purpose of the presentation

The purpose of my presentation was to discuss an experience from my practice that involved leadership and coordination of holistic care for a patient that was suffering from a complex health condition.


Holistic care needs

The patient had spiritual, social, as well as emotional needs that were all addressed through the holistic care that we provided. In providing the holistic care, we asked how the patient felt. We smiled and laughed with the patient and treated him respect and dignity. We also taught the patient how to take responsibility of his or her own care. Holistic care that was provided to the patient and ensured patient satisfaction with healthcare besides helping them in accepting as well as assuming responsibility. The holistic care also addressed the physical, emotional, social as well as the spiritual needs of the patient. this restored their balances besides enabling them to deal with their condition and improving their the patient’s health condition.

factors that influenced care needs

The patient care was also affected by;

Social factors

Political factors

Economic factors

These either limited or enabled the access to care. These included financial limitations and health policies that were put in place by the government. The current political and economic situations and the changes that they are associated with in the course of healthcare practice that affected the delivery of healthcare to the patient. economic factors affected the access to the healthcare services due to financial constraints. Political factors included healthcare policies that affected access to healthcare. Socio-cultural factors also affected the access to healthcare services by the patient with complex care needs.

Leadership styles

During the provision of care, two leadership styles were used and they included

Transactional leadership

Charismatic leadership

These had distinct strengths and weaknesses that are summarised in my PowerPoint presentation. Transactional leadership was used in the case study and it highlighted the significance of organization, supervision, and group performance that were evident in the case study during my practice. Through the kind of leadership, the relationship between the healthcare executives and the staff was transactional. Staff members thus obeyed the leadership. The leadership style majorly focused on respect for rules, standards as well as respect of the laid out procedures. Roles were clearly and there was close supervision. The major weakness that was observed was issues with cybersecurity as it relied mostly on digital technology.

The other leadership style was charismatic leadership that was dependent on the ability of the practitioners to communicate in a manner that was moving and emotional. The strengths of this kind of leadership are emotional expressiveness, emotional security, control, social expressiveness within the setting, social sensitivity as well as social control. These traits united the healthcare practitioners for a common goal of improving quality of care. The man weakness that was experienced was managing the stress of the workers.

Potential causes of concern

Also, there were causes of concern that were experienced in the course of the care coordination. These included

Primary care payment

Assuring clinical competence

Managing the domination of the urgent

Primary care management was an issue of concern as it provided a barrier to effective primary care for the patient. There were highly particular diagnostic and management issues by the patient since there was limited reimbursement and difficulty to assure clinical competence. Another potential challenge was the acute medical problems that were experienced by the primary healthcare practitioners. These included the risks of acute care, as well as the incremental progression to organ failure.

Collaboration and teamwork

There was a teamwork between different healthcare practitioners that included physicians, nurses, technicians amongst others and this enabled coordination of care team collaboration was essential as the patient safety was enhanced and quality of the patient’s health was improved. The provision of holistic care involved collaboration with other healthcare practitioners that was important in;

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The coordination of care

Interprofessional communication

This presentation summarises the importance of collaboration in care coordination for the provision of care for patient with complex needs as well as the issues that affect the same.


Care coordination is an important aspect in care delivery for patients with complex needs. It is also important to address the holistic needs of such patients besides having a good understanding of the same. An understanding of the impacts of social, economic and political factors in healthcare is also important. Besides, team collaboration enhances coordination of care.

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