Unveiling the Veil: Understanding the Causes, Risk Factors, and Epidemiology of Stroke in the UK

Stroke is referred to the medical condition in which proper blood flow to the cells in the brain is interrupted or lowered due to rupture of an artery or blockage of blood flow preventing the brain cells to get enough nutrients and oxygen required leading to cell death (Saposnik et al. 2016). The stroke leads the individuals to face sudden numbness or Whatsapp weakness mainly in one side of the body, develop sudden confusion, hindered speech ability, blurred vision and other manifestation which are related to the interruption of blood flow to specific areas in the brain (Pirson et al. 2019). The causes of stroke include uncontrolled high blood pressure, bulging of blood vessels, protein deposits in the blood vessels, trauma and others. The risk factors related to stroke are smoking, obstructive sleep apnoea, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, age-related issues, high cholesterol and others (D’Souza, Butcher &Buck, 2018). There are mainly two types of stroke that are ischemic stroke in which an artery is blocked and haemorrhagic stroke in which a blood vessel is busted out due to which reduced blood flow is received in the brain (Pirson et al. 2019). The epidemiology of Stroke in the UK mentions that it is the fourth common reason for leading death in the nation. In 2017, it is reported that there are more than 100,000 cases of stroke in the UK each year indicating occurrence of one stroke every five minutes (stroke.org.uk, 2017). The British Heart Foundation (BHF) mentions that 38% of people who are within 40-69 years are found to be suffering from stroke. The average age of women to suffer stroke is currently 73 years and for men, it is 68 years (bhf.org.uk, 2018). The online search strategy is to be used in collecting data regarding the study for which various electronic databases such as PubMed, CINHAL, Google Scholar and others are to be searched to gather credible articles and journals related to the topic. The search terms to be used include "stroke", "ischemic stroke", "aetiology of stroke", " Epidemiology of stroke" and others.

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