Wellness Action Plan


Wellness action plans entail management and control of one’s lifestyle or actions in a bid to maintain the physical, psychological and mental wellbeing of an individual. Pratt (2013) highlights the growing commitment involved in realizing one’s wellness action plan. This plan refers to a significant tool for wellness planning and self- management by individuals experiencing different physical challenges, as well as mental health problems.


This plan is backed up with the concept of self- help, mutual support and self- management, together with the interest in recovery. Although the approaches towards self- help and management vary in many ways, they constantly explore key elements of recovery, all of which as specific in their own ways. Some of these key concepts include clinical concepts of recovery in self- support and advocacy, hope, education, self- directed interventions and personal responsibility. This plan entails such wellness plan concepts.

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Wellness Action Plan

Wellness Action Pla Wellness Action Pla Wellness Action Pla

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