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Costing of Training Programme

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  • Published On: 09-12-2023

Page 6: Costing of Training Programme

As mentioned before, the learning event will run for one-and-half consecutive days. The training programme will involve number of activities as outlined in the table. According to Tracey et al. (2015), in costing of employee training programme, the key elements to be considered include the purpose and duration in which both informs the requirements, activities, and supporting facilities and amenities. For this learning event, the activities are scheduled to be in-person and e-learning. The following table breaks down the cost per activity and supporting amenities required for the training.

Whatsapp Cost of Training Programme

Page 7: Evaluation of training programme

As pointed by Elnaga and Imran (2013), for a training program to be effective in itself, appropriateness of the activities to the purpose is core. In developing an evaluation framework, the following is taken into account. First, the reaction of the trainees (employees being trained) to the activities, learning process, and entire process by giving their opinions and experiences. From Kirkpatrick model, training evaluation is done based on number of factors (AlYahya, and Norsiah, 2013). First, by measuring engagement levels through capturing the interaction with trainers, lecturers, and fellow trainees gives a purview of understanding and gaining intended skills and knowledge. Second, assessing knowledge gained from learnt skills and experience. Thirdly, observing the participants’ behavioural change such as application of the learned skills and gained experience. Lastly, recorded impact such as change in customers’ satisfaction levels, improved service quality and efficiency, productivity levels, and sales will be used to evaluate the programme. As such, in evaluating the impact of the program, measured by its effectiveness in attaining the outlined objectives, the following framework will be used.

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