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Domestic and International HRM

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  • Published On: 06-11-2023


The report has been prepared by relying on the strategic implementation for human resource management in Quantro Systematics, an engineering business company of South West of England. The company has been suffering several problems for the inadequacy of elements in the human resource sector. In other words, the less configured sector of the company is the human resource that forms the integral part. For this reason, the company got to be involved in the troubles of producing the best quality products. The employees have not been appointed based on the knowledge or skill they have, rather by the advertisements. On the other side, the organization also neglected to perform the duties to form a strict directive head that would provide the support. In this regard, the essay pays attention to provide recommendation to the new HR strategy for the company and further with new performance management system along with measurement of success.

Recommendation of a new HR strategy for the company

Quantro Systematics has to face several issues regarding human resource management. Being the HR manager, some strategic evaluations are recommended for further processes. The size of the function team is very small in the company. According to Powell et al.(2017), the strategic implementation is thus very essential to figure out the highest possibilities and enhance the tactics that can strengthen the base. The organization requires the development of the cultural parts and improvement of the talents and abilities of the staff members (Warrick.2017). The internal framework of the company is not strong enough to hold the confidential parts that can assist to stimulate the standard quality of the policies. Whatsapp In such circumstances, the recommended strategies for the company can be the Best Fit strategy, Best Practice strategy, and the Resource-Based View strategy. Kamasak.(2017), opined that the mixed strategic implementation includes the basic phenomenon of the abilities, skills, performance, alignment, resourcing, cultural benefits, etc. In other words, Quantro Systematics requires the combined force to compel the enrichment. The stability in the operational matters is indeed significant for such development.  Best Fit Strategy Model

Coxon et al.(2017) stated that the Best Fit strategy or approach can be described through the emphasis on the congruent subjects that can be achieved by the integrated properties between the business activities and the human resource policies. The approach can be aligned with the contingency theory. The policy encourages the formation of competitiveness and stable configuration which is the basic requirement of Quantro Systematics. The utilization of this tactic can influence a wide range. This would help to emerge the preference for the innovative qualities among the staff. The unnecessary gathering of the individuals can be removed and implored for better success. The best practice strategy The Best Practice strategic application is another informative and developing tool to manage the human resource of the company (Noe et al.2017). In simple form, this strategy focuses on the ideology of the most eligible practice for improvement in any company

universally. However, this can be regarded as an assumption only without implementation in the real world. On the other side, it implies the application of some elements that can stimulate the process. The selective procedure for appointing the new employees is the most effective and required policy for Quantro Systematics. Apart from that, another element of the strategy is to train the staff. This is also needed by the said company. It has the main drawbacks at these points only. The company scruples the execution of training programs for the employees which would help to sharpen the skills and talents they have. Resource Based View Model

Other than that Jensen, Cobbs & Turner (2016), stated that the Resource-Based View is highly recommended for the company as this can help in the identification of the resource-based problems. The resource of any company can be of two types, that is, tangible and intangible. In the case of Quantro Systematics, the resource includes various attributes of the organization along with the knowledge-based informative documentation and skills of the individuals. It helps to diversify the components and help in the progress. Looking into certain beneficial areas, it can be recommended for the company to adopt this application based on resource view model on the particular area of acquiring resources that may develop value for the product to enhance its supply chain resources through tools and techniques in terms of making it more advantageous in front of highly competitive market in terms of imitation of products innovation and use of commonly supplied raw materials.

Introduction of a new performance management system to the company

Plan: The first step of the performance cycle is to plan according to the target to be achieved. This is a very crucial step as this stage would decide if the whole performance plan would click or not (Li et al.2016). The planning would be very much clear to all the workers as to execute the plan they need to have a clear view of the goal to be achieved.

Action: The next step is the execution or the acting where the plan would get implemented into action. Here the HR would have to be very specific as to look into whether the proper execution is done or not. The team would also have to give full cooperation to the implementation of the plan (Muñoz et al.2019). With the implementation the individuals also have to develop themselves.

one properly then it may mislead the total result of the working progress.

THROUGH THE BREAK EVEN POINT: To measure the success the organization has to set a time period and scrutinize the profit margin and the setting of this breakeven point is a must to measure the success rate (Davis.2017). It is a true fact that the breakeven point is needed nevertheless the result of the success rate can differ with the change in the time span.

MOTIVATION OF THE EMPLOYEES: This is a crucial measure that would count the success rate to a higher extent. Employee satisfaction and motivation has been considered, as a suitable option of enhancement and development for the success of an organization (Taylor & Woodham.2012). The reward and appraisal is required to keep the employees happy and satisfied and give their best for the organization to reach the success. Moreover unethical work by the employees can put a hurdle in the measurement of the success.

OPERATIONAL RISK/benefit: With the application of lean tools and techniques, operational risk like high cost can be saved as well (Davis.2017). However, there might be a risk of increasing cost behind for investments. In this respect, it is essential for the Quantro Systematics to find some cost-effective method application for its benefits. Based on the above measurement, it is evident that the organization may have certain possibility of finding better outcome and benefit in respect of finding opportunities in future and at the same time, potential areas to be noticed with an alternative option of treating with solutions. An implementation of the Performance Management Cycle in the future would help the firm to overcome the pitfalls they are experiencing. Hence, it would be advantageous for the company to find competitive advantage for adopting this.

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Therefore, based on the overview of the study, it has been acknowledged that Human Resource Management has always been a focal point of every organization, the same in case of Quantro Systematics. In fact, with the recommendations of Best Fit Strategy or Best practice strategy, it has been observed that the organization might have some growth or development. Moreover, using Resource based view models the organization can overcome their internal issues they are facing. The measurement of success could be followed by the foundation to keep a record of the rate of success they are acquiring.


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