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Advancing Organizational Effectiveness

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  • Published On: 29-11-2023

Currently, there is an increasing growth in the world’s organizational concepts, which requires to be more effective and efficient. Additionally, the nature of international management is evolving quickly to emancipate traditional management. Moreover, new technology involving automation and networking influences business behavior; therefore, there is a need to maximize effectiveness and efficiency in a competitive world. My fascination to study MSC. Management developed due to my family's natural aptitude for trading and business. Besides, the way business, directly and indirectly, affect the lives of so many people excites me the most. Therefore, guided by my fascination and academic qualifications, I am applying for a master's in management at your reputable institution. Whatsapp This MSc Management is a course that is meant to provide students with the leadership skills needed to progress towards senior leadership positions. Moreover, the course offers students a well-balanced blend of practice and theory, which prepares students to work as project managers in the related sectors. Besides, it gives students experience and necessary professional preparation, enabling an individual to become a high achiever in the management field. However, I believe that this course requires an individual who is professionally and academically qualified. Looking at my academics, I pursued a Bachelor of Commerce with Honors from Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce. Studying this course has advanced my ability to use interdisciplinary approaches to understand market structure, global trends and strategize according to market conditions. Additionally, I have learned to critically analyze structure, collect market data and interpret and make conclusions and recommendations of competitive strategies according to the market situations. Also, I learned at the Heritage School, Rohini, where I excelled in all subjects with 9.4CGPA in class X and 95.5 % in class XII. From these studies, I learned management skills, problem-solving skills, communication, among other skills that I believe are crucial in this field of study. Furthermore, I have built strong accounting, finance, and management foundations through subjects like accounting, introduction to business management, among other subjects. Professionally, I am working at Foamtech Antifire Pvt. Ltd as part-time sales and marketing executive. In this position, I was tasked with providing digital marketing support in the organization, analyzing the export data and preparing Spreadsheets, and preparing a yearly business plan. Additionally, I worked at Halma Group of companies as a finance intern. In this position, I was tasked with the accounting and auditing process, reporting and Verifying accounting-related data, and completing management and analytical roles. Likewise, I am a hardworking, self-motivated, positive, and enthusiastic individual who always strives to achieve the best. Besides, I have excellent IT skills, which I have acquired through exposure to different technologies scenarios and personal interests. However, I am fully aware that I have miles to go in the long-distance quest for excellence, and so, I want to be challenged to gain proficiency in Strategy and International Management. Order Now Regardless of my experience and skills, I understand that this field of study is demanding and challenging. However, I am fully prepared to work hard since I have selected the best institution that will equip me with appropriate skills. Also, I have chosen a university that equips students with theoretical tools and empirical evidence necessary for understanding the management and strategic world. The institution also promotes multidisciplinary exploration, which will increase my interest in studying at your reputable institution, which will prepare me for the modern job market. Lastly, offered a chance, I relish the opportunity to learn in a fast-paced medical environment.

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