Analyzing Disciplinary Issues and Leadership Values in The Royal Brunei Police Force

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This policy paper analysed the disciplinary issues among police officers on The Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF). It assessed the role of good leadership values in RBPF for the effective implementation of its core values.


Executive Summary

Effective leadership is necessary to enforce core organisational values. For that to occur, the values must be clearly defined and percolated across the organisation. The Royal Brunei Police Force (“RBPF”) has its core values: Neutrality, Ethical, Integrity, Integrity, Accountability, Respect fundamental human rights, and Uphold MIB (Malay Islamic Monarchy). This policy paper examined whether or not: i) the values are effectively percolated and enforced; ii) there is effective leadership to do so; and iii) the police officers follow professional discipline in that regard. By examining these aspects in concerned, this policy paper primary aimed to assess whether fostering leadership values in RBPF could address any disciplinary issues among leaders in RBPF.

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Policy Problem description

Problem Analysis

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Defining the Problem

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The core values of RBPF are set out for across the members of the organization. However, the prevalence of fundamental issues relating to disciple, professionalism and lawlessness indicate one of the issues of police officer's lack of knowledge about the values, non-abeyance; complete lack of disciple; or their non-implementation. . Therefore in reference to my problem tree under 'causes', one of the main reasons that the officers lack discipline (later will be reflected in the statistics of no. of officers that has been charged under the disciplinary board which i will share with you soon) is because these core values are not implemented.

Research methodology

Literature review

Definition of core values will add

Core values of RBPF and their impact

are clearly defined: Neutrality, Ethical, Integrity, Integrity, Accountability, Respect fundamental human rights, Uphold MIB (Malay Islamic Monarchy). These core values unfortunately is not defined at all under the ‘Strategic Planning Corporate Map of The Royal Brunei Police Force 2007 – 2016). need source The Royal Brunei Police Force (“RBPF”) has its core value in the form of respect for individual human rights based on fairness, sensitivity and compassion; a high degree of professionalism based on leadership and competent, ethical and dedicated teams; and discharging duties with courage, integrity, loyalty and respecting changing environment (The Royal Brunei Police Force , 2020). Whether these values are complied with and held in high regard is the main policy subject. It needs to be assessed by reviewing involvement of leadership and the socio-economic and political environment in Brunei.

Level of Leadership for enforcing the core values

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Considering these elements, Royal Brunei Police Force lacks a complete implementable policy giving effect to the core values. The main reason seems to be a total lack of leadership, which could ensure enforcement of the values. Incidents of mismanagement, incompetency, and criminals escaping from the police custody are testimony to this problem (Bakar, 2009). Such incidents have occurred despite that the police force, Internal Security Department and other prime power and authority are with the Sultan (United States Department of State). The prevalence of the incidents highlights a lack of administration and lack of proper dissemination and enforcement of the existing polices, rules, and regulation regarding the subject matter of research.

Whether lack of the right leadership contribute to the problem

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Juntunen and Rotterdam (2008) observed that police are interconnected with other stakeholders in socio-economic and political-administrative environment. They are therefore influenced due to such connection (Juntunen, Käyhkö, & Rotterdam, 2008). Police ethics are focussed on developing security of the society. Police must therefore be aware of the damage caused to the society of their economic crime (Juntunen, Käyhkö, & Rotterdam, 2008). Reading this position about the police forces in relevance to Brunei, it could be stated that it is the lack of policies governing police ethics, police’s disregard of the ethics; or implementation of the ethical policies. The issue is reflected in the report of only 21 per cent solved cases of criminal cases in 2014; bribery and corruption; missing case files; immoral activities rackets of prostitution, gambling and alcohol sales; and misappropriating funds (Müller, 2016). Kutnjak Ivkovic presented three scenarios where a police officer may engage in bribery or corruption. misused of position and achieved illegal, with or without relationship between the police officer and corrupters or with without without illegal gain with or without excessive force (Ivković, 2005). Situation in Brunei represents the prevalence of abuse of position for illegal gain or some kind of an arrangement between the parties for immoral conducts. This represents a failure or the lack of effective code of conduct, the implementation of the relevant policies, rules and regulation or leadership. It represents presence of active operation of toxic leaders.

Level of value adherence

In particular relevance to the situation in Brunei, considering the incidents highlight, it is derivable that there is a loss of connection between the ethics of the police force and the impact it has on the society. It needs to determine whether or not there is a set of value-based codes comprising values shared between the police forces or a set of compliance-based codes set by the authority that could govern both the police system and the their interaction with the public.

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Conjunction of compliance codes and shared-value codes

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The question in hand may be addressed by determining any existing formal arrangements in that regard. It needs to determine whether or not Brunei has guidelines and declarations on code of professional ethics touching on morality, integrity and professionalism in police force. While exploring the anti-corruption programme of the government of Brunei, Jones (2016) observed that the measures to combat corruption may face difficulty. There is lack accountability. There is limited transparency. These two factors form the essential features of the system of government, which is based on absolute monarchy. Another difficulty is that the automatic inbuilt protection of privileges of the Malay community. This privilege extends protection to the civil service and business sector (Jones, 2016). The privileges serve as the reason for disconnect between the value of the police force as an organisation and their responsibilities towards the citizens. Removing these privileges would result to enforcing the compliance and share value code and uplifting the core values of the police forces. This was seen when after the amendment of the Prevention of Corruption Act, the authority and the police force was able to enforce the social value responsibilities of the police force towards the protection of the society. The gap between the lawmaker, police, and the society was closed. Effective organisational leadership was in operation. Finding of the report covering the period 2009-2017 is an instance of enforcement of share value and compliance based codes. The report did not find any instance of government or its agents committing arbitrary or unlawful killings. There was no report of mistreatment of prisoners. Action in the form of trial of four police officers accused in January 2009 of culpable homicide and voluntarily causing grievous harm is a proof of complying with the code. The report found the police and the ISD free of major corrupt practices (United States Department of State).

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RBPF Core values will be compared to the core values of those adopted by other local regimented uniformed organization such The Royal Brunei Armed Forces, as well as another foreign regimented uniformed organization, The Singapore Police Force

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning core values

This legislation governs abuse of power and misconduct in public office. It stresses on a high ethical standard imposed on civil servants while carrying out their duties. As such, misuse of public funds, undue preferential treatment, misuse of official information, or acts constituting conflict of interest is criminalised. The act also criminalise abuse by public officer if its position in regard to appointment, suspension, promotion, demotion or dismissal. It also criminalises any public official of any wilful misconduct or neglect of duty. The legislation has expanded the scope of a “public body” to include any government-linked companies and statutory bodies (BANDIAL, 2015).

Strategic Planning Corporate Map of The Royal Brunei Police Force 2007 – 2016, need the document.


Standard – means ethical and disciplinary standards

1. Are you aware of the code of standard conduct a policeman must follow?

2. Do you think that if you have more awareness, your standard will also be higher?

3. Do you think that the perception you have about your peer’s lack of ethical awareness will negatively impact your standard?

4. Do you think that the perception you have about your peer’s ethical awareness will positively impact your standard?

5. Do you think your awareness of the existing policies regarding police misconduct, if inadequate, will negatively impact your standard?

6. Do you think your awareness of the existing policies, regarding police misconduct, if adequate, will positively impact your standard?

7. Do you think that the longer period of service in the police force will inculcate in the officer a higher standard?

8. Do you think a higher superior ranking position will inculcate in the officer a higher standard?

9. Do you think the size of the police agency has direct relationship with the awareness of the standard?

10. Do you think the standard is applicable only to serious misconduct?

11. Do you think an officer is aware of the standard that is only applicable to serious misconduct?

12. Does your agency have a written standard policy?

13. Does the policy expect ethical behaviors out of your superiors?

14. Do your superiors act ethically?

15. Does your agency offer training in business ethics?

16. Do your seniors employ favoritism?

10. Do your senior balance the needs of the higher command with ethical issues appropriately?

12. Do your seniors lead by example?

Part C

1. Do you maintain appropriate confidentiality of the working of the police force?

2. Do you decline inappropriate requests from officials outside the police force?

5. Do you balance your personal needs with that of the police force?

6. Are you able to avoid conflicts of interest between your private need and the need of the police force?

9. Do you utilise your given police authority properly?

10. Do you challenge yourself to do the right ethical thing?

11. Is there any instance where you were influence by favoritism into your decision making?

12. Do you follow orders even if they appear unethical?

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