BGU Research Ethics Clearance Form

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  • Published On: 16-11-2023

BGU Research Ethics Clearance Form

Please consult the BPS Code of Ethics and Conduct for guidance.

1. General information about the project & researcher

General information about the project & researcher

2. Details of proposed project

  1. Please provide a short paragraph describing the background & rationale for your study.
  2. background & rationale for your study
  3. Please briefly describe the principal methods that you’ll use (e.g., experiment, psychometrics, online survey, interviews, focus groups), the type of data you will be collecting (quantitative/qualitative), details of your participants (number of, age range, specific requirements related to the nature of the study), your sampling method (e.g. opportunity) and how you will approach your participants (e.g., advertising online).
  4. background & rationale for your study background & rationale for your study
  5. What are your research instruments? E.g., Questionnaire measures (references must be included), stimuli, interview schedules. Please list everything that you intend to use. Interview schedules can be attached as an appendix.
  6. background & rationale for your study

3. Confidentiality, anonymity, security and retention of research data (please refer to the BPS Code of Ethics and Conduct for guidance)

  1. Please explain how you will ensure the confidentiality of your participants and their data.
  2. background & rationale for your study
  3. Please explain how you will ensure the anonymity of your participants and their data.
  4. background & rationale for your study
  5. Please explain how you will ensure the security of your data.
  6. background & rationale for your study
  7. Please explain how you will store your data and when you will destroy it.
  8. background & rationale for your study

4. Informed consent

Informed consent

5. Risk of harm to participants, researchers and participating external bodies

Informed consent

6. Risk of disclosure or potential harm

Risk of disclosure or potential harm

Capacity to give valid consent

Capacity to give valid consent

8. Genuine voluntary participation

Genuine voluntary participation

9. Online and internet research

Online and internet research

10. Any other ethical risks

  1. Please state whether there are any other ethical issues associated with your project, and if so, explain why they are necessary, and how you seek to address them.
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Please note:

You must append all relevant documentation – any forms with the Participant Information Sheet, Consent Form, and Debrief Sheet, will NOT be considered for review.

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